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[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. (October 27th) October 27 , 2021 / 4:49 PM
Greetings, FS City

The followings are the updates for the end of this month.


1. Title System Update

Have you ever fallen in love with any of our charming characters while playing 3on3 Freestyle? Have you done more than 240 steals with Pedro? Does that sounds easy? So how about this? Have you achieved 500 cumulative MVPs with Big Dog? Great Ballers should have a nickname that represents themselves. Make sure everyone recognize your talent! We now introduce the new [Title] system!

This function can be accessed through the Management - User menu from the main lobby. Equipped title can be figured out at the main lobby also! Check out what titles you have and what titles you can acquire in the future, and feel the joy of equipping them! Titles will be shown to teammates just before the start of the game, so you can trust each other if you already equipped a title with higher rank. Also, if there is a specific character that two or more teammates want to use at the same time, you can convince the other person through the title  Hey, leave it to me!


Ballers who have accumulated various records can equip even more unique titles. Show off your character proficiency by collecting various titles of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum! What’s more, there are also some platinum titles for our new character, Noah. To acquire one of the titles, [THE NOAH], all you need to do is score 1300 points with Noah. We strongly wonder who will be the first user to achieve this!




1. Battle Pass 2021 Autumn Season Part.2

Let’s Go! Joy Ranger! Boost up the JOY Ranger Transformation Robot!

Battle Pass 2021 Autumn Part.2 is on live!

Try to get all the rewards and exclusive robot outfits!

Protect FS Town from evil forces and become a JOY Ranger Hero!

2. Ranked Mode 2021 Autumn Season

Challenge your skills with users from all platform! Who will be the first winner achieving new trophy! Check out the change of this season!

1) Trophy backpack is renewed with new design

2) Ranked Mode period is shortened to 2 weeks

3) Exclusive pet is added in S ~ SSS Rank reward

4) Ranked Mode reward is renewed

[Ranked Mode Reward List]






1. Battle Pass 2021 Autumn Bundle Part. 2

Start off faster than others with 420 Battle badges!

This bundle makes your Battle Level as 15 as soon as you get it!

Try to get all the rewards and exclusive outfits for this season!

2. Battle Pass Lv.25 Mission

Reach Battle Level 25 during the event period and get the hidden rewards to boost your growth!

*Reward will be sent during 11/10 maintenance

3. Gold Kennel Bundle Sale

Meet the newly updated Bat buddy!

This Gold pet will make your character even stronger!

This time with 20% off for gold kennel bundle!

[Halloween Bat Pet]

4. Gold Kennel Promotion

Purchase gold kennels and get more than 1,000 points worthy rewards!

Get gold kennel bundle for 400 points to get all the rewards at once!

You can get a guaranteed platinum pet at step 6!

5. Dual Ability Card Promotion

Don’t miss out the exclusive chance to get dual ability card!

For this promotion, you can get a guaranteed dual platinum card at step 5!

6. O□☆ Random Shopping Bag

Open this strange looking shopping bag for exclusive items!

You can have a free chance to open this bag by completing all daily quests!

*Daily Quest clear reward will be replaced to shopping bag ticket

7. O□☆ Mission Event

Purchase O□☆ shopping bags and get Exclusive rewards!

Chance to collect your favorite number and outfit!

*Reward will be sent during 11/3 maintenance

8. Ranked Mode Challenge Event

Play Ranked Mode during the event period!

Finish 7 Ranked mode matches and get a useful rewards!

*Reward will be sent during 11/3 maintenance

9. P-Buff Gold/Silver Package

Change your P-buff for better performance!

Complete your signature moves and dominate the game!

Unique chance to get a bunch of p-buff tickets for limited period!


10. Platinum Card Title Collector

Equip 4/9 platinum-grade card on character’s default present to get special platinum card title!

Each character has 2 platinum card related titles!

Collect 2 platinum titles (equipping 4 / 9 cards) of any character during the event period and get extra rewards!

*Same grade title will be counted as one.

*Reward will be sent during 11/3 maintenance

11. Platinum Card Title Pkg

Chance to get useful platinum packages!

Bunch of platinum pack with 50% discount!

Don’t miss out this chance to get your platinum cards on hand!


12. Ball Ticket Event

Play 3on3 mode or ranked mode and exchange ball tickets with special monster tops and various items!

Event mechanics :

1. Log in to the game and Get 3 tickets daily!

2. Get 1 ticket for playing 3on3 mode or ranked mode 1 time (max. 10 tickets)

3. Exchange tickets with collection gift!