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[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.73 (September 2nd) September 2 , 2020 / 1:29 PM
​Greetings FS City,


The following are the updates for this month:




1. Practice with Jefferson



​Practice various skills with Jefferson whenever you want!


Now you can do 1vs1 Practice with Jefferson and improve your control Skills!



- Talk to the Jefferson in the Lobby and you can access the Practice Mode


- Select [Practice with Jefferson] to play a practice game with Jefferson


- There is no Shot Clock Violation, Score Limitation, or Time Limit in practice mode!

Practice as you will!

- You can check your shot gauge, character stamina, and shot information while 


- You can practice different characters by Change Character options. Move R-stick

and pick your character

- Jefferson can be your side or the opponent. Move R-stick to change Jefferson’s team

and practice offense and defense skills freely!

- You can pop up the skill list and check your character’s skills

- If you input the command correctly, the activated skill will be highlighted



- You can check equipped FreeStyle by pressing Freestyle Order button

- Press the Reset Ball to relocate the ball position on your hand! It does not matter

the ball’s location or your position. Reduce time and practice as you wish!


2. Key Binds Option

Now you can select confirm/cancel key binds as you wish. When you log in after the

maintenance, you will see the pop-up UI to determine your key binds setting.​

What if you want to change the key binds later? Go to the Game Settings page and

select your Key Binds option. You can change the option whenever you want!



Once you change the key binds, your CONFIRM and CANCEL buttons will be changed.

This setting only affects you CONFIRM/CANCEL selection. It does not affect any in-game

control, so no worries!


[New Content]


1. New Hair Update



Time to change your Hairstyle! FS Salon comes with 5 different new Hairs!


Meet Rebecca, Little Fox, Rin, Jason, and Carter’s exclusive hairs with 9 different colors!




1. Big Joe Platinum Card On Sale



Here comes the most essential item for Big Joe!

Limited offer to get Big Joe’s Platinum Card! This time with special discount!


*1 Platinum Card: 33 Points

*10 Platinum Cards: 264 Points (20% Off)


2. Big Joe Shopping Bag 50% Sale



Get a chance to get P5 (Max Skill) Big Joe Right Away!

This time with special 50% Discount!

Break the basket with the Galaxy Dunk!


3August Fav Sale



​Meet the best sellers of August Theme with 20% off from it's original price!

Dressed up and be fashionable player!



[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.72 (July 22nd) July 22 , 2020 / 10:21 PM

Greetings, FS City.

The followings are the updates for this month.​

This must be the most Intriguing update for both newcomers and loyal ballers. 

Introducing brand-new mode, 3x3, which only requires your passion and your Character. 

Absolutely no Buffs are allowed in this mode, including Freestyle, Ability Cards, Food Buff, 

Position Buff and even Pets. The mode is faster as well.  

Spare no time to pass around as you shall have only 12-second clock.

Grab all the info before heading out!​

- 3x3 mode is 8 minutes long Single rounded match.

A team with 18 Points wins.

- A coin flip shall determine which team gets the first possession.  

- Ball exchanges in the ‘No-charge zone’. The defensive team is not allowed to either possess or steal the

ball in this area. The offensive team has 10 secs limit in getting the ball within the area, otherwise, the

other team gets the possession.

- 12-second shot-clock 

- Any Successful shot inside the Arc gives 1 Point and 2 Points for a shot outside the Arc.

-    - stamina recovers during time out ​

-       New basketball arena on beautiful beach park on the background.

-       Witness Backboard breaking Dunk only on 3x3 mode along with bonus action from the rest!

This season’s 3x3 mode runs for 4 weeks and opens only for 9 hours every day. And without an exception,

we brought Ranked system with it! Bring your best performance to 3x3 and claim the Top Tier Rewards!

Where can I find the current leaderboard?

: Navigate to Event menu to check the most up-to-date Rank and your performance.

When does the mode open by region?

