Giant G Video Challenge

March 21 , 2024

Event Period: 3/20 - 4/2 23:59 PDT

Experience 3on3 FreeStyle’s new legend Giant G and upload your video via YouTube to win the Challenge!

[How To Participate]

- Make a video about Giant G under following category:

   *Giant G's Skill
   *Giant G's Guide
   *Giant G's Highlight

- Upload your video via YouTube with #3on3FreeStyle

- Clearly show your platform and PSN/Gamertag/Steam ID in your post

- Submission Period : 3/20 – 4/2 23:59 PDT

- Reward Distribution : 4/11 maintenance


1) Reward based on your view

- 2,000 : 200 Points

- 1,500 : 100 Points

- 800 : 50 Points

- 200 : 20 Points

2) If your video is selected for best video

- 200 Points extra bonus!

[Important Notes]

--> This challenge event reward is separate from our monthly streaming event. You can win reward from both event with same video.

--> You must upload video within submission period.

--> Upon submission and include event hashtags and you are aware of and agree with that your video might be linked in-game or part of our promotion video uploaded in YouTube.

--> Only one video satisfying requirements with most view will be considered for reward.

--> Video form is not limited. You can upload clip, livestreaming, or shorts.

--> Best video is selected by 3on3 dev team. Both video quality and view will be considered.

--> Your video contest MUST BE related with Giant G and exclusive for 3on3 FreeStyle. Showing other game content or brand will not be considered as candidate.

--> Upon submission, you are agree with our Terms & Condition.

[Terms & Condition]

- You MUST meet Terms & Condition to be considered as a candidate.

- No violation of copyright and age restriction content is allowed.

- Video content MUST BE 3on3 FreeStyle EXCLUSIVE. No exposure of other games, anime, images, sounds, etc. is allowed.

- Negatively biased opinion, harassment, exposure of gun, racism, and any other contents violating company's image is prohibited.

- By submitting your video, you AGREE with our terms & condition of connecting your video to our game.

​- 3on3 FreeStyle Team