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[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.75 (October 21st) October 21 , 2020 / 6:35 PM

Greetings, FS City.

The followings are the updates for this month.


Mileage System Update

A new system comes to satisfy all the shopping bag lovers! Stack your Mileage with your purchase on

Costume Shopping Bag and get a Mileage ticket to open a Mileage bag. This Mileage bag has a full set 

of exclusive outfit! Stand out amongst all costume fanatics(fans) and believe me, this Charming Devil Dress

Sets alone could do the trick! Here’s how you could get Mileage Shopping bags!

How to participate in the event

You get 3~4% mileage per each purchase of any outfit shopping bags.

*Newly Updated Shopping Bag : Raise 3% for each purchase

*Previously Updated Shopping Bag : Raise 4% for each purchase

Once you have 100% mileage, you will get a Mileage Ticket!

​Spend a Mileage Ticket for a single Mileage Bag.

Try your luck on super rare items, only available with Mileage Tickets!

A pop-up message shows that the gauge is up and ready to claim a Mileage Ticket. The gauge starts over again for the second Mileage Ticket!

How to check the Mileage Gauge

The Mileage Event pop-up comes up on the right-upper side of the screen at your initial entrance to the game.

You may check the Mileage Gauge by pressing the Left button in the shop.

Go into the shop, the event notice will pop up only once at your first entrance on the right upper side.

(Press the R2 button to move to the event page)

The Event Page shows how many mileage tickets you have and details.

Get tickets!

Take exclusive rewards!

[New Contents] 

1. Nine-Tailed Fox Shopping Bag Update

Traditional Asian Beast comes to freak out FS city!

With special moves and waggy tail!

This outfit contains special movement and press L2 to act like a fox!

For each purchase, it raises 3% of the shopping mileage gauge!

​Outfit Preview:

2. Charming Devil Mileage Shopping Bag Update

What a Charming Devil! Charming Devil comes to attract your mind!

Collect shopping mileages and open this special exclusive shopping bag!

100% Mileage Gauge gives you One Mileage Ticket to open this shopping bag!

Remember this item is only available from mileage for a limited period!

Outfit Preview:

3. Jiangshi Package

Spread the horror by Pressing L2 and hopping on the ground!

Outfit includes special Jiangshi movement!

Pick up this package with 249 Points only!

[New Events]

1. Zombie Mode Update

Zombies come back for the Halloween season!

Fight against the undead and get random boxes full of surprises!

Clear the Boss to get this year exclusive Halloween Pumpkin Candy Backpack with full of candies!

2. Halloween Candy Party

Collect the Halloween Candies by playing 3vs3 Mode and get loads of special Halloween gift box!

Halloween Special Rewards include all of your wanted items and this year's special; Durahan Head and Puppy Balloon Backpacks!

Pick up the candies and ring the vending machine!

3. Halloween Set Shopping Bag 20% Sale

Get a special 20% discount for Halloween Set Shopping Bag!

For each purchase, it raises 4% of the mileage gauge!

Get the mileage ticket faster with the Spooky Halloween Jersey set!

- 3on3 FreeStyle

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.74 (October 7th) October 7 , 2020 / 2:51 PM

Greetings, FS City.

The followings are the updates for this month.

[Deacon’s skill highlight]


1. New Character, Deacon​

The toughest and wildest player join the court! Deacon, aka Out of Control, has beast-like skills to

tackle the opponent and rule the ground.

This tough legend comes with unique berserk mode called Rage. Plus, check out 3 new active skills

1) Rage (P1 Skill) ​

- 3 successful Rebound auto-activates Rage mode. 

- Stat Increase

  On Rage, Dash stamina cost reduces by 30%

  Rebound stat increase by 5 

- Skill Increase

  Post Push gets faster, making easier to secure Rebound position at the right timing.  

  Shoulder Charge gets stronger. With each successful Shoulder Charge on Rage, Loose ball

  chance increase.

  Inside Tackle is easier to use with shorter Cool down time.

2) Post Push (P3 Skill) ​

This skill gives reckless push to opponent to secure the best inside-position for rebound both on

defense and offense. 

Skill activates to opponent close to the basket.

3)  Shoulder Charge (P4 Skill)

Strong drive right in the face of opponent. This skill stuns the opponent for a bit and has a chance

to make a loose ball 

when the opponent has the ball. 

