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[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.59 (November 27th) November 27 , 2019 / 5:27 PM

Greetings, FS City.

The following are the updates for this month.


1. New Character, Fei

Young rich, Fei is in FS Town with her big attitude! 

Experience her selfish but strong playstyle now and see if you can tame her!

Fei, aka Miss Stylish, and her gorgeous playstyle will catch your eyes.

She can perform aggressive offense with splendid dunk skills and piercing power.

Find out how stylish she is and enormous benefit of her right now on the Character page.

2. Crew Tournament Update

Which crew is the BEST in FS City? 

Gather your crew member and compete with each other! Dynamic Crew Tournament will open on 

December Crew Season!

*As Crew Tournament update, current Crew Match and Co-op match will be removed 

When will the Crew Tournament Open?

1) Crew Tournament will open on the Saturday at 8:00 pm (region time) of the last week of Crew League

*Crew Tournament Open Time

2) Top 8 crews during crew league will be selected as a tournament participant at 00:00 (region time) 

on Crew League date

3) You will do all the games until the final for 2 hours

Crew Tournament Basic Rule

1) Crew Tournament is BEST OF ONE game. Your crew has to put all your ability to proceed the tournament

2) Crew Tournament starts with quarterfinal and a squad with 3 members play the tournament as a 

representative of the Crew

3) As Crew Tournament starts, top 3 members (based on crew score) of the crew will be selected as

Crew Tournament squad member

4) During Crew Tournament, if one crew does not show up for the match or meet the requirement

3 participants, the opponent crew will automatically win the game

5) YOU CANNOT SEE THE OPPONENTS’ CHARACTERS for the match. So communicate with your squad member

and form your best team

6) You can see the list of matches by clicking Crew Tournament tab in the Crew page

7) If all crew participates do not participate the Crew Tournament, Crew Tournament will automatically end

8) Crew Tournament will last until the winner crew is selected

Crew Tournament Squad Formation

1) If you are one of the squad members, you will be directed to squad page to decide your participation 

when you click Crew Tournament tab during match hour

2) In squad page, you can decide whether or not you participate in the Crew Tournament

3) If any squad member is missing or refuse to participate, squad will be formed with other top 3 members 

who have the next highest score and show the will to participate

4) You will have 5 Minutes to form a squad. When time remaining less than 10 seconds, you cannot change

the squad

5) If you fail to form a squad within a time limit, your crew will be considered as lost

Crew Tournament Winner Reward

Be the winner crew and get Crew Tournament Winner Prize! 

The winner crew will get SPECIAL TROPHY to celebrate your Victory! You can decorate trophy in your 

Crew Hangout!

3. Crew Hangout Update; Mini Game Update

Features that are more fun arrived at Crew Hangout! Jump Rope Mini Game and Hopper’s Zone Mini Game are updated! 

Enjoy new features and get Mini Game ranking rewards! Talk to the Mini Game NPC in the Crew Hangout and hop and jump!

Jump Rope Mini Game


1) You will have 3 chances to play the game

2) Press the Square button to jump over the rope

3) Each time you jump over the rope, you will gain 1 score

4) If you get hit by the rope, you will lose your chance and you will start over

5) If you lose all 3 chances, the game will over

6) Based on how many you jumped, your score will be recorded

Hopper’s Zone Mini Game

1) You will have a time limitation of 3 minutes

2) Within the time limit, hope over each platform and collect as many treasure box as you can

3) Some platforms have special gimmick based on their colors

4) Treasure box is converted to score, after the time limit your score will be recorded

After the end of the Crew League, your Mini Game ranking reward will be sent with your Crew League reward. 

After the reward date, Mini Game ranking will reset.

*The Crew Bag reward for Mini Game Ranking is a permanent item

**Treasure Hunt Mini Game will be closed upon the Mini Game update

[New Contents]

1. Fei’s ‘Feiday’ Shopping Trip

Fei’s ‘Feiday’ is coming! Open various shopping bags and obtain exclusive items! 

