[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. (August 23rd)

August 23 , 2023

Greetings, FS City

The followings are the updates for August

1. New Intensive Character; Deacon

The wildest beast on the ring is now here! Meet the underground champion; Deacon!

Let’s check what kind of intensive skills he got!

[Diving Catch]

Dive towards a loose ball before your opponent gets to it. Nobody can stop him on the ground! Push off the opponent and get the ball!

[Post Up fake]


Switch direction when performing a Post Up drive. Push away the opponent without mercy and make your useful space to break through the guard!

[Tip In]

Tip the ball back in after a missed shot bounces off the rim. Utilize his strong body to catch the ball and hit the rim!

2. FS Academy Renewal

Greet new semester with FS Academy!

Everything for new baller is here! Let’s check out what is changed!

-Now you can see all new-comer related content via FS Academy page

-Newbie exclusive Level up reward is added to redeem enjoyable reward. Raise your account level to Lv.10 and receive useful rewards including Intensive Manual!

-New Level Up Rewards only available to new user come after 8/23 maintenance


-You can find Ox Queen’s Fan Box event and First Purchase Bonus event in FS Academy

-You can draw Ox Queen’s Fan Box item with free ticket redeemable from New Level Up Rewards

3. Battle Pass Improvement

Cool off the summer heat vibe with Battle Pass 2023 part2!

Battle Pass comes out with a bunch of reward! Let’s check out the improvement!

1) Battle Pass Level Extension


-Battle Level is extended from Lv.25 to Lv.55

-You can receive main Battle Pass rewards by reaching Lv.25 and get extra rewards for every one level until reaching Lv.55

2) Receive All Function

-[Receive All] function is now added to Battle Pass. Receive your reward at once!

-When you receive all rewards, some of rewards will be sent to your mailbox (Temporary Ticket, Selectable Card Pack, Random card Pack, etc.)

3) Minor Change

-After Battle Pass season is over, remaining rewards will be sent to your mailbox

-Battle Pass themed loading image is added during loading time

4. Lobby UI Improvement

-[Battle Pass] menu is added to lobby UI. Access Battle Pass page more easily!

-Level up reward tab is added to management. When there is a receivable reward, present notice will be shown right next to [MANAGEMNT]

-[Steam] Lobby chat is removed

- 3on3 Freestyle Team