[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. (August 2nd)

August 2 , 2023

Greetings, FS City!

These are the updates for the month of August!


1. New Intensive Character; Ginger

Meet our cutest member, Ginger with her kawaii look!

Let’s check what kind of intensive skills she got!

[Fake Layup]

Trick the opponent with a fake layup.

[Double Clutch]

During a layup, perform a Shot Fake and do a layup again.


Intercept a pass between two ballers while defending. 

2. Lobby Practice Mode Update

​​Play freely in Lobby Practice Mode with Jefferson!

Practice whenever and whatever you want!

Let’s check out how the lobby court changes!

1) What is Lobby Practice Mode?

​​- Lobby Play mode is combined with Practice with Jefferson mode

- Due to update, Practice with Jefferson option is removed from the Practice Mode.

- You can practice all characters’ skills and tactics freely!

​​​​- Just press [Lobby Practice] button to enter the Lobby Practice mode.

2)  How to enjoy Lobby Practice Mode?

​​​​Practice freely with Jefferson! Jefferson can be your teammate or opponent!

​​​​- If you want to play alone, you can always remove Jefferson by pressing (Console : R-stick / Steam : M) button to change AI setting.

​​UI indictor and feedback system are added! Utilize various guide to practice more efficiently!

- All buff and debuff type skills are activated in Lobby Practice Mode! Now you can use various skills to practice your tactics!

3)  Minor change:

Practice With Jefferson quest in FS Academy is changed to play Lobby Practice mode.

- 3on3 FreeStyle Team​​