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January Crew Tournament January 22 , 2020 / 4:38 PM

Which crew is the BEST in FS City? 

Gather your crew member and compete with each other! Dynamic Crew Tournament will open on 

January Crew Season!

*As Crew Tournament update, current Crew Match and Co-op match will be removed 

When will the Crew Tournament Open?

1) Crew Tournament will open on the Saturday at 8:00 pm (region time) of the last week of Crew League

*Crew Tournament Open Time

2) Top 8 crews during crew league will be selected as a tournament participant at 00:00 (region time) 

on Crew League date

3) You will do all the games until the final for 2 hours

Crew Tournament Basic Rule

1) Crew Tournament is BEST OF ONE game. Your crew has to put all your ability to proceed the tournament

2) Crew Tournament starts with quarterfinal and a squad with 3 members play the tournament as a 

representative of the Crew

3) As Crew Tournament starts, top 3 members (based on crew score) of the crew will be selected as

Crew Tournament squad member

4) During Crew Tournament, if one crew does not show up for the match or meet the requirement

3 participants, the opponent crew will automatically win the game

5) YOU CANNOT SEE THE OPPONENTS’ CHARACTERS for the match. So communicate with your squad member

and form your best team

6) You can see the list of matches by clicking Crew Tournament tab in the Crew page

7) If all crew participates do not participate the Crew Tournament, Crew Tournament will automatically end

8) Crew Tournament will last until the winner crew is selected

Crew Tournament Squad Formation

1) If you are one of the squad members, you will be directed to squad page to decide your participation 

when you click Crew Tournament tab during match hour

2) In squad page, you can decide whether or not you participate in the Crew Tournament

3) If any squad member is missing or refuse to participate, squad will be formed with other top 3 members 

who have the next highest score and show the will to participate

4) You will have 5 Minutes to form a squad. When time remaining less than 10 seconds, you cannot change

the squad

5) If you fail to form a squad within a time limit, your crew will be considered as lost

Crew Tournament Winner Reward

Be the winner crew and get Crew Tournament Winner Prize! 

The winner crew will get SPECIAL TROPHY to celebrate your Victory! You can decorate trophy in your 

Crew Hangout!

1stChampion Trophy, 8000 Coins, Winner's Patch (F), Winner's Patch (B)

2nd: 6000 Coin 

* Jersey Patches and Coin reward is given to ALL CREW MEMBERS.

* Champion Trophy will be added inside the winner's Crew Hangout on the first day of the next Crew Season.

* Crew Tournament Reward is separate from Crew League Reward. For you Crew League Rank Reward, please check your Crew Page

* December Winner's Patch will be sent on 1/29

Mega Pass Season Final ; Mega Can January 22 , 2020 / 4:37 PM

Join free and get free missions to get Mega Badges! Get your Mega Level up and earn free rewards. 

Here comes Super Mega exclusive rewards!

This time with Mega exclusive Outfit and that scary moves everyone knows. 

Mega Pass Season Final Duration:  1/22 – 3/24 23:59 PST 

Mega Pass Season Final ($14.99)

- Mega Pass Ticket x1 

Mega Pass Season 3 Bundle ($34.99) 

- Mega Pass Ticket x1 

- Mega Pass Badge x330 

Mega Pass / Mega Pass Bundle Release date 

NA : 1/24 

EU : 1/27

JA : 1/23 

ASIA : 1/24 

** Bundle has Badges that would make you kick start from Mega lvl. 11 

Mega lvl 11 instantly unlocks Premium rewards that includes 2 Intensive Manuals.  

**Please be reminded that you can only purchase one of these above DLC. 

Here are the things you should know about Mega pass!

Mega Level

-       Mega Level is exclusive to Mega Pass event and is not relevant to User Level.

-       Your Mega Level doesn't reset till Mega season is over.

-       Level up and experience the joy of unlocking exciting rewards.

Mega Badges

-       You can either complete missions and get your share of Badges or purchase the badges. 1 badge costs 1 Point.

-       Win or purchase your Mega Badges and raise your Mega level automatically.


-       Daily Missions reset every day at 00:00 server time

-       Weekly Missions reset every Monday at 00:00 server time

-       Seasonal Missions don’t reset till the Season is over.

-       Upon complete a mission, your acquired badges raise your Mega Level automatically.

-       When you max out at Mega Level 30, there will no longer be available missions.

Platinum Ability Card Pack January 17 , 2020 / 7:11 PM

Platinum Ability Card Packs for all basic Characters are on sale. Get one for only 33 Points! 

Sale Period: 1/18 – 1/24 23:59 PST

1Platinum Card Pack 1 : 33 Points, 10 : 264 Points

FS Gold Card on sale January 17 , 2020 / 7:04 PM

Freestyle Gold card is on Discount for a weeks only. 

Sale Period: 01/18 – 1/24 23:59 PST 

1 Pack 20% off (25>20) 

10 Packs 40% off (250>150)

Don’t miss out on this rare chance!

Extra Point Event ; Get Extra Instantly! January 15 , 2020 / 3:48 PM

No need to wait for your extra points! Check how much you have purchased right away in the event page. Extra Points Event becomes more simple and direct!​

Event Period: 01/15 - 01/21 23:59 PST

Followings are the details of the event workflow:

1.) During the event period, you can find Extra Points Event event page in the event tab
2.) You can receive your extra point in this page and your extra point will be automatically sent to your message box
3.) As soon as your purchased points DLC arrives to your Message box, the point will be accumulated
4.) To receive extra points, you MUST fulfill the required accumulated points
5.) You can see your current accumulated points on the event page








Instant Extra 






**Please be reminded that with some Point DLC with bonus points included, the purchase record will be counted as follows; 

550 Points DLC = your purchase record 500 Points 
250 Points DLC = your purchase record 250 Points 
155 Points DLC = your purchase record 150 Points