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[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.49 (January 4th) January 2 , 2019 / 5:29 PM

Greetings from 3on3 Freestyle.

The followings are the updates for this month.

[Patch Note Highlight]


1. Dual Ability Card System 

Get two giggles from one tickle! Introducing Dual Ability Card, which now allows you to have 

two skill boosts with one card. The system, which could give your characters big upgrade

as it is, comes with 2 extra slots only for your choice of Dual cards! 

Get them now from Gold or Platinum card packs! 


These are all you need to know about Dual Card System. Read this through and raise your winning chance!

- Dual Ability Cards are either Silver, Gold or Platinum grade. 

Hence, to get Dual Ability Cards, you are encouraged to open Gold or Platinum card packs!  

- Do you have only 1 pizza slot open? Raise your user level to 30 or above and unlock another slot!


- Sell one Dual Card and get double! Selling this Dual cards give you 2x coins. 

It only makes sense as the card has two stat boost. 

[New Contents]

1. New Outfit

Who wouldn’t want Golden Dragon for the new year? Get this legendary animal into your fashion. 

Check out yet another winged back pack as well! 

2. New Avatar Outfit 

Ever thought your avatar is way too cute? Give your avatar a fierce wrestler look for a chance

with newly added 6 tops, 6 bottoms and 6 head accessories. 

3. 2019 New Year Pkg 

Ready to welcome 2019? Here comes the package to celebrate 2019, year of Golden pig! 

We say pig brings you prosperity. Grab a pig now! 

Package only available during 1/4 – 1/16 23:59 (PST).


This package contains New year’s Buff ball 100%(15d) + 2019 Name tag + New year’s jersey patches. 

4. Card Promotion event 

5 Power deal is back only for a limited time, 1/4 – 1/16 23:59(PST)! 

Get a bunch this time with different deals! 

Find out how you can best take advantage of the event:

5. Gold Card Pack ticket Pkg

Get 20 Gold Card Pack Tickets 50% cheaper! 

6. Platinum Pack on sale

Limited time offer! Get your platinum Card Packs for 33 Points during 1/4 – 1/16 23:59(PST)


- You can get cards that boosts characters’ unique skills from combining cards.  

[Bug Fixed] 

- DLC issue happening in NA region will be fixed. Find the issue at;

- Minor Bug has been fixed. 

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.48 (November 29th) November 26 , 2018 / 4:48 PM

Greetings from 3on3 Freestyle.

The followings are the updates for this month.


1. New Christmas soundtrack

You know 3on3FS has a good range of soundtracks. 

Put your volume up and check our new exciting addition.   

2. Winter map update 

 Winter map is back but passion never gets cold! 

3. 2ND year anniversary loading page

It has been 2 years since we started our journey as a free to play casual street ball game! 

We thank to all our beloved players for unwavering support! 

4. Special Pick Event 

New event alert! Raise your chance to get wanted item! 

Only during 11/29 – 12/12 23:59(PST)

This is how it works! 

First, Pick a list. Browse the available list till you find a list that has the item you want. 

Second, Wait until item shuffles. Here’s a tricky part, all the item flip backwards.

This is the stage where you take a random pick. 

Third, if you are sure about your pick, flip it open by spending 17 Points. 

Afterwards, your pick goes straight to Message box as you flip it open.  

Wait, there are few things you should know before joining the event. 

Careful not to spam your refresh, you only have 2 tries to change your list then

it costs 10 Points for every refresh. Also a refresh whilst picking an item brings you 

back to the beginning where you choose a list. 



While flipping my items open, I accidentally press back and exit the event, 

would I be able to see my list again? 

- Of course you can. Your list stays unless you press refresh button.

How many items can I open and pick? 

- You can pick all the 20 items in the list if you’d like. 

New Reward 

Temporary character Ticket

This one immediately brings a character of your choice to Prestige 5, level 10 with all skills unlocked. 

This ticket has time limit so open it from Message box when you need it. Your ticket boost P5 character

goes back to your previous level when the time is over. 

Can I choose any characters to P5 with this ticket?

- Yes, even those you haven’t recruited. When the time is up, the character will be locked again.

 Get this brilliant benefit to try out Prestige 5 of your unlocked characters

If the character is P5 with level 10, can I grow this character further? 

- I’m afraid you can’t. the character will stay P5 lv.10 till you run out of time. 

I am using a ticket with Lulu and would like to extend the benefit by using another ticket I’ve got. 

- A character that’s been boosted by a ticket will not show in the list. 

Although it comes up again when your time is up with P5 Lulu. 

Temporary Ability Card Ticket  

Ever dreamt of having all your Ability Card Platinum? This ticket is the one you’ve been looking for. 

Upon opening this ticket from Message box, you can choose a character. As you choose a character, 

a total of 14 platinum cards goes straight into your storage, ready to be equipped. 

