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[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.27 (August. 8th) August 8 , 2017 / 1:37 PM

Today we will introduce the contents of 8/8 patch.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience due to the game crashes and other bugs since the 0.2.26 patch last week, August 1st.

We have confirmed the cause of the bug reported so far and proceeded to patch this time.

Consequently, we are going to have a surprise summer sale event with this patch and we will appreciate your participation.  

Then we will introduce the contents of patch applied 8/8 today.

[Bug Fixes]

1.Challenge mode - Rebound score calculation method changed and ranking record initialization

As for the challenge mode updated in the last patch, we are also watching your play after the patch and paying attention to what is wrong. 

We found that some users were getting abnormally high scores due to errors in the way the rebound ranking stage scores were calculated 

during monitoring.

Before this patch, the score increased even if AI and the user did not rebound the ball. However, using this scoring method, some users 

have been abused to receive high rank scores.

We thought that such a bad ranking record was unreasonable, and that we needed to make quick adjustments to the scoring method. 

So we changed the rebound score calculation method so that if the AI and the character fail to rebound, the score will not increase, 

and decided to reset the rebound rank record after this patch where the high rank score is acquired in the wrong way already. 

However, I sincerely apologize to other users who have made a good effort to record high ranks and appreciate your understanding. 

After the patch, we will continue to listen to your inconveniences and be able to correct them positively.

2.A bug that game crashes when one of players disconnected or one of teams forfeits from the game has been fixed.


3.A bug that Time-out UI does not appear during the game has been fixed

4.Fred prestige upgrade bug has been fixed.

5.A bug that game freezes when player use chip-out skill has been fixed

[Surprise Summer Sale]

-We have prepared a surprise sale event for the users who love 3on3. 

1.Christa & Professor character 30% discount sale 

-We sell popular 3on3 characters, Christa and Professor Characters for a limited period at a discount of 30% from the previous sale price.

-The event is going to be held for 3 weeks from 8/8 to 8/29, and if you have been burdened with the character for the price during that time, 

do not miss this opportunity!

2.Christa & Professor Character Album Limited Time Coin Sales

-In the meantime, Christa and Professor Character albums sold as a point will be sold as a coin for a limited period, just like any 

other character album.

-We hope that many of you will participate in this Christa and Professor Character discount event and album discount event.  

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.26 (August. 1st) August 1 , 2017 / 3:49 PM

Today we are introducing new update contents patched on 8/1.

[New Features]

1.Arcade mode system and Challenge Mode Update 

- New arcade mode has been updated apart from the regular game mode such as 3vs3, 1vs1. 

- Arcade mode is a system designed to allow players to play with different rules and conditions unlike regular game, so that they can feel new and various fun.

- In addition to [Challenge Mode], which is applied for the first time, various game modes will be prepared in future Arcade Mode.

- This added challenge mode gives you staged missions for specific actions, such as rebounds, and if the user clears the mission, it will be able to receive the reward for each successful stage.

The rewards for completing each stage as below 

 Mission Clear Reward



 Step 1

 XP Drink(S) – 5pcs

XP Drink(S) – 5pcs​ 

 Step 2

 XP Drink(M)  - 3pcs​

XP Drink(M)  - 3pcs​

 Step 3

 XP Drink(L)  - 2pcs

XP Drink(L)  - 2pcs​

 Step 4

 Skill Training Items – 3pcs​

Skill Training Items – 3pcs​

Challenge mode reward can be received only once upon initial clearing. 

- The higher the level of mission difficulty, the opponent AI's ability improves and clear condition becomes more difficult. 

Of course, the level of reward for clearance will be increased. 

-Test your skills in challenge mode and enjoy the new mode. Note that the achieved challenge Mode record will remain as a rank record.

2. Balance Adjustment

A.Lulu’s enhanced middle shot and chip out  

-In the meantime, compared to Murdock and Clarke, Lulu has been relatively alienated, has been updated to receive more user’s choice.

