[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. (November 2nd)

November 2 , 2022

Greetings, FS City

The following are the updates for November 2022!


1. 1vs1 Mode Improvement

Enjoy a completely new 1vs1 mode! Control your full squad as you wish!

Now you can control all characters in your team for 1vs1 mode!

Check out the improvement now!

[Control Mode]

- You can choose your desired control mode.

- You cannot change control mode during the game. Only available on the line-up page.

- You can always check the mode description on the right side banner or bottom button.

1) Single Control Mode

- 2 AI players will assist your main character

- You can only control the top character in your squad

- You can only choose already owned or rental characters as your AI character

2) Full Control Mode

- You can control ALL characters in your squad

- Changing the on-control character key varies depending on your attack/defense situation

- While you are controlling one character, the remaining 2 characters will change to AI and assist you

- You can only choose already owned or rental characters as your squad member

- Your current ability card, Freestyle, pet, and p-buff settings individually apply to your character

- Pet buff activation requirements work under the following circumstance

*[My Team] Condition: Applies to your “on-control” character. Can be satisfied by any of your characters’ action

*[Enemy Team] Condition: Applies to your “all characters”. Can be satisfied by opponent’s action

- Food buff will be applied to all characters in Full Control Mode

[Enjoy Full Control Mode]

- During Full Control Mode, the camera angle is fixed in a specific setting. (You cannot change the camera angle)

- During offense, you can control the character who owns the ball. If you pass the ball, your control is auto-changed to the on-ball character.

- During the defense and neutral situation (when you do not possess the ball), you can change your on-control character with L-stick (Steam: space bar)

- Once your on-control character is changed, the camera focus is moved to your on-control character.

- Your on-control character has Green Marker on his head.

[Key Bind Setting Change] – Steam Only

- After the 1vs1 improvement update, any function worked by “ALT” is changed to “Space Bar”

- Any function worked by “Space Bar” is changed to “/”

- After November 2nd update, your ALT key bind setting will be removed. You cannot assign a custom  key bind setting to the ALT button. If you would like to assign a new key bind setting, please assign it  to the other available key.

- 3on3 FreeStyle Team