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[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.86 (January 27th) January 27 , 2021 / 5:25 PM

Greetings, FS City

The followings are the updates for the end of this month.


1. Ranked Mode with Cross-Play

2021’s first Ranked Mode is open now! Challenge your basketball soul, passion, and skill over the global users! 

This time cross-play is available with Ranked Mode

1) Ranked Mode Change: Cross-play

- Cross-play selection option is now available.

- Match option selection shortcut will be added to the Platform Only Ranked Mode line up page. 

Through this button, you can go to the setting page straightly but your current lineup will be broken.

- If you play Ranked Mode via cross-play, you will receive a 20% ranked point bonus when you win the game.

- For our first Ranked Mode with Cross-Play, all user will start at 1000 score. 

For next season, your start Rank will be determined your final Rank of previous season.

2) Ranked Mode Change: Region

- Region is divided into 3 regions (NA/EU/Asia) for all platforms.

- Ranked Mode open time is varied by region. 

You can enter Ranked Mode only during the available time of your selected region.

- You can change your region by changing the matching server but your current Rank Score will reset.


Timetable (PST)

Timetable (Region Hour)


10:00 – 22:00 (PST)

10:00 – 22:00 (PST)


03:00 – 15:00 (PST)

11:00 – 23:00 (UTC)


21:00 – 09:00 (PST)

14:00 – 02:00 (KST)

- Ranked Mode open hour is changed. Please check the timetable above.

3) Ranked Mode Change: Rank

- You can now check your rank of all platform.

- Ranked mode match type does not affect your rank result.

- Your final rank and reward will be determined based on all platform rank of your region.

- Since there will be more people joining Ranked Mode, score range for each tier and SSS Rank requirement is changed. 

Please check the table below.

[Score Range]


Previous Season

2021 Winter Season

D Rank



C Rank



B Rank



A Rank



S Rank



SS Rank



SSS Rank



[SSS Rank]

SSS Requirement


2021 Winter Season


In Top 50

In Top 60


In Top 30

In Top 30


In Top 20

In Top 25

With cross-platform rank enabled, Ranked Mode will be tougher! 

Aim for the golden snow crystal trophy!


1. Balance Patch Special! P5 Shopping Bag Sale!

Special offer for you!

Meet P5 Character Shopping Bag of characters who got balance changes at 20% discounted price!

Price : 15 points

#Note : You can only purchase P5 shopping bags of characters who have balance changes at discounted prices

2. Ranked Mode Challenge Event!

Get into the competition and Finish 7 Ranked Mode matches!

You will get items for growth!

The event will last for 3 weeks and the rewards are different for each week!

Do not miss a single reward!


Week 1 (1/27 -2/2)

Week 2 (2/3 – 2/9)

Week 3 (2/10 – 2/16)

3,000 coins

Gold Card Ticket x2

Skill Training Item x3

XP Drink (L) x3

Silver Card Ticket x5

Gold Card Ticket x3

Silver FS Ticket x2

Skill Training Item x5

Platinum Card Pack x2


#Note : The rewards will be sent to the message box during 2/3, 2/10, 2/17 maintenances.

3. FreeStyle Black Pack on Sale

All Character FS Black Packs return!

Get a FreeStyle Move just for 80 points!

All character including recent legend Mika!

This package gives you Lv.1 Freestyle on hand!

Price : 80 points

#Note : There is three times purchase limit for one FreeStyle Black Pack!

4. Intensive Manual Shopping Bag 25% Off!

Exclusive chance to get the most wanted item with special discounted price!

Get your intensive manual on hand and upgrade your mates!


Price : 6 points (25% off)

5. Gold Card Pack Discount!

Special Gold Card Pack big sale!

This time the sale included new legend Mika!

Grab your chance to get ability cards at discounted price!



1 gold pack: 9 points (20% off)

10 gold packs: 66 points (40% off)

6. Platinum Kennel on Big Sale

Adopt your pet with hugely discounted price!

Grab a huge chance to get platinum pet!

