3on3 FreeStyle 4th Dev Note

June 12 , 2024

Greetings to all ballers who love <3on3 Freestyle>.

We are here to announce our 4th dev note to let you know exciting news regarding Ranked Mode.

< Ranked Mode Summer Special Season! >

To greet our summer vacation, a new season for Ranked Mode is about to start!
We have improved Ranked Mode feature to provide a better and more competitive play experience!

Please check below for more details.

1. Enhanced Rank Reward!
For the upcoming Ranked Mode, you can receive more points and more guaranteed platinum card packs! This special offer is limited to this summer season only! So don't lose your reward!

2. Compete In A More Pleasant Environment!
We are aware that some ballers move to different regions to compete with other ballers. After an internal review, we conclude that such migrating behavior may disrupt other ballers' game experience. To reflect dear ballers' opinions, now you can only participate in the region where your server connection (80 Ping) is stable.

3. Asia Region Rank Score Amendment
In contrast to NA and EU servers, Asia region had an issue with Rank Match due to low population. To ease out the stress, Asia region will have different rank score criteria so you can reach SSS rank faster than others. We are planning more adjustments to improve Asia region match environment.

We would like to close our 4th Dev Note. We sincerely hope our dear ballers stay healthy and enjoy 3on3 FreeStyle!
Thank you

- 3on3 FreeStyle Dev Team