[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. (September 20th)

September 20 , 2023

Greetings, FS City!

The following are the updates for the end of this month!


1. New Character Update; Lyoid

The god of art and justice is here! Our street artist is here to color out the FS city!

Let’s take a moment to look of his vibrant aspect!


[Quick Turning Shot]

Tries a shot quickly rotating under the post. 

Make a quick shot by turning Lyoid’s body in post-up status! 

This is Lyoid’s trade mark!

[Hand Off]

Lightly lifts the ball with one hand and passes it. 

This light move can make a surprising open chance to the teammate! 

Use it wisely!

[High Floater]

Lift the ball up and do a floater with a high orbit. Elevate the ball with Lyoid's artistic touch!

This one is difficult!

[Control Tower]

When Lyoid possesses the ball, all teammates' movement speed increases for 4 seconds.

If a teammate receives a pass, their movement speed increases for 3 seconds.

By owning the ball, Lyoid can dominate the court! Follow Lyoid's orders and move quickly to open spaces!

[Mismatch Hunter]

Significantly decreases the post block ability of the matchup opponent if the difference in height is at least 10 cm or more. 

Lyoid is king of the under the post! 

Meet his powerful under post attack!


Lyoid comes out as Intensive Prestige unlocked! Check out his 3 strong intensive skills!

[Layup Pass]

[Hook Shot]

[Pick & Move]

2. Balance Patch

In this balance patch, we have adjusted the balance of the Post Up system.

Please check below to see the details.

After update, 6 different situations can be occurred due to post up balance fight. 

If your balance difference towards the opponent using post up is larger, you will be pushed away more. 

As opposite case, if your balance status is higher than the opponent, you can make a great score chance by utilizing post up techniques.


2023 Championship Tournament is finally ready to start!

Compete with other user to be in the Top NA : 32 / EU : 16 / ASIA : 8 teams to advance next round!

Let’s check out how it works!

1) How to enroll your entry?

- Only team leader can create the squad. If you have not submitted team leader registration form, you cannot be the team leader.

- Invite your teammates to the lineup and press [Team Registration] button to enroll your entry.

- All of member in the line-up MUST AGREE with the terms and agreements. If one of member disagrees, you cannot register your entry.

- If you are team leader but enter other team leader’s squad, your team leader right will be removed upon approval.

- Your participation region will be your current matching region. Please check carefully before you make a registration.

- No duplicate registration and retrieval of entry is allowed.

- You cannot participate in both Tournament League and Rookie League.

- If you registered the form but does not have team leader authentication, please send CS ticket with what have you wrote in the form.

2) How to enjoy Tournament League Mode?

-Tournament League mode only opens during limited hour

*League Period : 9/20 – 10/3 23:59 PDT

*NA : 10:00 – 22:00 PDT (Top 32 teams will advance)

*EU : 12:00 – 00:00 CEST (Top 16 teams will advance)

*ASIA : 16:00 – 03:00 KST (Top 8 teams will advance)

- During open hour, play 3vs3 mode to accumulate your scores

- You will gain 2 scores for win and lose for 1 score for lose

- Tournament League mode is only applied when you play as your registered entry. If you play as solo or duo, your score will not be accumulated. In same case, if you have teammate who is not registered as your entry member, your score will not be accumulated.

- Tournament score only applies during league open hour, if you play 3vs3 mode when league is not opened, your score will not be accumulated.

- If any of your teammate gets AFK pop-up, your record will be counted as lose regardless of result.

- Any abusive behavior or using un-authorized program may cause you to disqualification.

3) Participation Reward

We brought surprising news to all tourney participants!

If you participate in the tournament league you will receive exclusive tourney-themed jersey on 10/25.

Here is the image of tourney-themed jersey!

4. Rookie League​​

Find the best rookie of 3on3 Freestyle! Who will be the best rookie?

Keep your winning streak and win $100 upon reaching 10 winning streaks!

Let’s check out how to enjoy this rookie league festival!

1) How to participate Rookie League

- Your account must be created after the 9/20 maintenance. If you have record of creating another account under same IP, you are not eligible for reward.

- Clear basic FS Academy training quest to open Rookie League mode.

- Register your Rookie League entry in line-up page. Your participation region will be your current matching server. Please check before make a decision.

- No duplicate registration and retrieval of entry is allowed.

- You cannot participate in both Tournament League and Rookie League.

2) How to enjoy Rookie League?

-Rookie League mode only opens during limited hour

*NA : 10:00 – 22:00 PDT

*EU : 12:00 – 00:00 CEST

*ASIA : 16:00 – 03:00 KST

- Play 3vs3 mode during Rookie League open hour and cumulate your winning scores and winning streak. (Applies to both low and high tier matching)

- Your winning streak and winning scores apply only during open hour. If you play 3vs3 mode when Rookie League is closed, your winning score and winning streak record won’t be affected.

3) Be the Best Rookie!

- After event period, we will select top 5 rookies for each region based on scores.

- You will get bunch of reward for becoming best rookie! Please check detail below:

[Reward List]

*5 Best Rookie will be selected for each region (15 totals)

4) Reach 10 Winning Streaks!​

- Based on your winning streak in Rookie League mode, surprising reward will be delivered!

- Reach 2/4/6/8/10 winning streaks to receive reward! For 10 winning streaks, you can get $100 for 100%!

- Please note that this reward is given only once. If you reach 10 winning streaks again, no reward is given.

- In-game item reward will be sent to your message box.

- When you first reach 10 winning streaks, you must choose your reward. You can choose either $100 or 3,000 points! Points reward will be given immediately but you have to wait up to 2 months to receive $100.

- You cannot change your decision after selection. So think carefully before you make a decision!

5. Important Notes

- Rookie League is only allowed to play as solo. If you play as duo or full-party, your record won’t be counted. This applies to invitation and play together function also.

If any of your teammate gets AFK pop-up, your record will be counted as lose regardless of result.

- Detailed information regarding reward will be announced later.

- To receive prize, you must provide your personal information (ex : social security number, passport, etc.)

- To receive prize, you must agree and sign the consent form. [DOWNLOAD]

- If you don’t have Paypal or Korean bank account, points will be rewarded instead of prizes.

- Any issue happening due to misfiling the form will not be considered.

- If you want to postpone your decision, you can always come back to line up and pree [CHOOSE A REWARD] button to redeem reward.

- If you have not select your 10 winning streaks reward or fail to fill out form until the end date, points will be rewarded automatically.

 *Form Submission Period

- Copy of your submitted form will be sent to your Gmail address. 

If you need to change some information or you cannot input information correctly since you are using console device, just send some information and edit later. You can edit your submitted answer.

- 10 winning streaks $100 prize is subject to change without pre-notice.


Coupon system is finally here!

Register our special coupon code and receive surprising gift!

Coupon Code : 3on3Coupon

* valid until 9/26 23:59 PDT​​

* You can only redeem the code once per account