4. Inside Tackle (P5 Skill​)

Ultimate skill to sabotage a team play. Deacon grabs and fall over on the opponent stunning both

himself and the opponent if successful. 

Activates on all area.

5) Fling Down (P5 Passive) 

When on Rage, as you collide against opponents in Face up, there’s a chance that you could Fling

down the opponents. 

6) New System: Non-Target 

With Shoulder Charge and Inside Tackle, arrow appears on a straight line from where you are facing. 

Pay extra attention for this mark to pull off a successful skill.   

7) New System: Cool Down


Shoulder Charge and Inside Tackle have newly adopted Cool Down time. 

You can check if it is ready either underneath your Character or on Skill pop-up during your match.    

2. Now play together with your 3on3 Friend! Today’s opponent can be tomorrow’s best friend!

1) Let’s be a friend!

- After playing a match you can directly send a friend request to the user you like on the result page

- Go to the SOCIAL page and navigate to the SEARCH FRIEND tab to search the user and

send a friend request

- You can check your friend request status in the FRIEND REQUEST tab

- If your sent or received friend requests are full, you cannot send or receive any more requests.

2) How to manage your friend

- Go to the SOCIAL page and navigate to the FRIEND LIST tab

- You can check your 3on3(in-game) friend or PS4(platform) friend

- You can check your PS4(platform) friend’s profile

- You can check friend’s status by color of the left-sidebar

- You can delete a friend from the friend list

3) What is the difference between 3on3 and PS4 friend?

- 3on3 Friend is your in-game friend. You do not have to be a PS4 friend to be a 3on3 friend. 

  You can be friends with any user you searched or played together.

- PS4 Friend is a platform-based friend. This friend's information is linked with your PS4 friend information.

- Besides where the friend information is linked, all friend types work the same.

3. Guaranteed Pick System

Get P5 (Max Skill) Deacon within the Guaranteed count. Deacon’s Shopping Bag comes with

the Guaranteed Pick System! 

This system allows you to pull the P5 Deacon within a certain purchase!

1) Garneted Pick mechanism

- Deacon Shopping Bag has 150 pull counts until you pull the P5 Deacon

- You can check on the right side how many counts you left until you pull the P5 Deacon

- For each purchase, the count will be reduced by 1

- When the left count is 1, you can pull the P5 Deacon for the next pull

- Once you get the P5 Deacon, you cannot purchase the Deacon Shopping Bag anymore even

  if you have remaining counts

[New Contents]

1. Deacon’s Shopping Bag Update​

Meet the P5 Deacon(Max Skill) straightaway! This time you can get P5 Deacon within 150 purchases!

You don’t have to spend time raising him! Play this wild beast as P5 on the court! 

What if you already have P5 Deacon? No worries!  You will get 500 Points instead!

* Each shopping bag has its own reward pull

Please note that the shopping bag does not always guarantee the winning prize

2. Deacon Management Package

Check out all necessities for Deacon before diving into the ground.

This package includes all the necessary items to manage Deacon’s ability:

Gold Card Pack Ticket, Skill Training Ball, PF Manual, and XP Drink(L).

3. Deacon Platinum Card Pack on Sale

Deacon’s power is rising!

Limited offer to get Deacon’s Platinum Card!


1. Deacon Special Character Stat Boost Event

Boost your character and receive special Reward!

Unlock more missions with Deacon and get additional Rewards! 

This time you could get all the rewards at once with P5 Deacon you’ve raised, not just the P5 Deacon

you get from Shopping bag. 

- 3on3 FreeStyle 

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.73 (September 23rd) September 23 , 2020 / 2:12 PM

Greetings, FS City.

The following are the updates for this month.


1. Balance Patch 

Welcome the new legends, more strategically developed for a team play. And for nerfed Characters,

it is not just a setback but a necessary change for a fair play as we believe 3on3 FreeStyle match should 

shine when together. 

We’ve seen some characters are obviously preferred than others regardless who you are against.

We think this would remove the fun of making a line-up. We changed it so that these Characters could show

their best performance in their positions. This balance patch is a first step to bring the fun back to a strategic

3vs3 game and more changes are following in the near future! 

Check out how these following changes could help you! 

Carolina could penetrate her way to basket but her score was a big letdown. We have raised her shot skill

and be the decider of the game.

