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[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. (November 17th) November 17 , 2021 / 5:33 PM
Greetings, FS City

The followings are the updates for the end of this month.


1. In-Game Guide Update

First try is always the hardest. But don’t worry! FS Academy updated new in-game guide lets you learn how to ball! Let’s see what you can learn!

[How Can I See This Guide?]

1) Any baller who is below level 25 can see this in-game guide

2) If you don’t need this guide, you can always turn off it from the option

3) When you reach level 25, in-game guide will be removed. But, you can still use this guide in Free Mode or Practice Mode

[Rebound Guide]

-Green ring will appear when you do the rebound

-The ring size is the area where you can try the rebound

-If ball is too high or low, ring will be disappeared

[Diving Catch Guide]

-Blue ring will appear when you can do diving catch

-Only characters who own diving or sliding catch skill can see this guide

-The ring size is the area where you can try the diving catch

-If someone catches the ball, ring will be disappeared

[Layup/Dunk Guide]

-When you have a ball, blue ring will appear

-The ring size is the area where you can perform a long distance layup or dunk

[Mark Range Guide]

-When someone hos a ball, you can see the moving green arc

-This arc is showing the mark range. The size will be changed based on the distance from the post

-If opponent is in the mark range, the color will be changed to red. This means that your shot success rate may affected

-Mark guide can be used regardless of account level. If you don’t need this guide, you can always turn off it from the option

-Opponent can see this range too. So if you are in attack role try to avoid opponent be in your mark range. If you are in defense role, dive into the mark range to stop the shot!

With this 3 new friends, you can learn 3on3 FreeStyle faster!

2. FS Special Lounge

Secretive valuable shop is open now! This special lounge allows you to purchase exclusive item!

[How To Open Special Lounge]

-If you spend at least 1,500 points for any product purchase, FS special lounge will open

-Your access will expire every 1st day of month (00:00 PST)

-You can check your point consumption under the shop name. Once the gauge is full, shop will be available to use

-If you purchase Ultimate Edition DLC, you will get life-time access to FS special lounge

-Even though you don’t open the shop, you can still check the items on sale

-For November, your cumulative point consumption record will auto-applied. If you spent at least 1,500 points this month, you can access Special Lounge after update right away

[What Can I Get?]

1) Daily Free Item

-You can get daily free item box

-Free item box will reset at 00:00 PST everyday

2) Server Exclusive Item

-You can purchase exclusive item. This item has a limited number among all server. Only limited number of user among ALL PLATFORM can purchase this product.

*Server exclusive item will be available on 12/1

*The price of Golden Angel Wing is test data. Actual price is subject to change upon update

-The stock limit for exclusive item resets very 1st day of month (00:00 PST)

3) Shop Exclusive Item

-Black pack and platinum guaranteed card for each character are available!

-Celebration distributed as event reward can be purchased. If you missed the event, you can always get here!

-You can purchase morphing hair which can be equipped to ALL Character!

*Hair item is sold as custom purchase option

-Kinds of hair item will rotate on every month


1. Deluxe & Ultimate Edition Update

Get a life-time benefit for just one purchase!

Unlock all of characters and battle pass now and forever! Get exclusive buff for your action!

All of these can be done by single action with forever benefits!

These edition increases its value as it contains lifelong subscription of Characters

[Deluxe Edition]

1) Unlock All Character!

-Unlock all characters including future update one

-Once new character is updated, it will auto-unlocked for you

2) Get Exclusive Buff!

-Get Coin 5%, EXP 10% buff forever

-Buff event and buff ball buff will be applied separately

[Ultimate Edition]

1) Unlock All Character!

- Unlock all characters including future update one

-Once new character is updated, it will auto-unlocked for you

2) Get Exclusive Buff!

-Get Coin 5%, EXP 10% buff forever

3) Unlock Battle Pass!

-Battle Pass premium mission and reward will be unlocked forever!

-You can still purchase Battle Pass DLC to purchase battle badges

4) Open FS Special Lounge!

-Life-time access to valuable shop is given

-Your access will not reset every month. You can enjoy valuable shop forever

5) Immediate In-Game Reward!

