Tournament Spectate Mode

October 13 , 2023

Greetings, FS City!

The grand fight of 2023 is ready to fire!

We are here to announce the tournament spectate mode!

Enjoy the fierce fight of top-rated player and feel the thrill of 3on3 freestyle!

Let’s check out how you can see the matches!

1) You can access Tournament Spectate Mode by clicking tournament icon on the top left corner

2) You can only access to Tournament Spectate mode when is marked as “live”. When is off, you cannot enter

3) You can watch the matches when there is ‘eye sign’ next to the bracket. When the icon is sandglass,

it means players are preparing the match. Please wait until the icon is changed.

Please check the N to 4 match hour! You must in the same matching region to watch the play!

1) NA : 10/14 17:00 – 21:00 PDT

2) EU : 10/14 15:00 – 17:30 CEST

N to 4 matches will be also available from our official Youtube as livestream!

Don’t worry if you cannot login to the game!

Don’t forget to join the Best MC. Challenge event also!

You can win $200 prize and bunch of points!

[Event Link]