[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. (September 21st)

September 21 , 2022

Greetings, FS City

The following are the updates for the end of this month.


1. New Character Update; Chloe


The Love-Holic, Chloe joins 3on3 FreeStyle! Chloe is specialized in off-ball movement!

She can make various chance spaces for her teammates wherever and whenever!

Let’s check our Chloe’s exclusive skills!

[Back Step Dash]

When Chloe does not own ball, she can back off and dash both sides.

When Chloe is backing off, opponent will get ‘ankle break’ if he stops.

Don’t let your guard down even if Chloe does not have the ball!


During offense, if Chloe does not own ball, her stamina cost for dash is halved. 

She can move faster and longer during off-ball! Watch out her move!

[Off-Ball Leading]

During offense, if Chloe does not own ball, her teammates will get On-ball movement speed

and pass status 30 increase buff. While Chloe is off-ball, her team is getting stronger!

*On-Ball movement speed : movement speed when character owns the ball

[Intensive Skill]

Chloe comes out as Intensive Prestige unlocked! Check out her 3 strong intensive skills!

[Double Clutch]

[Cut In]

[Pull Up Jumper]

2. Balance Patch

In this balance patch, we have adjusted the shot success rate after performing a shot fake.

We have found that shot success rate after shot fake was still high enough even after you successfully faked the defender. 

With this balance patch, now you have to think strategically after your shot fake; will you try shot with lowered success rate,

move to safe position to shot, or ask your teammate’s help with return pass?

- 3on3 FreeStyle Team