You can find P5 characters  and even intensive manual! 

Pick your own shopping bag and open to see what you will get! Feiday is never boring!

What is the Shopping Bag?

1) You can buy shopping bag Event tab in Store

2) Each shopping bag contains a different reward list

3) The reward list will be changed in the future

4) Coin, Points, and Items are directly reflected to your inventory. 

Other reward such as Character will be automatically sent to your message box

5) You can check the rate of all shopping bag reward in the item description Shopping bag type

Time to go flexing!

Embrace yourself as these Shopping bags have major offering!

This time, you can get P5 MAX SKILL FEI right away and even get her luxuries!

* P5 Fei Luxury Shopping Bags are only sold during 11/27 – 12/25 23:59 (PST)

**Each shopping bag has its own reward pull. 

Please note that the shopping bag does not always guarantee the winning prize.

What if I already own drawn P5 character?

1) If you already own drawn P5 character, 500 points will be given as a reward

2) If your character is lower than P5, you will acquire drawn P5 character

3) All items that you used to upgrade drawn character will be paid back as coins

2. Fei Management Pack

To greet our new beauty, satisfy Fei with this special management package.

This package includes all the necessities to manage Fei’s ability: 

Gold Card Pack Ticket, Skill Training Ball, PF Manual, and XP Drink(L).

3. Fei Platinum Card Pack on Sale

Be prepared to face her strength! Limited offer to get Fei’s Platinum Card!

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.58 (October 30th) October 30 , 2019 / 1:20 PM

Greetings, FS City.

The followings are the updates for this month.

[Patch Note Highlight]


1. Free P4 Character Rotation

Having a problem as new ballers to manage and buy all characters? Don’t worry! 

Now you can use 3 FREE P4 Characters every week!  Free character is fully-upgraded as prestige 4, 

all skills are upgraded!

Every Monday, free character list will be updated and you can enjoy different free characters. 

What if I already own free character? 

1) If you do not own free character, it is automatically unlocked to use during the rotation period.

2) If you own free character, you can choose which one to be in the entry for the game via management.

Please note that you can’t use free characters for episode, job, and getting p-buff Current daily character buff 

will be removed as free character rotation is updated.

2. Ranked Mode Season 2 Begins

New Ranked Mode Season Begins! Ranked Mode comes back with major improvement! 

Try tighter and tougher Ranked Mode!

Followings are descriptions of the change:

1)  Region Fixation

A. Now users only can play Ranked Mode in one region

B. If you change the region, your previous record will be reset and start with a new record

C. You can receive Ranked Mode reward in ONLY ONE region

2) Long Term Absent Penalty

A. If you do not play Ranked match for a long time, you will receive absent penalty.

B. Absent penalty will reduce your rank score

C. If you do not own enough rank score due to absent penalty, your rank tier will be degraded

3) Shortened Period

A. Ranked Mode season is shortened from 6 weeks to 4 weeks (10/30 – 11/26)

B. Tier hurdle is lowered due to the shortened period

4) Reward Day Change

A. Reward Day period is changed to 2 weeks after the end of the Ranked Mode Season

B. During Reward Day you can claim reward through the event page

C. If you forget to claim, your Ranked reward will automatically send to you after Reward Day

5) Other Improvement

A. Tier match system has been improved

B. Ranked Mode will give you crew score even if you lose the game (whether you play alone or with your crew member)

Challenge your skills and reach the highest rank! In Ranked Mode Season 2, you will receive more dynamic rewards!

*S~SSS Package contains special outfit

**Nametag and Trophy backpack is permanent item

***2 months temporary items: Jerseys, Shoes, Sleeves

3. Highlight System

A Long-Waited System just arrived the FS City! With the new highlight system, you can replay your 

best performance with various camera angles! Who will be spotted as the best player?

Dive into the court and see the result!

4. Crew System Improvement

Gather all crew members! Now you can enjoy more crew life! We introduce the new crew system: Crew League!