-Lulu's middle shot ability has been upgraded and the chip-out success rate has been increased

-Through this Lulu’s balance adjustment, it is expected that you can enjoy various tactical play using Lulu in team play. 
Thank you for your love for new Lulu after this patch. 

B.Reduces the chance of success when shooting with a quick jumper in front of defense

- Kim and Amanda's 'Quick Jumpers' are now being used in the core skills of offense. However, the intention of the skill 

is different from what we thought, and it seems to be used too strongly.

- The quick-jumper is not a shot when the other player is in front and it shoots quickly so that the opponent cannot react. 

Instead, it was created with the concept of 'dropping your opponent quickly and shooting quickly before your opponent catches'.

- So we want to modify the skill as below to keep the concept of 'Quick Jumpers'.

- If Middle shot and 3-point quick-jumper are used in front of the opponent, the probability of shooting will be significantly reduced. 

- 3on3 will continue to strive to make users to enjoy more exciting and funny play through the constant balance between characters.

C.Fixed the shot success probability is not lowered if the defenders are standing when using’ Scoop shot ‘. 

- 'Scoop Shot' Professor's great shot! However, analysing the game record and listening to user feedback,the success rate of Scoop Shot 

seems to be too low. 

- Not only when a defender tries a block, but also when a defender is standing in front of him, the probability of entering is much lower. 

- So if the defenders are standing, try to upgrade the scoop shot by modifying the Scoop Shot’s chances of success when we try Scoop shot.

After this patch, 

- you'll have to defend your blocks when blocking scoop shots! Be careful because you can allow scoring if you are a little off guard!

3. Added Payback Event System 

- A new [Payback] event system has been added.

- [Payback] is a system where you pay a fixed amount of points during the opening period of the event,you receive a coin for the point you paid 

instantly, and receive additional coins every time you attend for a certain period of time.

-This [East Town Payback] event is celebrated as an addition to the arcade mode system so you can earnup to 300% coins from your point amount paid.

- The [East Town Payback] event is only available from 8/1 to 8/14. You will receive an attendance coin for two weeks based on your participation date.

- [Payback] Event is an event that is limited to 3on3 when there are important issues.

- Do not miss the chance to make up a scarce coin!

[New Contents]

1. New summer special theme costumes and buff ball limited sale

- Summer special theme costumes and buff balls will be sold for a limited time to blow away the heat in the hot summer

- This summer costume can be used during the game as a unique Free-action for the costume

just like the updated special costume [2017 ARETE SPACE SUIT] for the last patch.

-Please refer to the link for details. (Link)

-In addition, the Special Coin Buff Ball which is sold together with the summer costume also has a unique effect.

-Please refer to the link for details. (Link)

-Summer Season Special themed costumes and buff balls are only available for 8/1 to 8/14 for 2 weeks in Shop [Event Store]. 

2.Added one new ceremony

-Two new ceremonies [Too easy, Man] and [Happy way to school] have been added.

-Please refer to the link for details. (Link)

3.Limited edition of 5-Star Character Card Package by Position

- Starting with the center package which is applied with this 8/1 update, new position packages will be limited sale every week.

- The center package is only available once per account for only one week.( 8/1~8/7)  

- Please refer to the link for details. (Link)

4.Mission Possible Event 

-[Mission Possible] event added for 3 weeks. (8/1~8/21)

-The [Mission Possible] event is a total of 4 stages and 5 missions for each stage.

-You can receive the reward for each mission by clearing the mission for each stage, and you can receive additional [Clear Stage] reward if you clear all missions on the stage. 

-For this event, you can get a new [name tag] if you clear up to stage 3, and you can acquire [Joey] exclusive costume by clearing stage 4.

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.24 (June.27th) June 27 , 2017 / 1:58 PM

Today we are introducing new update contents patched on 6/27.

[New Features]


     1.     Ranking System Update

>  You can now see your ranking as well as your match history.

>  Ranking consists of 10 items such as number of wins, odds, number of MVP, number of matches, and the rankings are updated every day at 00:00..

