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Black Friday Extra Points Event; Get More Extra Instantly! November 26 , 2020 / 1:47 PM

No need to wait for your extra points!

Black Friday Extra points Event get you more points than usual!

Check how much you have purchased right away in the event page.

Event Period:

11/25 - 12/1 23:59 (PST)​

Following are the details of the event workflow:

1.) During the event period, you can find Extra Points Event event page in the event tab

2.) You can receive your extra point in this page and your extra point will be automatically sent to your message box

3.) As soon as your purchased points DLC arrives to your Message box, the point will be accumulated

4.) To receive extra points, you MUST fulfill the required accumulated points

5.) You can see your current accumulated points on the event page​















**Please be reminded that with some Point DLC with bonus points included, the purchase record will be counted as follows;

550 Points DLC = your purchase record 500 Points

250 Points DLC = your purchase record 250 Points

155 Points DLC = your purchase record 150 Point​s

Black Friday; Special Buff Wave! November 24 , 2020 / 4:08 PM

Event Period:

11/25 ~ 12/1 23:59 (PST)

Black Friday Special Buff Time!

Get more coins for Black Friday Shopping!

Earn more EXP for rapid growth!

It is only during Black Friday Week!

Let's Play Roulette! November 24 , 2020 / 4:07 PM

Event Period

11/25 ~ 12/8 23:59 (PST)

Do you want to obtain rewards for free?

Roulette Event is back!

Here’s how:

1.Acquire a total of 2 free drinks by staying connected to 3on3FS for 2 hours or more.  

(1 drink when you stay logged in for an hour, 1 free drink for another hour) 

Want to acquire more drinks? Gather Bottle Caps! You can get 1 Drink for every 5 bottle caps.

You can get bottle caps randomly if you attain the following feedbacks from 3on3 and Co-op match:

- Nice Defense 

- Tight Defense 

- Nice Pass

- Good Positioning

- Perfect Defense 

- Wide open

Note: Maximum Bottle Caps during one single match are 2 and you can get max. 10 Bottle Caps a day. 

Here are the items you can acquire when you spin the wheel!

If you were able to complete the following rounds, you will get additional rewards!​​

Platinum Pet Kennel Promotion; Massive Bonus! November 24 , 2020 / 4:06 PM

Event Period:

11/25 ~ 12/1 23:59

Purchase 6 Platinum Kennels to take 2310 Points worth of rewards!(PST)

   The Number of Purchase


 1 Time

  Pet Skill Change Ticket *2

 2 Times

 Pet Coins *10

 3 Times

   Pet Skill Change Ticket *5

 4 Times


  5 Times

   Dandy Pelican

  6 Times

   A Platinum Pet