Price :

1 Platinum Kennel : 100 points (20% off)

10 Platinum Kennels(bundle) : 750 points (40% off)​

- 3on3 FreeStyle Team

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.82 (December 23rd) December 23 , 2020 / 11:07 PM

Greetings, FS City

The followings are the updates for the end of this month.



1. New Character, Mika

A new character comes to dominate the court with her teammates! Who is she? 

The worldwide pop-idol, Mika! She is famous for not only her outer beauty but also her positivity, 

cheerfulness, thoughtfulness, and passion for basketball!

Mika, who specialized in giving her special pass to and cheering teammates up, is welcome by anyone

whom she teams up with! Her energetic and positive attitude drives her team vigorously and hungry

for victory on the court!

Check out how this beauty plays basketball on the court! 

Mika’s Unique Skills

Mika, while running, quickly passes the ball to a teammate without stopping.

One of Mika’s special traits is that she makes a pass without stopping from running! I wonder who 

dares intercept Mika’s pass when she is with high-speed P-buff and dribbles around the court! 

Can Pedro steal her ball?

Mika gives an Alley-oop pass to a teammate and it trigger him/her to perform the

double clutch.

Not all the court heroes are professional at performing the double-clutch. But with Mika, her 

cheerfulness and positivity give them the courage to perform a successful double clutch!

Anyone in her team may show awesome 

moves and skills!​

Mika can make a strengthened pass after she makes two successful passes. 

Once a teammate receives the strengthened pass, his/her next shot increases 

his/her defense resist.

Yeah, her personality; thinking about other people, is shown in her unique passive skill.

It looks as if she has trained herself tobe 'A master of the pass’ making her teammate 

more stand out in the court. I bet, with Mika, you can be the most outstanding

player on the court!​

Once a teammate scores a goal with Alley-oop pass, all the teammates’ shot 

success rates(not including Mika) for the next shot increase.

Her most attractive trait is buff for all teammates! When a team member successfully scores

a goal with an Alley-oop pass from Mika, then all of Mika’s teammates get stronger! 

Their shot success rates increase! Morale increases!​

2.  P5 in one go package

An efficient package system comes for everyone. P5 in one go package grant you a chance

to get a huge benefit and enable you to make a P5 character right away. 

P5 in one go package includes:

-       Skill Training Ball * 170

-       XP Drink (L) * 70

-       50,000 coins

-       Intensive Manual * 3

If you upgrade your P3 character up to P4, the special package will be on sale at the shop for 3 weeks.

Let’s see how the system works with Big Joe.​


- Upgrade any P3 characters to P4. Then, you will see the “Special Product Update” message 

box on the upper-right side.​

-       Then you will see ‘Big Joe P5 IN ONE GO PACKAGE’ appears for 3 weeks at the shop.

-       As there are 32 characters, you can have 32 chances to purchase P5 one in go packages.

#Note!: You have to upgrade P3 to P4 in order to have a chance to buy P5 one in go package

3.     First Payment bonus

Get a huge special bonus which is 85 times its original value!

After your first payment, you may enjoy the first payment bonus for three days.

*Even though you already have purchase record before 12/23 0:00 (PST), you can still have this chance

for your first purchase after  12/23 maintenance. So, don’t worry!​


-  Once you purchase any DLC. You can receive an additional reward at a set date. You have to log in for

3 consecutive days to receive all rewards.

-       You may check details on the upper-left side by the moving right stick to the left.

-       Then you will go to the event page.

-       Press X to join the event (It will lead you to the DLC shop)

-       Note that you need to log in 3 consecutive days to receive all rewards!

[New Updates & Events]

1. Guaranteed Mika Shopping Bag

Here! You may get P5 Mika (Max Skill) within guaranteed count. 

You will certainly acquire P5 Mika within 150 tries!

Pull P5 Mika within a certain purchase!

1)   Guaranteed Pick mechanism

-       Mika Shopping Bag has 150 pull counts until you pull P5 Mika.

-       The detail of P5 Mika Shopping Bag is on the right side. There you may check how many counts left

until you pull the P5 Mika.