This incredible benefit has its time limit so make sure to use it wisely. 

Can I choose any card with an Ability I desire? 

- I’m afraid you can’t. Although, browse through the characters, 

a set of 14 customized Ability cards would come up and they won’t let you down. 

What happens if I select a locked character and its cards?

- This wouldn’t open the character although they could be equipped. 

Then what would be the usage? This could be used with a temporary character ticket and 

there you have a P5 character with Platinum ability cards! 

Can I sell or combine these temporary cards? 

- You cannot sell nor combine these tickets. These platinum tickets are for your use 

and for the limited time only. 

What happens when the time is up with these temporary cards? 

- They will automatically disappear from your slots. 

[New Contents]

1. New Outfit 

Man to Man Shirts are forever classic this time of the year. 


2. Seasonal Special Outfit Pkg

Tons of gifts are everyone’s fantasy for Christmas season. 

Mount the gifts like a sorcerer and share the joy with your team players! 

The package comes with Christmas jersey patches. Don’t miss your chance to grab all these, 

on sale only during 11/29 – 12/26 23:59 PST.

3. New Together Celebrations

There is a reason why this is a classic, check out Bro bump and get in there! 

[Bug Fixed] 

- Minor Bug has been fixed. 

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.47 (November 1st) October 29 , 2018 / 2:48 PM

Greetings from 3on3 Freestyle.

The followings are the updates for this month.

[Patch Note Highlight]


1.Crew Hangout update; Find the Golden treasure!  

Crew hangout’s own feature, Treasure hunt, gets more exciting with the better set of rewards for 2 weeks! 

With a variety of items that you could earn, the treasure has a new look as well. 

Find the Golden treasure and try your luck for these following items. 


**Check your count for Intensive Note in Brandon’s Token Shop and exchange 20 of them to 

1 complete Intensive Manual.  

**Brandon’s Token Shop will open for 2 weeks straight during the Golden treasure event and

 will be open only during the weekends afterwards. 

[New Contents]

1. New Outfit

If you’ve ever wondered how to look stylish with baggy jerseys, these are the good examples. 

Check out these 2 stylish NFL look with perfect matching pants and shoes. 

Also with the winter around the corner, here is your first sweater for your seasonal change.  

2. New Celebrations

A wild place like FS court can use some gentle and humble celebrations. 

Check these 2 New Celebrations; ‘You get yours next time’ and ‘I’ve got blessings’. 

Add these to your collection for 39 Points each.

3. MVP Scene

This month’s MVP Scene updates are Carter and Murdock. 

They could be a bit daunting to face but these two are just as tender inside. 

4. November Exclusive Package

Get these basic necessities 30% cheaper than their original price

4. Platinum pack on sale! 


1. No more spooky Lobby court! Lobby court will change back to vibrant day court. 

2. Halloween court map will not show on 3on3 match mode. 

[Bug Fix]

1. Minor bugs have been fixed. 

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.46 (September 27th) September 27 , 2018 / 11:10 AM

Greetings from 3on3 Freestyle.

The followings are the updates for this month.

[Patch Note Highlight]


[New Contents]

1.     New Outfit

If there’s a top that reads bacon strips, why not blazers with fries on them?

The pattern blends well and fries are always good! Along with our themed outfit, check out the new 

backpack for those who would like to have an early celebration for the holiday that everybody knows! 


> Mr&Miss French Fries : 129 Points

> Dead Night Backpack : 35 Points

2. New MVP Scene

Check out 2 new MVP Scenes with some personalities. There’s nothing better represented than MVP Scenes

if you want to know more about what our characters are made up of. This time, meet Rin with the forever

smiling face and Cindy with some attitude. 

3. Drink & Coins Package

Drink and coin for your leveling up! The package is on sale for a limited time only at a price of 100 Points.

4. Skill Training Package

Time to get your skills up. Grab these bunch at a discounted price of 100 Points!


[New Contents]

1. Roulette game

Roulette is back! We’ve noticed some lucky ones who got their hands on to the most wanted item last time! 

Try your luck this time if you weren’t one of them. You all know the drill, spin the Roulette table twice a day

for free or collect bottle caps and play more!

-  Rewards


[Coming Soon]

It’s around this time when everyone gets to have some fun! Allow me to give you a small sneak peek of 

what comes next in mid-October.

Halloween exclusives

- Spooky Halloween Outfit set

 Specially designed for Halloween! Wear a complete set or a single to highlight.

- Zombie mode

Special holiday addition to Arcade mode! Run away from zombies and score the ball to get rid of them! 

Mechanic is simple, match the color of the ball with what floats on zombies’ head. Clear the stages and

grab random boxes with surprises!! 