Crew League

1) During Crew League, you can acquire crew score by playing 3vs3 and Ranked Mode

2) During Crew League season, you can acquire crew score via various activities

3) The more you accumulate crew score, the higher your rank in the crew will be

4) After Crew League season, ranking reward will be given based on your crew ranking

5) Based on your crew member contribution, reward will be distributed

Who will be the BEST crew in FS city? Collaborate with your crew members and collect as much crew score as you can! 

*Due to the change of the scheduled maintenance, crew season will end on 10/30

**All crew rewards will be sent during 11/1

6. Character Re-balancing

To make sure that characters perform their characteristics, we made some changes to character balance.

This character re-balancing helps you to have more enjoyable game in 3on3!

The detailed information is under:

6.1. Jimmy

Jimmy's Attack attribute is highly increased. Enjoy more powerful Jimmy!

-Jimmy’s Massive Shot and Massive Strike accuracy is highly increased when he is open

-Jimmy’s Massive Shot and Massive Strike accuracy is highly increased even when he faces defense

-Stamina reduction for Power Post Up is highly decreased

6.2. Rin

Requirement of Rin’s One Ultimate Shot is lowered. Don’t miss the chance when you have a ball!

-One Ultimate Shot: Do the signature movement for 3 seconds after obtaining a ball. Shot accuracy is highly increased. 

6.3. Lee

To ensure Lee’s position, certain ability is rebalanced

-Lee’s Under-post Shot, Under-post Dunk, Under-post Layup, Post Block, and Move Speed attributes are decreased

6.4. Pedro

Pedro now focus on his own position rather than all-round-player

-Shot accuracy after successful Shadow Steal is decreased

6.5. Other Change

All characters’ Defense abilities are increased little

-All characters’ Dribble Dash attribute is decreased little

-All characters’ Face Up attribute is increased little

-All characters’ Defense efficiencies are increased little

[New Contents]

1. New Hair Update


Freestyle hair salon comes again! 

Clarke, Amanda, William, and Kim’s exclusive hairs are available with 9 different color variations and Luther 

will have exclusive hair with 8 different color variations! Dressed up with new hair and be fancy!

2. Box Head Update


Who is the FS hipster? Wear this unique box head and show your characteristic!

This is a new way to express yourself. Not sure whether we prepare something you like? We have MANY options!

Where to buy box head?

-In-game Shop (7 kinds)

-Point Package (9 kinds)

-Event Bonus Shop (3 kinds)


- Characters with their own Outfit will be replaced with White Shirt and Blue Jeans. Please find the outfit from your 



-Little Fox : Court Commander has been fixed to be activated correctly

-Jimmy : Accuracy problem when failing Massive Shot has been fixed

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.57 (September 26th) September 26 , 2019 / 1:51 PM

Greetings, FS City.

The followings are the updates for this month.


1. New Outfit System: Hair

Don’t you want to give some “Special” look on your character? 

Aren’t you bored with the always-same look on your character? 

To boost your fashion mind, here, we introduce a new outfit system: Hair!

With a new hair system, now you can show off your fashion style with various colors and styles.

Followings are the detail of the system:

1) You can pick colors when you buy hair.

2) There will be two different hair types: common-hair and exclusive hair. 

Exclusive-hair is only can be equipped to a certain character.

For 9/26 update, Joey, Cindy, Helena, and Lulu will have new exclusive hairs with 9 different colors

and Big dog will have a new exclusive hair with 7 different colors. We will show more and more hair 

as we proceed with this new outfit system. So stay tuned and watch how fashionable your character can be!

2. Match Loading Screen Improvement

Now you can see whole character pose in new match loading screen! 

In 3vs3 match, you can see dynamic poses and costumes of 6 different characters.

3. User-level limit expansion

Already reached Lv.40? 

It’s time to challenge higher and higher! The limitation of the user account level 

will be expanded to LV 100! For every 10 level, you will receive a special level-up gift. 

Furthermore, through the user level rank page, you can see how high your level is. 

Be the first one to achieve the highest level! As user account level limitation expanded, 

current special & platinum level up reward will be unavailable.

