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Black Friday Coin Promotion! November 17 , 2020 / 10:08 PM

The more coins you spend, the greater the rewards you will get!

Coin Spending Event begins for everyone!

Get rewards for your rapid growth!

Whenever you spend 6,000coins, you will receive different rewards at each stages.

Event Period:

11/18 – 11/24 23:59 PST

The rewards are the following:

STEP 1: spend 6,000 coins for 5,000 coins as rewards.

STEP 2: spend 12,000 coins for 5 XP Drink (L) as rewards.

STEP 3: spend 18,000 coins for 5 Skill Training Balls as rewards.

STEP 4: spend 24,000 coins for 10 XP Drink (L) as rewards.

STEP 5: spend 30,000 coins for 8 Skill Training Balls as rewards.

[Black Friday Special; Coin Sale up to 30%!]

Lack coins?

Here comes Black Friday Special coin on discount!

Get more coins at the cheaper price!

Do not miss the limited chance to become a coin rich!


350 points for 100,000 coins (30% off)

200 points for 50,000 coins (20% off)