-       Short Distance Layup stat increased from 140 to 165 (P5 Lv.10 based)

-       Floater Defense Resist increased by 3 times. 0.36%/0.54% → 1.08%/1.62%

-       Floater Success rate increased by 1.5 times. 1.6%/3.6% → 2.4% / 5.2%

He is meant to be the effortless scorer but couldn’t make a score even when open wide. We have changed

him to be the number 1 recruit list.

-       3 Point Shot success rate increased

-       Shot Fake Stamina cost reduced by 50%

-       Fade away success rate increased 1.2%/1.6%/2.4%/2.4% → 2.4%/3.2%/4.8%/4.8%

-       Quick Jumper success rate increased 0.6%/0.8%/1.2%/1.2% → 1.2%/1.6%/2.4%/2.4%

-       Front Untamed Dash Stat increased 1.2cm/1.2cm/1.8cm/1.8cm → 1.2cm/1.8cm/1.8cm/2.4cm

-       Front Untamed Dash Animation speed increased and Stamina cost reduced

This fun to play character has a lot to offer but his kill moves didn’t seem that effective. Note this change

and find his potential against shooters!

-       P5 Speed Block Distance and Success rate increased

-       Tip in stat increased 3%/4%/6%/6% → 4%/5%/7%/7%

All time legend Joey is meant to hang in mid-range but his 3point shot was a frustration for schemer. 

We have changed him so that he could not just play idle but really engage into the game.

-       3 Point Shot Stat reduced 140 → 127(P5 lv.10 based)

-       Double Clutch costs Stamina

-       Rebound Stat increased 114 → 127(P5 lv.10 based)

-       Short Distance Dunk stat increased 114 → 127(P5 lv.10 based)

Murdock could go a long way with his shot and awed us all. With this change, he could find a right 

competition that matches his position.

-       Mid Shot Stat reduced 76 → 63(P5 lv.10 based)

-       3 Point Shot Animation Speed reduced

-       Short Distance Dunk Stat increased 127 → 140 (P5 lv.10 based)  

She is a keeper for players with bigs but her P5 was not working well. Now she got her P5 skill back with new ability. 

Check out how much stamina you could save with Christa!  

2. Battle Pass Autumn Season: Bat(tle) Flips! 

2020’s best performance is here! Get the Bat Flip Celebration with this Season’s Battle Pass. 

This time, Battle Pass is all packed with more Costume Items than ever! Get a chance to grab up to

9 Themed Outfit and 3 Backpack Items, and of course, 4 Intensive Manuals.

What are the changes for this season other than Rewards?

- Battle Pass is reduced to 8 weeks from 12 weeks! But don’t you worry, Mission gives you more Badges

so that finishing it won’t be too stressful.

Battle Pass Bundle this season skips 25 Battle Levels! Make your marathon half way done on Day 1! 

25 levels’ head start gives you 2 Intensive Manual Straightaway!


3. Ranked Mode Autumn Season

Ranked Mode is back again! Continue your last season’s glory through this season and bring your game to 

the top league easier! Although, remember to suffice the minimum number of Ranked mode matches to

claim the rewards!  

1)     # of Matches Required

-       D Grade: 3 Matches

-       C Grade: 3 Matches

-       B Grade: 4 Matches

-       A Grade: 5 Matches

2)     This Season’s Start Grade

3)     Reward List 

[New Contents]

1.     MVP Scene

Check out brand new MVP Scene for Fred, Christa and Carolina!

2.     Baseball Headgear Limited Time Sale  

Complete your baseball theme with Character exclusive head gear! Only available during Battle Pass

Autumn Season : Bat(tle) Flips! 

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.73 (September 2nd) September 2 , 2020 / 1:29 PM
​Greetings FS City,


The following are the updates for this month:




1. Practice with Jefferson



​Practice various skills with Jefferson whenever you want!


Now you can do 1vs1 Practice with Jefferson and improve your control Skills!



- Talk to the Jefferson in the Lobby and you can access the Practice Mode


- Select [Practice with Jefferson] to play a practice game with Jefferson


- There is no Shot Clock Violation, Score Limitation, or Time Limit in practice mode!

Practice as you will!

- You can check your shot gauge, character stamina, and shot information while 


- You can practice different characters by Change Character options. Move R-stick

and pick your character

- Jefferson can be your side or the opponent. Move R-stick to change Jefferson’s team

and practice offense and defense skills freely!

- You can pop up the skill list and check your character’s skills

- If you input the command correctly, the activated skill will be highlighted



- You can check equipped FreeStyle by pressing Freestyle Order button

- Press the Reset Ball to relocate the ball position on your hand! It does not matter

the ball’s location or your position. Reduce time and practice as you wish!