-  Candy pick-up

Play 3on3 mode and collect candies from Big pumpkin head. Replace candies with items on the Halloween 

vending machine. Of course, more candies you collect, more rewards follow.




1. Holiday exclusive Night court has been newly added. Enjoy the vibe as it is only for this month.  


[Bug Fix]

1. Minor bugs have been fixed.

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.45 (August 30th) August 29 , 2018 / 8:16 PM

Greetings from 3on3 Freestyle.

The followings are the updates for this month.

[Patch Note Highlight]


1.  Arcade Mode Update

1) Jump Shot Mode

The arcade mode initially with two training modes has a new addition, Jump shot mode. 

This newly added feature will allow shooters to better train themselves throughout 5 stages.


This exciting new content is about surpassing the stages’ score limits or make as many shot as

you could in one minute. Just pick up the ball that spawns on the court and make the shot. 

As you all know, mid and 3point range shot is all about getting the shooting gauge right, 

which has 3 colors to target. let’s find out what happens with each color.

Red : 0% that the ball makes it to the basket.

Yellow : 100% of making the shot, although, the ball will spin around or bounce on the rim

till it gets in eating up more time. It comes with the feedback ‘Good’. 

Green : Clean shot, which gives you the feedback ‘Perfect’. This saves loads of time as 

it moves onto the next turn straightaway.  


Show your best performance and get extra score.

If you make a shot by hitting yellow on Shooting gage, you will gain 66 score from the very shot.

> Shot(50)+Yellow(15)+1 Combo(1)=66


Each Stage gives you a different reward as you complete it. But real fun follows and bigger 

rewards await. Find out more in Season rank!

[Side note]

Ø  It looks like I can move away from where the ball has generated, what happens if I 

try dunk or manual lay-up instead?

-I’m afraid all the attempts other than 2 or 3point shot wouldn’t work on this mode. 

It is programmed so that the ball can’t get into the basket.


2) Season rank and Nametags to top3

Challenge yourself and see how good you are in a Global scale. Only 100 users amongst all 

the 3on3FS players worldwide who participated can place their names up on Season rank

and get rewards.  

**This following feature, Weekly rank and Season rank, will not be available until further notice.

Please find more info at :

[Challenge Mode calendar]

[Weekly Rank]

3 Challenge modes, Rebound, Block and Jump shot, now have their own Weekly rank instead

of monthly as you know it. This rank is for 7 days and resets on 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th 

every month.

[Season Rank]

Season on Challenge mode is a month long which begins on the first day of every month and

is over and reset on 28th. Users who managed to place themselves on top 10 of Weekly rank 

are awarded Season scores by rank, which will be counted for Season rank. Let’s find out

how many scores each rank can earn.

Ø  Where can I find my Season scores I’ve collected?

-  The Season scores you’ve collected from each mode can be found on 

Season Rank page, which will be renewed whenever Weekly rank resets. 

You can find your scores getting stacked up as you go through 7 days long weekly challenges.

Ø  I am still a bit confused with Season score and Weekly score.

- Let’s say you’ve earned 4K from Jump shot and 3K from Rebound and ranked on the 

first in the list from two modes. That gives you 100 Season score, 50 each from reaching to

the top on Weekly rank from two modes, making your total weekly score 7K.  

Ø  My friend and I am equal in Season scores, what is the tiebreaker?

- In such case, Season rank is decided based on a total sum of your Weekly scores 

you’ve acquired from 3 challenge modes, not the Season scores you’ve earned.

Ø  When do I get rewards for Season rank and what happens from 28th to the end of the month?

- Your Season rewards will be sent straight away as Season is over and reset on 28th(PDT) 

and any scores or record you’ve made afterwards won’t count till another season starts, which will 

be on the 1st of the month.



[New Contents]

1. Big sale on Characters

If you were thinking of getting another character, this would be your perfect chance. 

We are giving away characters in different positions on half price. Get yourself a new main and learn new skills!

>15,000 Coin – 7,500 Coin

2. New Celebrations

Crew Hangout is not the only place where you could go wild. Introducing these quirky and trendy 

Celebrations. Some moves never get old and need to be brought back, wouldn’t you agree?

3. New Outfit

What is hotter than a set of uniform? All equipped with hand cuffs and badges but we spiced

it up with over revealing shorts! Be the first one on court with the Outfit.

Also Check out yet another jeans combo! 

4. Quick Starter Pkg

If you have just landed on 3on3 FS Town, check out this package built for a new comer. 

This will give you a head start!

5.  New Avatar Emoticons

It is all about faces! Meet Kim and Helena this time on Crew Hangout!


1.  Shooting Touch

-  Shooting gauge now has 3 different colors.

[Bug Fix]

1. Carter’s Face up resist will properly show the feedback ‘Shot interference’.

2. Helena's Outfit bug has been fixed.

3. Minor bugs have been fixed.