4. New & Return Baller care system Improvement

To help our new and return ballers, we have improvement user care system. You will be adopted to the game faster!

Followings are the change of the care system:

1) New login rewards for new ballers

When you first join 3on3 Freestyle, you will receive special login bonus, all necessary to new-comers, until the 5 days!



Day 1 

Temp Character Card (1D) 

Day 2 

Prestige 4 Character Selection Ticket 

Day 3 

XP Drink (L) *20

Day 4 

Skill Training Item * 20 

Day 5 

50 FS Points 

With Prestige 4 Character Selection Ticket, you can skip all leveling steps and jump into 

the court right away! With 50 FS Points you can buy platinum cards to enhance your 

character’s ability, buy outfit to show off your fashion sense, or all other goods 

whatever you necessary in Item Shop! 50 FS Points will be help you to enjoy Freestyle more 

and more!

2) Training quest rewards have gone better

3) Return baller care system has been added

All ballers who have not logged in for at least 30 days, will receive welcome bonus for 5 days!



Day 1 

Silver Card Pack Ticket * 1

Day 2 

Silver FS Piece Ticket * 1 

Day 3 

Gold Card Pack Ticket * 1

Day 4 

Gold FS Piece Ticket * 1

Day 5 

50 FS Points 

Open your card and freestyle packs and get essential items for play! 

With 50 FS Points, enjoy your shopping together!

5. Daily Login Reward Improvement

Daily bonus now gives you more benefit! The monthly login bonus will be added. 

Monthly login bonus detail: 

1) When you log in, you can mark 1 login during weekdays and 2 logins during the weekend.

2) After marking login, you will receive a daily login reward. Login reward is including buff balls, 

Gold Card Pack and Gold FS Pack, FS points, and even the Intensive Manual.

3) Each month has 28 login rewards. If you mark login all 28 days, 1000 coins will be given

as a reward regardless of weekdays or the weekend until the end of the month.

4) After you complete all 28 days, you will receive a special monthly login completion bonus.

* Monthly login will start from the beginning of the October.


1. Level Expansion Event: Who is the Early-Adopt Leveler?

Who will be the fastest leveler? Achieve Lv41 during event period and get 100 FS points?

3. Play as a team Event

Make a squad with your PSN friend and win together!

As you collect your winning score, you can get spooky outfits and patches!

4. 30% Weekend Coin Buff

October coin buff is coming!

Get 30% coin buff during weekend on 3vs3 normal mode!

Draw character pieces and make prestige 5 character at once!

During this event, you can use character pieces to make higher prestige character.


How to draw Character pieces?

1) You can draw by purchasing a drawing package in Draw Purchase

2) The rate of the character is different for each type of drawing pack

3) Each time you purchase a drawing pack, you will accumulate mileage. 

If you accumulate enough mileage point, JACKPOT will be activated.

4) JACKPOT grants you more character pieces for your next purchase. 

The rate is differed based on the type of package.

How to compose character?

1) If you accumulate enough pieces to compose character, you can compose character in the 

“Compose Character” tab.

2) If you meet the requirement Compose icon will be activated.

3) When you try to compose, you can see the result on the right side. It will show the 

character name, character level, and the skill upgrade.


4) Your composed character will be sent to your message box

5) You cannot compose the same or lower prestige of owned character

6) If you own prestige 5 character, you cannot compose that character. 

Only selling pieces is available. 

What if I already own the drawn character?

1) If you draw the already-owned character pieces, you can increase 

his/her prestige by composing pieces.

2) If you draw the already-owned character with the same or lower prestige, 

it will be changed to coin.

3) If you draw the already-owned character with the higher prestige, 

your character will be replaced with the higher prestige one.

Can I sell unnecessary character pieces?

1) You can sell unnecessary character pieces and get disk pieces.

2) You can use disk piece either to buy special items via Bonus Shop!

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.56 (August 22nd) August 22 , 2019 / 3:13 PM

Greetings from 3on3 Freestyle.