Asia : Everyday during 23:00 – 08:00 PDT

NA : Everyday during 15:00 – 24:00 PDT

EU : Everyday during 06:00 – 15:00 PDT​

What decides Rank and Tier? 

Your wins and loses give Rank score which would add up to your total Rank score. 

Reaching a certain score mark would instantly put you on a Tier. Top Tier, on the other hand, 

is a little more particular.

To reach Rank SSS, you must fulfill both score and top place. Even though you have at least 2100 scores,

you must in the Top rank in your region to be Rank SSS.

What would make me demoted from current Tier? 
: Any abusive Behavior (AFK, DC)
: 7 days of absents from the mode
: Continuous lose 

Medal is the new scoring system on 3X3 Mode. Medals are awarded to players in the winning team and decided
on individual performance from one single match. Successful Shots, Rebound, Block, Assist and Steal will be 
counted and decide the color of your Medal. Excel in your team and Gold Medal is yours! Get more Ranked score 
with Gold Medal and get yourself an edge over your teammates. 

Claim your Rewards by entering the event page when the season is finished. The page is open for
another 2 weeks and any unclaimed rewards will be sent to your Message box at the end. You won’t
miss a single reward! For Rank 3X3, exclusive glorious outfit with laurel crown are awarded to 
Rank SS and SSS! These are Rewards for your final Tier!  

Other tips you should know 
- Meet 3x3 mode mission on Battle Pass
- Mission: Possible will count your play on 3x3 mode 

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.69 (June 26th) June 26 , 2020 / 1:37 PM

Greetings, FS City.

The following are the updates for this month.


1. Ability Card Preset

Set your BEST Card Combinations in your Preset!

Now you can save your card combination and change whenever you want!

Here is the ultimate guide of how you can use this new system!

-You can set each preset under the Ability Card page

-Preset will be automatically saved once you finish equipping the card for each preset​

-By pressing the square button, you can change the preset name

-Each character can have up to 3 presets​

-During character selection/time out/half time, you can change Preset by moving R-stick

-Preset’s ability card status will be applied during the match

-By default, the character’s first preset will be selected automatically​

2. Position Filter

One of the most wanted updates is here!

Position Filter system now allows you to select your character easier and faster!

Here is how it works!​

-By moving R-stick up and down you can filter position

-From Up to Down it will be ALL -> SG -> PG -> SF -> PF -> C and reverse for Down to Up

-If you apply the position filter, you can only select the character who is selected position

-After filter the position you can choose character by moving L-stick

-Your last played character will be selected as default for the next line up​

3. Ability Card Promotion Improvement

Here comes the perfect chance to get your hands onto the most essential in-game item, Ability Cards.

Ability Card Promotion comes with some improvements allowing you to grab your cards easier!

The total cost will be lowered while you can still get the guaranteed 3 Platinum Cards for Step 5!

Let’s see how the 5 super deals changed!​


1. Gold Card Pack Discount Week

Special gold card pack big sale including Recent characters Saru, Ginger, and Big Joe and all the other


Don’t miss this Exclusive Chance!

1 Gold Card : 11 > 9 points (20% Off)

10 Gold Cards : 110 > 66 points (40% Off)​

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.68 (May 20th) May 20 , 2020 / 2:27 PM

Greetings, FS City.

The followings are the updates for this month.


1. Battle Pass 2020  Summer Season

Here comes the Battle Pass 2020 Summer Season with breezing wave!

This Battle Pass is completely different from the Mega Pass!!

Let’s check how Battle Pass can give you more benefits!​

-The maximum reward level is expanded from 30 to 50. As the reward cap is increased, you can receive more

exciting rewards.

-Battle Pass is now the seasonal base. It will go as Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter season and includes seasonal 

exclusive theme as a reward.

-Badge price is increased from 1 point to 2 points. By purchasing Battle Pass Bundle DLC, you can purchase 

badges way cheaper.

-Season mission is changed to BINGO mission. You can earn Free Battle Pass Badges by completing 

BINGO missions.

