[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. (May 25th)

May 25 , 2022

Greetings, FS City

The followings are the updates for the end of this month.​


1. New Character Update; Liu

Cutest & Strongest kitty baller comes to FS town!

Meet Liu (a.k.a Air Liu) from Big Flow Team! Let’s check out her charming point!

Liu has selective skills for her P3 and P4 skills. Select different defensive skills to customize her as your perfect defender!

[Manual Dunk]

Manually selects the direct of dunk. Liu has simple but effecting attack skills! 

Can you defense her powerful dunk jammed from everywhere?

[Lockdown Defender]

When Liu is in defense position, normal movement speed of opponent who possess the ball is reduced. When Liu is in your team, opponent’s attack speed will be lowered! You can’t escape from her!

[All-Round Defender]

Liu’s base stat increases based on Liu’s P4 custom skill selection

- Chipout : Rebound 40+

- Overpass Intercept : Steal 40+

- Blind Defense : Shooting Interference Effect 8%+

  Utilize Liu’s P5 passive to customize her as best defense position of your style!

[Intensive Skill]

Liu comes out as Intensive prestige unlocked! Check out her 3 strong intensive skills!

[Manual Layup]



2. Ability Card System Improvement

The grand renewal of ability card system to let you acquire your wanted card more easily!

Let’s check out how we improved this core system!

[Card Refinement]

- You can only refine Platinum grade ability card

- You cannot refine dual ability card (pizza slot). Dual card can be used as refine material

- You need 5 platinum cards to refine your selected card

- Card refinery allows you to change the stat value. For example, if your card stat value is 3 and possible card value is 1-5, [1,2,4,5] can be come out as refine result

- If you don’t like the refine result you can recover the refined card. When you recover card your consumed refine material will not be refunded!

- Refine and recover will cost certain amount of points

[UI Improvement]

1) Top User’s Pick

- Now you can see the recommended card setting which selected by most users

- You can check user’s pick in the EQUIP page

- User’s pick shows you the recommended ability option for each slot.

- New character’s recommended card sets may take time to be reflected

2) About Card Slot

- Check out all the detailed information regarding ability card system!

- You will be moved to separate web page to see the combination rate and card range of each character

3) Combination

- Combination tab is moved to right next to the Purchase tab

- Now you can directly see the combination rate for each grade (Combination result range has not been changed)

- Now you can filter cards based on the slot type

- You can check combination system whenever you want