The followings are the updates for this month.


1. New Character, Jimmy 

This man is born to be a Center and trust me, you would’ve been disappointed otherwise. 

Introducing Jimmy, aka Selfish attacker, so far the tallest and massive addition to our Big man line up.

He is capable of playing by himself, both in defense and offense. 

Find out what you can best take advantage of this beast right now on Character page. 

2. Mega Pass Season 3 

Mega benefits are back. This time with all new missions and rewards! 

Finish your missions and complete the Mega exclusive Ice cream Outfit! 

To help you climb all the way to the top, we also have prepared a brand new Bundle package. 

This instantly raises you to Mega lv 11 and unlocks premium rewards that includes 2 Intensive Manuals! 

3. Freestyle System Improvement 

We’ve had some changes in Freestyle system, here’s all you need to know. 

- When doing Freestyle lay-up or dunk, you can use Double Clutch. 

This instantly cancels your freestyle and allow you to use Double Clutch instead. 

In this case, you will skip your turn for your Freestyle and move to the next freestyle

or normal skill if you don’t have the next one equipped     

- You can now use all the skills like Shot Fake Pass or Hop Pass that activates during

the shot motion even when it’s turn to use Freestyle, although likewise, your turn for

Freestyle will skip and move on to the next turn.

- You can see what Freestyle you and your opponents use with new UI text update.

- Freestyle activation order is available to see during the match and it updates to 

show what is your next turn with the yellow box. 

- Freestyle Activation order page now has the normal skill slot is to help you understand the order. 

- Helena Instruction is added to Freestyle page. 

- Can see activation order in the lobby 

4. Outfit system change

Get your hands on to all Outfit cheaper now! You can now purchase outfit for one character only and it cost much cheaper.

5. 3vs3 Normal Mode Matching Improvement 

3vs3 Normal match is improved to match up with players with the same or similar performance as yours. 

[New Contents] 

1. Jimmy Special Package 

Bring your newly recruited beast, Jimmy to the warzone straightaway with this package.

This one has all the necessities including Intensive manual, Skill training item and XP Drink 

and to add more, the package comes with Jimmy’s exclusive outfit! 

2. Platinum Ability cards on sale for Jimmy and all DLC/Christa/Professor  

Get your Platinums for the titan, Jimmy and all the other DLC characters, Christa 

and Professor. 

[New Events] 

1. Log in Event 

Log in daily and claim these free goodies! 


2. XP Drink Event 

Collect Badges by playing 3on3 normal mode and Ranked mode! See how many you can exchange! 



- Minor bugs are fixed. 

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.55 (July 18th) July 17 , 2019 / 7:03 PM

Greetings from 3on3 Freestyle.

The followings are the updates for this month.

[Patch Note Highlight]


1. Freestyle 

Get some legendary moves and be as urban as you can be. We know by its title that 

this game is about Streetball but with this update, we may have crossed the boundary. 

I give you the most unprecedented, unexpected and unimaginable Freestyle!  

Navigate to Management, Freestyle and explore the Freestyle skills now. Find the best

skills you could use based on your playstyle and character. Collect Freestyle pieces and 

complete the skill. Then you can move to Equip tab to wear the skills. Skills activates in

the numbering order on the slots where you could switch your skills between slots as 

you wish. 

Freestyle is more than just the look. Each Freestyle skill has its own buff

like motion speed and defense resist.  You can upgrade these buffs by collecting more Pieces. 

How do I collect the Pieces? 

 - It’s simple, you could purchase Freestyle packs to get random Pieces or you 

could find Piece tickets or Packs from Events.  Although, there’s only certain range 

of Freestyle you can get based on your character’s position. 

Check all the available Freestyle for your position on Piece Shop! 

So it’s more or less similar to Card Packs, although, what is the Black Pack?

- This package instantly opens 1 Freestyle skill. Simply choose a shot you want for your 

Freestyle and you will get a random Freestyle Pieces ready to combine straightaway. 

You can only open it once per an account. 

What if I have Pieces that I would never need? 

