[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. (January 18th)

January 18 , 2023

Greetings, FS City!

The following are the updates for January!


1. New Intensive Character; Fei

Fei’s Intensive Prestige update is here!

Fei’s intensive skills can support her defense ability and enable outer play.

Let’s check how her new intensive skills innovate her!

[Manual Block]

Manually select the direction of your Block and increase its range. This skill can strengthen Fei’s defense ability!

[Shooting Touch]

Match the shoot meter gauge to increase your Shot Success Rate. With shooting touch, Fei can shoot easier and stronger!

[Fade Away]

Jump backwards before taking a Shot to create space between you and the defender. Move away from the guard and aim the shoot chance! Fade Away is a very effective shot when defender is guarding for your dunk!

- 3on3 FreeStyle Team