-3 BINGO tiles are locked. You can unlock them with Battle Pass ticket.

-Based on how many BINGOs you have made, you can get special outfits. Try to clear ALL BINGOs!

- You can now preview the reward and its rarity. Level up your Battle Level to get rare items.​

Battle Level

- Battle Level is exclusive to Battle Pass event and is not relevant to User Level

- Your Battle Level doesn’t reset till Battle Pass Season is over

- Level up and experience the joy of unlocking exciting rewards

Battle Pass Badges

- By completing daily/weekly/BINGO missions, you can earn badges

- You can purchase badges by 2 points

- By completing BINGO missions, you can earn additional badges

- Battle Pass badges can increase your Battle Level and unlock the rewards faster


- Daily Missions reset every day at 00:00 server time

- Weekly Missions reset every Wednesday at 00:00 server time

- BINGO Missions don’t reset till the Season is over

- Upon completing missions, your acquired badges raise your Battle Level automatically

- Even though you max out at Battle Level 50, you can still proceed BINGO mission to get BINGO reward.​

Complete the BINGO missions during Battle Pass season and make BINGOs!

When you clear BINGO tiles and make a BINGO, you can earn FREE Battle Pass badges to level up your

Battle Level!

For certain BINGO numbers you can get seasonal exclusive theme. This theme is only acquirable during 

the Battle Pass season!

Here is how you do the BINGO

-You will have 25 BINGO tiles. Each tile contains a different mission to complete.

-Clear the missions and make BINGO to get the FREE Battle Pass badges

-You can make BINGO with cleared BINGO tiles. Based on how many BINGO you have made, you can get 

seasonal exclusive theme

-Some BINGO tiles are locked. You can unlock them by purchasing Battle Pass. Unlock the BINGO tile and 

get more rewards.

What if I don’t like the tile position?

-You can rearrange the tile location by mixing BINGO tiles to aim BINGO

-You cannot mix premium tiles, which can be unlocked by Battle Pass ticket

-Tiles under BINGO line cannot be mixed

-As long as there are mixable tiles, there is no count limit for mixing tiles

Based on how many BINGOs you have made, the mixing cost will be determined

2. Ranked Mode 2020 Summer Season Begins

Ranked Mode 2020 Summer Season Begins with Battle Pass Summer Season 1!

Ranked Mode Summer comes back for tougher fight!

Let’s see how it becomes tougher!​

1) Level requirement is down from Lv.10 to Lv.2

*Features described below will be applied for next Ranked Mode season

2) Start Rank will be determined based on your previous season final Rank (Applies from the next season onward)​.

3) Even though you start off with higher Rank, you have to satisfy minimum play count for each rank to 

receive the reward (Applies from the next season onward).

As you finish this season in a higher rank, you can start off in a higher place than others for next season!

Try tighter and tougher Ranked mode!​


1. Extra Points Event; get extra instantly!

This is the perfect chance to get extra points for your every purchase!

Purchase points DLC and get up to 130 extra points in return!​

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.68 (April. 22nd) April 22 , 2020 / 2:02 PM

Greetings, FS City.

The followings are the updates for this month.


1. Match Up System 

Get ready for the first Turf War in 3on3 Free Style. Join the big Match Up between the rising 

Rookie, Fox Court and the original Legends, Big Flow. 

Choose your side and fight for 6 territories with Players across the regions.

Here’s all you need to know about new mode. 

A. Join

Go to Event Tab and choose your side. If one team gets overwhelmingly more players, you will get 4,000 Coins

for choosing the other team with less players in it.

B. Choose a territory to fight for 

Next step is to choose a territory. You have 6 areas to play for; Ricos Valley, West Town, South Bay, 

FS District, East Town and Downtown. 

Winning the first 5 areas gives your team 1 Area Point, winning Downtown, 2 Area Points. 

Check its current status and go with an area that would give your team a lead.   

You could also choose the target area in Line-up. Browse the window on the right by pressing R1 and

choose your target area with left and right button. This way, you could fight on without ever exiting 

your Line-up.  