- You can sell the Pieces and get Piece tickets in return. You can use these 

Tickets to exchange other Pieces for Freestyle skill you want from Piece Shop.

How can I use the skills? 

- Pop the Activation order page by pressing down button on the Equip page and

you can see each skill is assigned to different categories like Jump shot, 

Short distance layup and etc. With this, you would know how to pull off. 

Would I be able to activate Freestyle with Character’s exclusive skill? 

- Character’s skill will activate prior to Freestyle. Let’s think of Lee’s Skill ‘Signature Shot’, 

where he shoots with his signature move when wide open. His signature move will activate

first then Freestyle follows. 

I can’t seem to pull off Double Clutch or Lay-up pass. 

- Skills that activates while trying shooting won’t activate when Freestyle is in action. 

Can I get a long distance Dunk Freestyle for my Kim?

- Dunk is definitely a shared skill so I wouldn’t say you can’t. but let’s say, your character 

does more jump shot than dunk, you want to collect Jump shot Freestyle than others. 

2. Ranked Mode Season 1 

We have had an amazing Pre-season with more players than ever joining in! 

Now that we have our first regular season ahead, we have made a few changes. 

Here’s all you need to know about the first season! 

Ranked Mode only opens on your Prime time! 

New Change for better matching! Ranked Mode will open only during your prime time every day.

Check out the time for each region and don’t miss a single match. 

Server Time Standard (PDT) 

NA : 15:00 – 24:00

EU : 06:00 – 15:00

ASIA : 23:00 – 08:00

​Big rewards ​

**3 month temporary items: Jerseys, Shoes, Sleeves​

Season is now 3 months’ long

Your region’s rank is required to become SSS
Now to become the very top Tier, you will have to achieve Tier’s standard 
score along with being in the top rank group. For NA is top 50, top 30 
for EU and Top 20 for ASIA. Higher the rewards, higher the challenge!

Tier indication on online users’ Nametags from Invite
Throughout the pre-season, you can only see friends or Crew members 
with your Tier or similar on the Invite list. This time onward, you can see 
all online players with their Tier on their Name tags! Although, you still 
can invite friend with similar Tier as yours. 

Worldwide Rank included

Ranked match is included in Events & Quests
All the existing Events and Quests that only counted 3on3 mode will count Ranked match as well. 

Ranked match gives you Crew score even when you run solo. 
Calling all Crew! Play Ranked match and save your Crew! Solo run on Ranked match 
gives you Crew score and guess what, if you play with 2 or 3 Crew line up, you get 
more Crew scores like it does on Crew Co-op mode. 

[New Contents] 

1. Returning rewards 

Has it been a while since you played 3on3 FreeStyle? 

Come check us out since we have prepared some good items to start over! 

To all users who haven’t been on for 30 days, we offer the following items;

Temporary Character ticket(30d) + Temporary Card Ticket(30d) + XP Buff ball 100%(7d) + Coin Buff ball 100%(7d). 

2. New Outfit

Want to get Comfy but can’t lose your edge? Pack this Super Pink Baggy for your casual outing to FS City! 

3. New Celebrations

Season’s Celebrations release! Pack your summer tubes and backpacks, cuz we are ready to swim! 


1. Get extra for Freestyle Pack purchases 


Update special! Get more Freestyle on top of your purchases! 

Check how many you can get more from your purchases! Your extra goes to Message Box on 8/1 during the maintenance. 

2. Play Ranked mode and get Freestyle tickets

We come back with Ranked. Mode Season 1 with ever bigger rewards than ever! 

Celebrating the first regular season, we give you something to have a taste of our new Freestyle even for only one Ranked match!

Jump into Ranked mode now and get up to 7 Gold Freestyle Piece Tickets! 


3. Crew Hangout Treasure Hunt

Time to get back to Treasure Hunt! Every hour, you can get Freestyle tickets from Golden Treasure box! 

Now you just need to find where that is! 


- Single Quest be available to renew up to 3 times. 


- Engine Optimization