-       For each purchase, the count will be reduced by 1.

- When the left count is 1, you can pull the P5 Mika for the next pull.

-       Once you pull P5 Mika, you cannot purchase P5 Mika Shopping Bag anymore.

2.     Mika Management Package

Rapid growth items for Mika are ready.

This package includes necessary items to make Mika stronger.

The Mika Management Package includes :

#Gold Card Pack Ticket * 5

#Skill Training Ball * 5

#PG Manuals * 5

#XP Drink (L) * 5

3. Mika Platinum Card Pack on Sale

Mika’s cheerful live show is ready!

Limited offer to get Mika’s Platinum Card!

4Mika Special Character Stat Boost Event

Boost your character and receive special Reward!

Unlock more missions with Mika and get additional rewards!

If you Get P5 Mika from shopping bag, then you will get all rewards at once!​

5. The release of Mika DLCs

We have prepared three DLCs for new character, Mika! 

Each DLC (Character Pack, Efficient Pack, and Legendary Pack) has different exclusive items! 

Check what you can get once you purchase DLC.

Legendary DLC contains Mika’s world tour outfit set, nametag and 500 points as well. 

Note : If you purchase one of the three, you cannot purchase the others.

Ex) one who purchases Mika Character Pack cannot purchase Mika Efficient Pack or Legendary Pack.

6.     Fox Stadium Live Show Event!

Here comes a new event with limited exclusive rewards!

Join our new event to acquire a variety of growth items and Free. T accessories.

-       Please note that the court of 3vs3 mode will be replaced with the Fox Stadium Court for the duration 

of the event.


1)     Fox Stadium Live Show Event Mechanism

-       Get into the event page of the Fox Stadium Live Show.

-       There you can see various missions to complete for Concert Tickets.

-       Get Concert Tickets as much as you can by completing mission, then use your Concert Tickets to buy 

items in the Bonus Shop.

-       Refer to the table below for more details about the rewards.

The list of Rewards:

The no. of tickets for exchange

Available Amount

Free.T Vocal Helena's Hair



Free.T Dancer Amanda's Hair



Free.T Rapper Kim's Hair



Free.T Dancer Amanda's Sunglasses



Intensive Manual



Gold Card Pack Ticket



FS Gold Card Ticket



FS Piece Tiecket



XP Drink (L)



Skill Training Ball



Gold Pet Adoption Ticket



Pet Skill Change Ticket



Pet Prestige Up Item



#Note :

Free. T Vocal Helena’s Hair will be available during 12/23 ~ 12/29 23:59 PST
Free. T Dancer Amanda’s Hair & Sunglasses will be available during 12/30 ~ 1/5 23:59 PST
Free. T Rapper Kim’s Hair will be available during 1/6 ~ 1/12 23:59 PST

All the Free. T accessories mentioned above will be available during 1/13 ~ 1/19 23:59 PST

7.     New Year 1+1 Package

A new event comes to satisfy you and your friend!

If you purchase New Year 1+1 Package, you will get another for free to gift to your friend! Why don’t you 

give it to your friend?


-       You can purchase New Year 1+1 Package just once.

-       You instantly receive the items in the New Year 1+1 Package as soon as you purchase it, and another

one will be directly sent 

to your message box. (You can see the message on the upper-right side.)

-       Then you get into the message box. You will see another box in your message box.

-       If you read the message, you may select whom you will send the gift to.

(Note : Only online friends can receive your present!)

-       If you send the package to your friend, the message box pops up.

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.81 (December 7th) December 7 , 2020 / 11:02 PM

Greetings, FS City.

The followings are the updates for this month.​


1. Cross Play Update

FS ballers’ most wanted update is here! Cross-Play is now available on 3on3 FreeStyle!

It doesn’t matter which platform you play, you can play together whichever you are! 

Now let’s check how you can manage cross-play.

