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3on3 Best Streamer Event March 3 , 2021 / 4:37 PM

Upload your best play or any kind related to 3on3FreeStyle and get a chance to have your clip on our official Channel! 

And for extra, get a specially made Streamer’s Nametag and some good amount of Points as well! 

Posting Period

3/1 – 3/31 23:59 PST​

Streamers will be announced on 3on3FreeStyle Official Website.

Event Mechanics:

**Only those with ‘3on3FreeStyle’ Key word will count as a potential candidate. 

**Please show your PSN ID/GamerTag/SteamID in your clip for the rewards. 

**Only those on YouTube will be counted. 

**If you post multiple, the posting with the most view count will be counted. 

**The clip doesn’t need to be Live streaming, it can be recorded clips. ​

**The clip doesn’t need to be Live streaming, it can be recorded clips. 

**Streamer’s Event will continue next month as well! 

Reward and benefits for top streamers

March’s Monthly Login Bonus March 3 , 2021 / 4:35 PM

Event Period:

3/1~3/31 23:59 PST

Event Details:

Are you ready for March’s Monthly Login Bonus?

Don’t miss these exciting rewards by simply logging in everyday!​​​


One-week Extension of Special Pick Event! March 3 , 2021 / 2:04 PM

Event Period:

​3/3 ~ 3/9 23:59 PST

​The event period has been extended by one week owing to many of 3on3 ballers’ supports and love for a Special Pick Event!

This is how it works!

First, Pick a list. Browse the available list till you find a list that has the item you want.

Second, Wait until item shuffles. Here’s a tricky part, all the item flip backwards.

This is the stage where you take a random pick.

Third, if you are sure about your pick, flip it open by spending 17 Points.

Afterwards, your pick goes straight to the message box as you flip it open.

Wait, there are few things you should know before joining the event.

Careful not to spam your refresh, you only have 2 tries to change your list then

It costs 10 Points for every refresh. Also a refresh whilst picking an item brings you

Back to the beginning where you choose a list.


While flipping my items open, I accidentally press back and exit the event, would I be able to see my list again?

- Of course you can. Your list stays unless you press the refresh button.

How many it​ems can I open and pick?

- You can pick all the 20 items in the list if you’d like​

School Uniform Shopping Bag 20% Sale March 3 , 2021 / 2:00 PM

Event Period:

3/3 ~ 3/23 23:59 (PST)

Welcome back to the FS school!

Prepare your fresh beginning with new school uniforms!

8 different colored school uniforms are ready for you!

Enjoy 20% discount on the outfit shopping bag!

Price: 12 points