2. Key Binds Option

Now you can select confirm/cancel key binds as you wish. When you log in after the

maintenance, you will see the pop-up UI to determine your key binds setting.​

What if you want to change the key binds later? Go to the Game Settings page and

select your Key Binds option. You can change the option whenever you want!



Once you change the key binds, your CONFIRM and CANCEL buttons will be changed.

This setting only affects you CONFIRM/CANCEL selection. It does not affect any in-game

control, so no worries!


[New Content]


1. New Hair Update



Time to change your Hairstyle! FS Salon comes with 5 different new Hairs!


Meet Rebecca, Little Fox, Rin, Jason, and Carter’s exclusive hairs with 9 different colors!




1. Big Joe Platinum Card On Sale



Here comes the most essential item for Big Joe!

Limited offer to get Big Joe’s Platinum Card! This time with special discount!


*1 Platinum Card: 33 Points

*10 Platinum Cards: 264 Points (20% Off)


2. Big Joe Shopping Bag 50% Sale



Get a chance to get P5 (Max Skill) Big Joe Right Away!

This time with special 50% Discount!

Break the basket with the Galaxy Dunk!


3August Fav Sale



​Meet the best sellers of August Theme with 20% off from it's original price!

Dressed up and be fashionable player!



[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.72 (July 22nd) July 22 , 2020 / 10:21 PM

Greetings, FS City.

The followings are the updates for this month.​

This must be the most Intriguing update for both newcomers and loyal ballers. 

Introducing brand-new mode, 3x3, which only requires your passion and your Character. 

Absolutely no Buffs are allowed in this mode, including Freestyle, Ability Cards, Food Buff, 

Position Buff and even Pets. The mode is faster as well.  

Spare no time to pass around as you shall have only 12-second clock.

Grab all the info before heading out!​

- 3x3 mode is 8 minutes long Single rounded match.

A team with 18 Points wins.

- A coin flip shall determine which team gets the first possession.  

- Ball exchanges in the ‘No-charge zone’. The defensive team is not allowed to either possess or steal the

ball in this area. The offensive team has 10 secs limit in getting the ball within the area, otherwise, the

other team gets the possession.

- 12-second shot-clock 

- Any Successful shot inside the Arc gives 1 Point and 2 Points for a shot outside the Arc.

-    - stamina recovers during time out ​

-       New basketball arena on beautiful beach park on the background.

-       Witness Backboard breaking Dunk only on 3x3 mode along with bonus action from the rest!

This season’s 3x3 mode runs for 4 weeks and opens only for 9 hours every day. And without an exception,

we brought Ranked system with it! Bring your best performance to 3x3 and claim the Top Tier Rewards!

Where can I find the current leaderboard?

: Navigate to Event menu to check the most up-to-date Rank and your performance.

When does the mode open by region?

Asia : Everyday during 23:00 – 08:00 PDT

NA : Everyday during 15:00 – 24:00 PDT

EU : Everyday during 06:00 – 15:00 PDT​

What decides Rank and Tier? 

Your wins and loses give Rank score which would add up to your total Rank score. 

Reaching a certain score mark would instantly put you on a Tier. Top Tier, on the other hand, 

is a little more particular.

To reach Rank SSS, you must fulfill both score and top place. Even though you have at least 2100 scores,

you must in the Top rank in your region to be Rank SSS.

What would make me demoted from current Tier? 
: Any abusive Behavior (AFK, DC)
: 7 days of absents from the mode
: Continuous lose 

Medal is the new scoring system on 3X3 Mode. Medals are awarded to players in the winning team and decided
on individual performance from one single match. Successful Shots, Rebound, Block, Assist and Steal will be 
counted and decide the color of your Medal. Excel in your team and Gold Medal is yours! Get more Ranked score 
with Gold Medal and get yourself an edge over your teammates. 

Claim your Rewards by entering the event page when the season is finished. The page is open for
another 2 weeks and any unclaimed rewards will be sent to your Message box at the end. You won’t
miss a single reward! For Rank 3X3, exclusive glorious outfit with laurel crown are awarded to 
Rank SS and SSS! These are Rewards for your final Tier!  

Other tips you should know 
- Meet 3x3 mode mission on Battle Pass
- Mission: Possible will count your play on 3x3 mode