1) How cross-play will work

-Cross play is available on 3vs3 and 1vs1 mode

-If you allow cross-play, you can choose any server region to play​


 PS4 (Cross)



 Cross-NA East

 Cross-NA West

-If you select PS4 Only, you can only choose server region supported by the platform





NA East

NA West

2) Cross-Play enable option

-You can change your cross-play option on the option page

-Players from All Platform: you can be matched with other platform users

-PS4 Only: you will be matched with PS4 user only​

-Your current cross-play enable setting can be checked on matching UI

3) Play together as Cross-Play​

-If your current setting is “Players from All Platform], you can send invitation to your 3on3 friends regardless 

of their cross-play setting

-You cannot send invitation to other platform user if your cross-play setting is PlayStation Only

-If your current enable setting is different with squad member, notice message will be shown

-Once you accept the message from users with different cross-play enable the option, your cross-play option

will be temporarily changed until you leave the party

4) Cross-Play Q&A​

Q) How can I distinguish that another user is from a different platform?

A) Platform identifier is added next to the user’s ID. If the user is the same platform, you can see him with 

platform mark while Steam and other console platform are seen as PC and controller icon

Q) Can I communicate with users from other platforms?

A) Unfortunately, we do not support a cross chat system. But you can utilize our macro chat system

to deliver your message

Q) Should I have to play Cross-Play for the event?

A) No, cross-play is not required to enjoy current 3on3 content. It is an additional option, which helps you 

to match with other users easier and meet other players from different platforms.

2. Blacklist System Update

Sometimes you want to avoid certain players. Blacklist system is added so you can block users with 

inappropriate behavior and manage the list from the social page

1) How Blacklist works

-Once you block the user, all interactions with the blocked user is limited

-You cannot be in the same squad with a blocked user but you can be matched with him as the opponent

-You cannot invite or check the profile of the blocked user

-If you block your friend, he will be removed from your friend list and will be back once you remove

him from your blacklist

-Blocked user will not know whether he is blocked by other users

2) How can I block the user?

-After play match, you can block the user by using report system

-You can search user’s ID and block him on the social page

3. Server Change System

Want to play with your friend from other regions? No worries! Change your server region and switch freely! 

You can now change the server region whenever you want!

1) How to change server region

-On the street map page, press the triangle button and select your favored server

-You can check the population and connection level

-Select the server region and go back to the street map. You can check your selected server at the bottom 

right corner

-If your current cross-play setting is a platform only, you can only select server region supported by your

platform and client region​


1. FS District Best Fashionista Event

Who is FS District’s Fashionista? Show your today’s dress code to FS district!

Pick your theme and match up your clothing.

Post your dress code with the hashtag on SNS and collect likes during the event period!

Top 5 most liked posts will go to the Final Round and the top 5 participants will receive the exclusive reward!

Let’s check how to participate in this event!

*Please aware that your entry will be eliminated if you do not satisfy the requirements even though you 

are in the top 5

You want to know the benefit of in the Top 5 participants, don’t you? If you are in the Top 5, you are 

guaranteed at least 100 points and exclusive Fashionista Nametag! During the final round, all FS ballers can

vote for their favorite entry and rewards will be distributed based on your final rank!

Here is the reward list for Top 5 fashionistas!​

2. Mission: Possible! Play Together

Play together, clear mission together, and enjoy together!

Challenge to the missions and get special reward! This time with enhanced rewards and exclusive together

jersey & nametag!

3. CrossPlay Special Buff Balls Event

Update special exclusive buff ball is given to ALL Ballers!!!

This buff ball is different from others! Check out the secret of the Together Buff Ball in the game right now!


4. Let’s Boom Up Together Facebook Follower/Likes Event

It’s time to boom up our Facebook community!

Become a Facebook follower to get the most recent news and like our Facebook page to show your love!

Reach 55k for the reward!

-Like 55k : Skill Training Ball x5

-Follower 55k : 10,000 coins

More reward if we reach 60k!

-Like 60k : Random Platinum Card Pack x3

-Follower 60k : Gold Card Pack Ticket x5

Once we reach certain numbers, a special gift will be sent to FS Ballers who log in during 1/13 ~ 1/25 23:59 (PST). 

