[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. (April 24th)

April 24 , 2024

Greetings, FS City

The followings are the updates for April​!

1. P7 Mika & Ayla Update

The queens on the court stands on the stage to shout out her P7 update!

Upgrade them to P7 and unlock potential abilities!

To celebrate their P7 upgrade, now you can meet Mika and Ayla as point character!

Don’t forget to get special login bonus to celebrate Mika and Ayla’s P7 update!

2. Mika & Ayla Play Challenge​

Play Mika and Ayla to get extra reward!

Play with Mika and Ayla to challenge this mission!

Let’s check out how to challenge it!

-Play with either Mika or Ayla

-You need to play 3vs3 mode to fulfill the mission

-Play with Mika and Ayla each 10 times to receive the shown rewards

-Reward will be sent on 5/2 maintenance

3. Food Buff System removal

As we noticed before, we will be removing food buff feature from the game.

For 4/24 update, we removed following feature:

- Food System removed completely

This is the last step of removal of the food buff.

Food buff related contents is removed completely and no longer available.

Thank you for the understanding!