[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. (January 11th)

January 11 , 2023

Greetings, FS City

The following are the updates for the end of this month.


1. Crew System Improvement

The most exciting news of 2023! Crew system improvement is here!

Now communicate with crew members from all over the world and get a worthy reward for your crew activity!

Let’s check out what is the change!

I. Crew Attendance

- Now you can do your daily attendance check on the Crew page.

- If you forget to click the attendance button, your attendance will not be checked. Be careful!

- If your attendance is not completed, there will be an alert right next to the [CREW] menu in the main lobby.

- Crew attendance will reset at 00:00 PST every day.

II. Crew Quest

- Crew quest is now changed to simple 4 daily quests.

- Crew quest will reset every 00:00 PST.

- Based on the cumulative completed crew quests, your final Cooperation Loot Box rank will be determined.

Loot Box Rank

Cumulative Completed Crew Quest









- One completed crew quest will be converted to 1 point for crew cooperation progress.

- Once you hit certain points, your cooperation loot box will be upgraded to the next rank and the cooperation progress point will reset to 0. To achieve the next rank, you need to cumulate another cooperation progress point.

- On every Monday at 00:00 PST, your crew’s final cooperation loot box rank is fixed and will be distributed to all crew members. After distribution, the cooperation loot box will reset to the bronze rank.

- Please receive your cooperation loot box from the crew quest page before the next distribution day. Your cooperation loot box will be renewed with a new one once you hit the next distribution day.

- From the cooperation loot box, you can get various rewards at random rates. From the platinum cooperation loot box, you may get Intensive Manual!

- If there is an acquirable cooperation loot box, there will be an alert right next to the [CREW] menu in the main lobby.

- When you receive the cooperation loot box, the crew score will be added based on the cooperation loot box rank.

III. Crew Ranking

- Now you can see the crew ranking period for each season from the page.

- Now your monthly crew ranking reward will be determined based on your crew’s cumulative crew scores.

- You can see your acquirable crew ranking reward via the crew activity page.

IV. Cross Crew System

- Users from all platforms can join the crew.

- To use the crew system, you must be [All Platform match].

- If you create a new crew, your crew location will be your current matching server. If you would like to create a crew in a different region, please change your server region.

- You don’t need to change your matching server if you already join any crew.

- If your crew fails to fill out the crew migration form, your crew region will be auto-migrated to your crew master’s server region.

- If there are crews with the same name, an extra code will be added based on the crew creation date. If you would like to change your crew name, please send us a 1:1 inquiry with your desired crew name. Only the crew master can send this inquiry, any other request regarding the crew will not be accepted.

V. Other Improvements

- Crew members are expanded to 75 members

- New crew feature is added to the crew ranking calculation log.

- [Leave The Crew] option only appears on the activity page.

- Crew Quest page is removed from the EVENT/QUEST menu.

- 3on3 FreeStyle Team