C. Play 

You could either press ‘Play Match up’ from Event tab > Turf Map or enter 3on3 mode after choosing your side. 

D. Reward 

During Match up Season, you can get Match Up exclusive Card Item as a reward. With this Card, you can 

purchase in-game items including Intensive Manual and cosmetic items in Bonus Shop! 

Get Card Reward from:

- Playing 3on3 Mode 

- Match Up Missions

- Daily Match Up 

- Weekly Match Up

- Match Up Rank  

**Daily and Weekly Match up Card Rewards will be sent to your Message box. 

**Match up Rank Reward will be sent after your 3rd Weekly Match Up is finished. 

A. Daily Match Up 

Match Up opens daily. You will get Team Points from playing 3on3 mode and the Points add up to the total 

score of your territory. Take this following information in mind and get the most of the Team Points 

you can have. 

Team Points by winning and losing 

 Game Results

Team Points 




Losing after a complete game

B. Bonus Buff 

a. Reversal Buff – When your team is 3 Area points lower in Turf war (Let’s say your Counterpart occupies

3 areas and Down town and your team got only 2 areas), your team gets 2 more Team Points when

winning. The System reads the current occupation status and activates the buff on the hour for 10 minutes.

b. Team Points Buff ball – Using this buff ball would give you 2 more Points for each winning. 

c. Surprise Map Buff – When you win in Daydreamers’ Court, you get 2 more Team Points. 

C. Daily Reward 

Based on the Area Occupation Points your team has acquired, you get Match Up exclusive Cards as a 

reward straightaway at the end of the day. More Area Points your team has gained, you get more Cards.

Win: 6 Cards x Area Occupation Points 

Lose: 3 Cards x Area Occupation Points

A. Weekday and Weekend wins 

Weekly Match Up decides winner with a total of your Team’s Daily wins. One weekday win gives 1 score

and one weekend win gives 2 scores. Meaning, even when you miss few Daily wins on weekdays, you 

can easily catch up with weekend Daily Match Up! 

B. Weekly Reward 

Likewise, more Daily Team Points, you get more Cards. 

Win: 24 Cards X Daily Team Points 

Lose: 12 Cards X Daily Team Points 

1. Weekly Reward Day 

1st Week: 4/27 23:59 PDT

2nd Week: 5/4 23:59 PDT

3rd Week: 5/11 23:59 PDT

**Note : Weekly Reward can only be claimed with 5 times or more play on 3on3 mode. 

A. Instant Card Reward

During Match Up Season, every 3on3 game gives you Cards even when you lose. 


 # of Cards



B. Bonus Buff 

Premium Ticket – Upon purchasing this Ticket, you can get 2 more Cards 

for every win. This Ticket also contains 100 Cards that allows you to 

buy full set of your team’s Jersey set instantly.

Home Court Advantage – When you get your home court for a match, you get

 2 more Cards. For Fox Court, West Fox court, for Big Flow, Big Flow Court.  

You could farm your Cards by doing Missions as well!

- Daily Mission (Daily reset): 24 Cards Acquirable.

- Weekly Mission (weekly reset): 120 Cards Acquirable.

- Premium Mission (Seasonal): 360 Cards Acquirable

Your total Team points earned over the season decides your Rank.

Be the top ranker and gain a massive golden Post! 

Rank Reward List

Exchange your Cards with items without worrying to spend loads! From basics to Intensive Manual, this shop has everything. 

Here are few things you need to know about Bonus Shop. 

**Intensive Note has 1 purchase limit.

**XP Drink(L) and Pet Prestige up Item has no limit in purchasing.  

**Your Team’s Jersey set is cheaper than your counterparts! 

[Bug Fix] 

- Firefighter Backpack is fixed to show special effect. 

- Offline Characters be updated. 

- Walker Shot unable to block issue be fixed. 

- Crew Tournament Bug fix for April Crew Season Tournament