>  The ranking system has a monthly season and a total period, and the season ranking information is reset at 24:00 on the last day of each month.

>  The minimum number of competitions in the ranking is 3 games per month for 10 games / 1vs1 mode for 20 games.

>  After ranking 1000, the rankings section of the member is displayed instead of the ranking indicator.

>  You can compare the level of your skill level with other users by the color display by ranking section..

>  Detailed ranking information can be checked on the record tab of the management page.

       2.     Free Match Mode Added

>  Free match mode has been added so that the user (the manager) can enjoy the game through inviting another player or set it to play against A.I.

>  The free match mode allows the user to play friendly games with friends or practice new characters and various skills without having to worry about winning or losing the game. (However, there is no game reward)

>  Free match mode supports both multi-user and local user participation. (However, local users cannot change teams)

>  Free match mode is available in various combinations such as 3vs3, 3vs2, 3vs1, 2vs2, 2vs1, 1vs1, and so on.

>  In the free match mode, the room manager can change stadium, rules of the game, game time, A.I, change the difficulty, etc. through the game () settings.

>  Free match mode can be played as just one half, two halves, or even by single round game. If played as one or two halves the stamina and timeouts will be the same as a regular game.  If the game is played as a single round game the stamina doesn’t decrease so timeouts are not available.

>  Free match mode now allows you to play with your friends or practice new skills without having to worry about winning or losing. Thank you.

        3.     Night Court Added

>  The night court has now been updated with a random chance during the match.

>  Now you can get the new feeling of excitement playing on the night court

       4.     Added Special Outfits with Free-Action

>  Rare class outfits have been updated in theme outfits.

>  Rare class outfits can be used during the game that has a unique Free-action when worn.

>  You can use Free-action with a simple touch () while standing without the ball during the game.

>  Note that the existing skill view operation has been changed to 

[New Contents]

  1.     2 new Celebration Actions

>  2 new Celebration Actions [Everyday Dance] and [DAB] have been added.

>  Please refer to the link for details. (LINK)


  2.     New Special Outfits have been added.

>  Special outfits with Free-action have been added.

>  Please refer to the link for details. (LINK)

       3.     200 Days Anniversary Character Album Discount Sale


>  To celebrate 3on3 being open 200 days, 15 characters of the basic character album price will be on sale for 50% off.

>  Please refer to the link for details. (LINK)

       4.     200 Days Anniversary Premium Package is Open

>  A premium package has been released with the 200 days anniversary [The Bully] patch.

>  Please refer to the link for details. (LINK)

       5.     Special and Rookie's Buff Ball Limited Time 20% Discount Sale

>  Special Coin Buff Ball and Rookie Coin Buff Ball 20% off sale from 6/27 to 7/10 10 23:59

>  For more information, please refer to the link (Buff, Sale page move)

       6.     200 Days Anniversary Collection Event

>  We celebrate the 200 Days anniversary with 3on3 Ball Ticket Collection Event.

>  You can get 3 tickets each time you log into the game every day and 1 ticket (up to 10 tickets) each time you play a game. 

The tickets can be exchanged for a special 200 Day Anniversary reward on the event page.

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.21 (June.1st) 日本語版 June 1 , 2017 / 5:24 PM
















- 3シュ能力値 +25 (102 → 127)

- たり能力値 +13 (178 → 191)

- リバウンド能力値 +12 (153 → 165)

● フレッド           


どうもそのすスキル自体があまりではないようにえました。 のプレイコンセプトをかすため、


- ロングレイアップ能力値 +13 (178 → 191)




- 「パス&ラン」のアニメション速度アップ



- 「パスフェイク」にジャンプシュへの連係プレイ可能









- ミドルシュ能力値 -25 (165 → 140)









- 移動速度能力値-12 (216 → 204)









- ロングレイアップ能力値 -13 (191 → 178)








以前 : 移動方向キー + △

現在 : 移動方向キー + L1 + □


フレッドの 「パスフェイク」コントロール変更    



以前 : 移動方向キー + L1 + △

以前 : 移動方向キー + △







2. 新キャラクター「クリスタ」アップデート


3. バフボールアイテム


4. アクションアップデート


5. 新しい服装アップデート


6. ネームタグシステム


[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.21 (June.1st) June 1 , 2017 / 12:11 AM

1. Play Balance Patch

In this patch, we will be adjusting the character’s abilities. Adjustments made were based on 

experience and feedback from both the 3on3 team and the community.

