08/24 Update: In-Game Events

August 24 , 2022

Greetings FS City Ballers,

The following events will be available starting today! Have fun and enjoy gaming!

1. Special Buff Wave

Enjoy the summer with coin rush!

Coin 100% buff wave on 3vs3 mode during the weekend!

2. 3on3 Mode Bonus Game

Chance to get extra items with bonus game!

Play 3on3 mode and check out the mini game right now!

This time, we lowered the required ball count for your first

and second step!

*First Goal : 150 > 100 balls

*Second Goal : 350 > 300 balls

3. Coin Sale up to 30% off!

Time to stock up the coins to upgrade your characters!

Get your 20% discount on 50k coins and 30% on 

100k coins during the event period!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

4. P5 Shopping Bag 50% Discount

Exclusive chance to get guaranteed P5 character with 50% off price!

This shopping bag discount is prestige exclusive including characters 

with Intensive Prestige except Ox Queen!

Meet P5 Howl, Liu, Fox, Ayla and Camila with 50% discount!

5. Jackpot Shopping Bag Sale!

Try your luck with the Special Golden week Jackpot shopping bag!

Check out high-valued jackpot items included in this shopping bag!

All items have a value higher or equal to 5 points!

Aim the highest reward – intensive manual with only 5 points!

- 3on3 FreeStyle Team