So stay tuned with our Facebook community and website to get the most recent updates! Let’s dive into our Facebook Page!

Official Facebook Page:

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.75 (October 21st) October 21 , 2020 / 6:35 PM

Greetings, FS City.

The followings are the updates for this month.


Mileage System Update

A new system comes to satisfy all the shopping bag lovers! Stack your Mileage with your purchase on

Costume Shopping Bag and get a Mileage ticket to open a Mileage bag. This Mileage bag has a full set 

of exclusive outfit! Stand out amongst all costume fanatics(fans) and believe me, this Charming Devil Dress

Sets alone could do the trick! Here’s how you could get Mileage Shopping bags!

How to participate in the event

You get 3~4% mileage per each purchase of any outfit shopping bags.

*Newly Updated Shopping Bag : Raise 3% for each purchase

*Previously Updated Shopping Bag : Raise 4% for each purchase

Once you have 100% mileage, you will get a Mileage Ticket!

​Spend a Mileage Ticket for a single Mileage Bag.

Try your luck on super rare items, only available with Mileage Tickets!

A pop-up message shows that the gauge is up and ready to claim a Mileage Ticket. The gauge starts over again for the second Mileage Ticket!

How to check the Mileage Gauge

The Mileage Event pop-up comes up on the right-upper side of the screen at your initial entrance to the game.

You may check the Mileage Gauge by pressing the Left button in the shop.

Go into the shop, the event notice will pop up only once at your first entrance on the right upper side.

(Press the R2 button to move to the event page)

The Event Page shows how many mileage tickets you have and details.

Get tickets!

Take exclusive rewards!

[New Contents] 

1. Nine-Tailed Fox Shopping Bag Update

Traditional Asian Beast comes to freak out FS city!

With special moves and waggy tail!

This outfit contains special movement and press L2 to act like a fox!

For each purchase, it raises 3% of the shopping mileage gauge!

​Outfit Preview:

2. Charming Devil Mileage Shopping Bag Update

What a Charming Devil! Charming Devil comes to attract your mind!

Collect shopping mileages and open this special exclusive shopping bag!

100% Mileage Gauge gives you One Mileage Ticket to open this shopping bag!

Remember this item is only available from mileage for a limited period!

Outfit Preview:

3. Jiangshi Package

Spread the horror by Pressing L2 and hopping on the ground!

Outfit includes special Jiangshi movement!

Pick up this package with 249 Points only!

[New Events]

1. Zombie Mode Update

Zombies come back for the Halloween season!

Fight against the undead and get random boxes full of surprises!

Clear the Boss to get this year exclusive Halloween Pumpkin Candy Backpack with full of candies!

2. Halloween Candy Party

Collect the Halloween Candies by playing 3vs3 Mode and get loads of special Halloween gift box!

Halloween Special Rewards include all of your wanted items and this year's special; Durahan Head and Puppy Balloon Backpacks!

Pick up the candies and ring the vending machine!

3. Halloween Set Shopping Bag 20% Sale

Get a special 20% discount for Halloween Set Shopping Bag!

For each purchase, it raises 4% of the mileage gauge!

Get the mileage ticket faster with the Spooky Halloween Jersey set!

- 3on3 FreeStyle

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.74 (October 7th) October 7 , 2020 / 2:51 PM

Greetings, FS City.

The followings are the updates for this month.

[Deacon’s skill highlight]


1. New Character, Deacon​

The toughest and wildest player join the court! Deacon, aka Out of Control, has beast-like skills to

tackle the opponent and rule the ground.

This tough legend comes with unique berserk mode called Rage. Plus, check out 3 new active skills

1) Rage (P1 Skill) ​

- 3 successful Rebound auto-activates Rage mode. 

- Stat Increase

  On Rage, Dash stamina cost reduces by 30%

  Rebound stat increase by 5 

- Skill Increase

  Post Push gets faster, making easier to secure Rebound position at the right timing.  

  Shoulder Charge gets stronger. With each successful Shoulder Charge on Rage, Loose ball

  chance increase.