Changes in character abilities will be done regularly in the future.


Lulu plays as a Powerful Power Forward, but it seemed that her playability and role in matches

were limited. In this update, her 3-point shooting ability will be increased as well as her rebound

ability making Lulu more effective in various situations.

- 3 point ability +25 (102 → 127)
- Balance ability +13 (178 → 191)
- Rebound ability +12 (153 → 165)


The 'Fake Master' Fred! He specializes  in deceiving the enemy; however the effectiveness 

of his skills seemed to be a little low. We want to raise Fred's skill and abilities to improve his 

deceptive effectiveness in this patch.

- Long Distance Layup ability +13 (178 → 191)

First, Fred’s layup ability needs to be increased since he has a lot of skills that rely on Layups.

- Speed ​​up: 'Pass and Run' animation

The animation for Fred’s skill 'Pass and Run' will be made quicker.


Now you need to pay more attention when you are guarding Fred!

- Fred can take a shot after using the 'Pass Fake' skill.


Perform a Jump Shot after a 'Fake Pass' to confuse the opponent's block timing!



Pedro was conceptualized to be a weak offensive but strong defensive character.

However, as a result of this the on-going experience and feedback being delivered to

Dev team is that he is too strong defensively and seems to be very capable in the offensive

position as well.

We also thought that Pedro’s scoring and defense power is significantly higher than other 

characters. Therefore, we will adjust Pedro's ability to make it fare.

His defensive capabilities will be kept, but his 'Middle Shot' skill will be reduced. This is so

when you play Pedro you will have to shoot more carefully!

Don't be disappointed! Pedro is still the most powerful character for defense!

- Middle Shot ability -25 (165 → 140)


Commander Helena is on the court!

It seemed like her Pass, Steal, and Movement Speed are the abilities are bit higher than 

other characters. In this Patch, Helena's speed will be reduced. So you will now have to 

be a bit more careful when trying to Intercept or Steal now since if it fails you will have a 

hard time catching up to the opponents.

- Movement Speed ability -12 (216 → 204)


Kim & Amanda

Kim and Amanda both have good 'Middle-Shot' ability and stable three-point shooting ability!

They fit well as conceptualized as a pure shooter. However, it seemed like their scoring 

ability seemed to be higher than other characters.

So we decided to reduce their Long Layup Ability.

- Long Layup Ability -13 (191 → 178)

[Control Changes]

l  Fred's ‘Fake Layup’ Skill

‘Fake Layup’ is a skill associated with shooting.

But we were using △ key instead of □ key, even though we are mostly using the '□' button 

for shooting.

Therefore, we changed it like this!

▶ Before: Direction key + △

▶ After the patch: Direction key + L1 + □


l  Fred’s Skill 'Pass Fake'

We have adjusted the control to make it more convenient

▶ Before: Direction key + L1 + △

▶ After the patch: Direction key + △



>Now there will be a visual notification shows you that you cannot screen under the rim.

>Character’s ability reduction rate -due to lack of character’s stamina- has been decreased.

2. New Character: Christa Update

Hailing from a country in Western Europe called Germany Christa is a powerful defender.
She is a strong female character capable of grabbing dunks in midair.
Is she the new best defensive character?

3. Buff Ball System

Players can get the bonus Coins after matches by having an active Buff Ball.


4. New Celebrations  

> 2 new celebration items have been updated.


5. New Outfits Update


6. Name Tag system

Players can equip their Name Tag in Management>User Tab.