09/15 Update: In-Game Events

September 15 , 2022

Greetings FS City Ballers!

We would like to announce these events that will be available starting today!

Share this news with your friends and enjoy the game!

1. Ranked Mode 2022 Autumn Season

Challenge your limit and be the best player on the league!

New top baller will rule this summer season!

Only opens for limited hours during the event period!

[Open Hour]

NA : 10:00 – 22:00 PDT

EU : 03:00 – 15:00 PDT

ASIA : 00:00 – 09:00 PDT

2. Battle Pass 2022 Autumn Season Part 1

Hey yo! Are you ready to lit up the court!

This season is packed with exclusive hip-hop rewards!

Try to get all the rewards and exclusive outfits!

Meet Swagger exclusive outfits and show off your dance moves in the court!

Check out our FreeStyle hip-hop moves now!

Battle Pass 2022 Autumn Part 1 Preview

3. Weekly Top Ranker On Arcade Mode (Block)

Play Arcade mode and reach the champion!

For this week, Block is your challenge!

Be in the TOP 100 user to get extra reward! 1st play will get 150 points as reward!

*Reward will be sent during 9/28

[Tips To Aim For Top Record]

*Arcade mode only applies your status of following



-Position Buff

-Intensive Stat

*FreeStyle, Pet Buff, Ability card, Stat acquired via passive does not apply in Arcade mode

4. Special Lounge Battle Badge Package

Visit FS Lounge and meet new Battle Badge packages!

You can reach Lv. 15 upon purchase 420 badges package or Lv.25 with 720 badges package and COMPLETE ALL BATTLE LEVEL in no time!

5. FreeStyle Pack Sale!

FreeStyle pack is here! It comes with FS gold ticket and FreeStyle pieces!

Don’t miss this great opportunity to get your FreeStyle levels up!

Are you ready to dominate the court with your new FreeStyle!

[FS Gold Class Pack] – Purchase Limit : 1

-FS Piece Ticket x500

-Gold FS Ticket x10

[FS Express Pack] – Purchase Limit : 5

-FS Piece Ticket x200

-Gold FS Ticket x5

6. Random Platinum Package

Chance to get useful platinum package with 50% off price!

[Platinum Economy Package] – Purchase Limit : 3

-Random Platinum Pack x5

-Coin 100% Buff Ball (3D) x1

[Platinum Random Box] – Purchase Limit : 4

-Random Platinum Pack x10

-Skill Training Item x5

-Intensive Note x5

7. Ability Card Promotion

Get ability cards with 5 super deals!

This time new character Ox Queen’s cards are included in the deal!

- 3on3 FreeStyle Team