  Inside Tackle is easier to use with shorter Cool down time.

2) Post Push (P3 Skill) ​

This skill gives reckless push to opponent to secure the best inside-position for rebound both on

defense and offense. 

Skill activates to opponent close to the basket.

3)  Shoulder Charge (P4 Skill)

Strong drive right in the face of opponent. This skill stuns the opponent for a bit and has a chance

to make a loose ball 

when the opponent has the ball. 

4. Inside Tackle (P5 Skill​)

Ultimate skill to sabotage a team play. Deacon grabs and fall over on the opponent stunning both

himself and the opponent if successful. 

Activates on all area.

5) Fling Down (P5 Passive) 

When on Rage, as you collide against opponents in Face up, there’s a chance that you could Fling

down the opponents. 

6) New System: Non-Target 

With Shoulder Charge and Inside Tackle, arrow appears on a straight line from where you are facing. 

Pay extra attention for this mark to pull off a successful skill.   

7) New System: Cool Down


Shoulder Charge and Inside Tackle have newly adopted Cool Down time. 

You can check if it is ready either underneath your Character or on Skill pop-up during your match.    

2. Now play together with your 3on3 Friend! Today’s opponent can be tomorrow’s best friend!

1) Let’s be a friend!

- After playing a match you can directly send a friend request to the user you like on the result page

- Go to the SOCIAL page and navigate to the SEARCH FRIEND tab to search the user and

send a friend request

- You can check your friend request status in the FRIEND REQUEST tab

- If your sent or received friend requests are full, you cannot send or receive any more requests.

2) How to manage your friend

- Go to the SOCIAL page and navigate to the FRIEND LIST tab

- You can check your 3on3(in-game) friend or PS4(platform) friend

- You can check your PS4(platform) friend’s profile

- You can check friend’s status by color of the left-sidebar

- You can delete a friend from the friend list

3) What is the difference between 3on3 and PS4 friend?

- 3on3 Friend is your in-game friend. You do not have to be a PS4 friend to be a 3on3 friend. 

  You can be friends with any user you searched or played together.

- PS4 Friend is a platform-based friend. This friend's information is linked with your PS4 friend information.

- Besides where the friend information is linked, all friend types work the same.

3. Guaranteed Pick System

Get P5 (Max Skill) Deacon within the Guaranteed count. Deacon’s Shopping Bag comes with

the Guaranteed Pick System! 

This system allows you to pull the P5 Deacon within a certain purchase!

1) Garneted Pick mechanism

- Deacon Shopping Bag has 150 pull counts until you pull the P5 Deacon

- You can check on the right side how many counts you left until you pull the P5 Deacon

- For each purchase, the count will be reduced by 1

- When the left count is 1, you can pull the P5 Deacon for the next pull

- Once you get the P5 Deacon, you cannot purchase the Deacon Shopping Bag anymore even

  if you have remaining counts

[New Contents]

1. Deacon’s Shopping Bag Update​

Meet the P5 Deacon(Max Skill) straightaway! This time you can get P5 Deacon within 150 purchases!

You don’t have to spend time raising him! Play this wild beast as P5 on the court! 

What if you already have P5 Deacon? No worries!  You will get 500 Points instead!

* Each shopping bag has its own reward pull

Please note that the shopping bag does not always guarantee the winning prize

2. Deacon Management Package

Check out all necessities for Deacon before diving into the ground.

This package includes all the necessary items to manage Deacon’s ability:

Gold Card Pack Ticket, Skill Training Ball, PF Manual, and XP Drink(L).

3. Deacon Platinum Card Pack on Sale

Deacon’s power is rising!

Limited offer to get Deacon’s Platinum Card!


1. Deacon Special Character Stat Boost Event

Boost your character and receive special Reward!

Unlock more missions with Deacon and get additional Rewards! 

This time you could get all the rewards at once with P5 Deacon you’ve raised, not just the P5 Deacon

you get from Shopping bag. 

- 3on3 FreeStyle