2023 Championship Tournament Announcement

August 30 , 2023

Prove yourself as the glorious winner of our 2023 Championship Tournament!


Submit your entry for 2023 tournament and get ready for the fierce fight!

[Preliminary Round]

- Register your Team Leader’s information

- Team Leader Registration period : 8/30 – 9/12 23:59 PDT

- Register your team via Tournament League Mode (In-game) : more detail will be announced later

- Play Tournament League Mode and accumulate your scores

- Tournament League Mode period : 9/20 – 10/3 23:59 PDT

- Be the top NA : 32 / EU : 16 / Asia : 8 teams to advance the final round

[Final Round]

3on3 team will contact team leader via leader’s email to invite tournament discord

- If you fail to join discord or would like to drop out, team below NA : 32 / EU : 16 / Asia : 8 rank will advance

- NA/EU will have matches on 10/14 to determine 4 teams to advance the final round

- Due to number of entry, tournament for Asia will be held on 10/21 only



32 to 4 : 10/14 17:00 – 20:00 PDT (Rule : Normal 3vs3)

4 to Final : 10/21 17:00 – 19:00 PDT (Rule : Ranked Mode)

*Match bracket and starting time will be announced later



32 to 4 : 10/14 15:00 – 17:00 CEST (06:00 – 08:00 PDT) (Rule : Normal 3vs3)

4 to Final : 10/21 15:00 – 17:00 CEST 06:00 – 08:00 PDT) (Rule : Ranked Mode)

*Match bracket and starting time will be announced later



Date : 8 to Final : 10/21 18:00 – 20:00 KST 

Rule :

8 to 4 : Normal 3vs3

4 to Final : Ranked Mode

*Match bracket will be announced later 

- Submit Team Leader information via submission form

- Submission period : 8/30 – 9/12 23:59 PDT (2 weeks)

- Entry Form : https://forms.gle/upvt91mdq3yXryZt6

- Only team leader can submit this form to gain right to create entry in tournament league mode.

- Team leader must be able to play in High-Tier level match.

- You and your team can participate the tournament of region you selected. No duplicate registration will be allowed.

- Submitting this form DOES NOT GUARANTEE your participation of tournament. You have to prove your skills via Tournament League mode

- Any issue happening due to misfiling the form will not be considered.

- Please DO NOT CHANGE YOUR NAME until tournament is finished. Any issue happens due to change of your name will not be considered.

- All application MUST BE SUBMITTED BEFORE DEADLINE. Any submission after the submission period will be disregarded.

- By submitting this form, you are agree with our Terms & Agreements

1) Team Advance :

- NA : Top 32 teams

- EU : Top 16 teams

- Asia : Top 8 teams

- Top team will be determined based on the accumulated scores during Tournament League mode

- If you fail to participate the main round, next eligible team will be advanced

2) Tournament Detail :

- NA tournament will be held on East server.

- Any issue happens due to network will not be considered (including sudden disconnection)

- NA and EU tournament will have main round during 10/14. You will be divided into 4 groups and only the winner can move to the final round. 

Detailed time schedule will be announced later.

- Asia tournament will be held during 10/21, 8 to final. 

- Main round rule : normal 3vs3 mode, Single win

- Final round rule : Ranked Mode, Best of 3 Games -> 3vs3 Single Round, Best of 3 Games

3) Tournament Reward :

- Detailed reward information will be announced later. So stay tuned for our next update!

- Winner will get exclusive halo accessory, tournament nametag, exclusive winner-themed outfit and most important, cash reward!

- To receive cash reward, we may request your personal information to process our payment. If you do not want this process, you can choose points as alternate reward.

- To receive cash reward, you must have either Korean bank account or Paypal account. If you don’t have neither, your reward will be converted as points.

4) Terms & Agreements​

- Any usage of unauthorized program and showing disrespectful manner towards other players is not allowed. If we find any of your ill-mannered activity during tournament, you will be eliminated.

- Failure of participating tournament discord (Team Leader) in time will automatically result in disqualification.

- Failure to participate in the tournament in time will automatically result in disqualification.

- If you wish to receive tournament cash reward, you must submit a separate form containing your personal information.

- Your tournament match may be used for our promotion resource. You are auto-agree with showing your play and nickname.

- Local co-op play is NOT allowed for tournament.

*This page is subject to be updated continuously

Q1. Why only Team Leader register the form?​

- This is to gather Team Leader’s contact information and give rights to create entry squad in Tournament League mode.

Q2. What is Tournament League mode?

- Due to enormous interest, we developed official tournament content to cover preliminary round. You create and register your tournament entry via Tournament League mode with your team leader and play 3vs3 during open hour to accumulate scores. Top 32 (NA), 16 (EU), and 8 (ASIA) teams will be advanced to next round.

Q3. What if I can’t participate the main round or fail to join discord?

Your qualification will be dismissed and team with next eligible rank will advance instead of you.

Q4. Why NA tournament is held on East server?​ 

- We have to select the best location to cover the widest area. Any inquiry regarding server will be disregarded.​  

Q5. Can I cancel or change the team leader form information?​ 

- No. You cannot change any information you input. We may contact via your contact information in case your account information is incorrect. But we do not support neither cancellation of the form nor change of the participation region.