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Rank 3x3 2021 Summer Season July 22 , 2021 / 1:34 PM

Event Period:
7/21 ~ 8/3 23:59 PDT

Show your swift, powerful moves! Only the character’s own abilities and skills are applied!!

Show your 3x3 sportsmanship!

Time to prove your true skills!!

You can trust the characters’ own abilities and your skills only!

Rank 3x3 Mode returns, where you can compete with your own skills, not with Freestyle, ability cards, buffs(Food, Position, Pet, etc)!

In this new 2021 season, there will be a massive “moving speed buff’ on every character only for Rank 3X3 mode.

Well, we all look forward to seeing speedy and dynamic matches than ever~

This is the very first Rank 3x3 Mode after cross-play applied to 3on3 FreeStyle as you and we all know, so we may identify the final winner between 
platforms and all over the world!

Guess who will be awarded a season-exclusive crown and Honorary Tunic in this rank 3x3 season~?

Grab all the info from below before heading out!​

- 3x3 mode is 8 minutes long Single rounded match.
- A team with 18 Points wins.
- A coin flip shall determine which team gets the first possession.
- Ball exchanges in the ‘No-charge zone’. The defensive team is not allowed to either possess or steal the ball in this area.

The offensive team has 10 secs limit in getting the ball within the area, otherwise, the other team gets the possession.

- 12-second shot-clock
- Any Successful shot inside the Arc gives 1 Point and 2 Points for a shot outside the Arc.
- Stamina recovers during a time out.

- New basketball arena on beautiful beach park on the background.

- Witness Backboard breaking Dunk only on 3x3 mode along with bonus action from the rest!

This season’s 3x3 mode runs for 4 weeks and opens only for 12 hours every day. And without an exception, we brought Ranked system with it! 

Bring your best performance to 3x3 and claim the Top Tier Rewards!


Where can I find the current leaderboard?

: Navigate to the Event menu to check the most up-to-date Rank and your performance.

When does the mode open by region?

NA : Everyday during 11:00 – 23:00 PDT

Asia : Everyday during 22:00 – 10:00 PDT

EU : Everyday during 4:00 – 16:00 PDT​

What decides Rank and Tier?

Your wins and loses give Rank score which would add up to your total Rank score.

Reaching a certain score mark would instantly put you on a Tier. Top Tier, on the other hand, is a little more particular.

To reach Rank SSS, you must fulfill both score and top place. Even though you have at least 1900 scores, you must be in the 

Top rank in your region to be Rank SSS.

What would make me demoted from the current Tier?

: Any abusive Behavior (AFK, DC)

: 7 days of absents from the mode

: Continuous lose


Medal is the new scoring system on 3X3 Mode. Medals are awarded to players in the winning team and decided on individual

performance from one single match. 

Successful Shots, Rebound, Block, Assist and Steal will be counted and decide the color of your Medal. 

Excel in your team and Gold Medal is yours! Get more Ranked score with Gold Medal and get yourself an edge over your teammates.​


Claim your Rewards by entering the event page when the season is finished. 

The page is open for another 2 weeks and any unclaimed rewards will be sent to your Message box at the end. 

You won’t miss a single reward! For Rank 3X3, exclusive 3x3 Honorary Tunic outfit with Spring Crown are awarded to Rank SS and SSS!

These are Rewards for your final Tier!

- 3on3 Freestyle Team​