-300 FS points, 50,000 coins, Platinum Card Pack x10, FS Platinum Pack x10, and Intensive Manual x3

[I Want To Upgrade To Ultimate]

You can always upgrade your Deluxe benefit to Ultimate. Here is how

PS4 : purchase Ultimate Upgrade DLC to get remaining benefit

Xbox : If you own Deluxe edition, you will get 65% discount for Ultimate edition

Steam : If you own Deluxe edition, duplicate benefit will be deducted from the price

*Upgrade price for each platform is same. Upgrade mechanism is varied due to each platform’s rule

If you purchase Deluxe and Ultimate edition, only upper benefit (=Ultimate) will be applied. No duplicate benefits will be given.

2. New Title Update

As promised, 2 new titles are available for each character! Equip 4/9 platinum ability cards in default presets and unlock FINANCER / MILLIONARE titles!

[Balance Patch]

With your continuous opinion and our in-game data analyzation, we have adjusted Jack and Deacon’s balance. Please check the change below.

We understand that Jack’s shot and block abilities are high and make other characters hard to counter him. We have adjusted Jack’s shot ability and fingertip block to allow him utilize his other great abilities and lower the reliability of block.

Deacon can perform a good defense role even though he has a high attack abilities. We have adjusted Deacon’s defense attributes and shoulder charge cool down to let him focus on his Power Forward role.

We will continuously listen to your dear voices, and try our best to make 3on3 FreeStyle more interesting and exciting to all.



1. Noah Shopping Bag 20% Off

Exclusive chance to get P5 Noah shopping bag with 20% discount!

Unlock Noah’s unique skills and enjoy his best performance on the court!

2. Layered Packages

Get stylish & trendy layered outfit sets with valuable items at 40% prices!

3. P-Buff Item Package

Only chance to get a bunch of P-buff ticket and useful items with 50% discount!


4. Upgraded Skill Training Rush Week

Train your characters’ skill and get upgraded rewards!

This time with harder mission and more reward!

Train skill 15 times and get ALL Rewards!

*Reward will be sent during 11/24 maintenance

5. Point Character 30% Off

Recruit new players with special price!

All point characters are 30% off!

6. XP Drink Event

Collect badges and get the most wanted items!

Enjoy your thanksgiving day with XP Drink event!

7. Bundle Edition Release Event

Get Ultimate benefit during the event period and get free 'Cart Rider' celebration!

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. (October 27th) October 27 , 2021 / 4:49 PM
Greetings, FS City

The followings are the updates for the end of this month.


1. Title System Update

Have you ever fallen in love with any of our charming characters while playing 3on3 Freestyle? Have you done more than 240 steals with Pedro? Does that sounds easy? So how about this? Have you achieved 500 cumulative MVPs with Big Dog? Great Ballers should have a nickname that represents themselves. Make sure everyone recognize your talent! We now introduce the new [Title] system!

This function can be accessed through the Management - User menu from the main lobby. Equipped title can be figured out at the main lobby also! Check out what titles you have and what titles you can acquire in the future, and feel the joy of equipping them! Titles will be shown to teammates just before the start of the game, so you can trust each other if you already equipped a title with higher rank. Also, if there is a specific character that two or more teammates want to use at the same time, you can convince the other person through the title  Hey, leave it to me!


Ballers who have accumulated various records can equip even more unique titles. Show off your character proficiency by collecting various titles of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum! What’s more, there are also some platinum titles for our new character, Noah. To acquire one of the titles, [THE NOAH], all you need to do is score 1300 points with Noah. We strongly wonder who will be the first user to achieve this!




1. Battle Pass 2021 Autumn Season Part.2

Let’s Go! Joy Ranger! Boost up the JOY Ranger Transformation Robot!

Battle Pass 2021 Autumn Part.2 is on live!

Try to get all the rewards and exclusive robot outfits!

Protect FS Town from evil forces and become a JOY Ranger Hero!

2. Ranked Mode 2021 Autumn Season

Challenge your skills with users from all platform! Who will be the first winner achieving new trophy! Check out the change of this season!

1) Trophy backpack is renewed with new design

2) Ranked Mode period is shortened to 2 weeks

3) Exclusive pet is added in S ~ SSS Rank reward

4) Ranked Mode reward is renewed

[Ranked Mode Reward List]






1. Battle Pass 2021 Autumn Bundle Part. 2

Start off faster than others with 420 Battle badges!

This bundle makes your Battle Level as 15 as soon as you get it!

Try to get all the rewards and exclusive outfits for this season!

2. Battle Pass Lv.25 Mission

Reach Battle Level 25 during the event period and get the hidden rewards to boost your growth!

*Reward will be sent during 11/10 maintenance

3. Gold Kennel Bundle Sale

Meet the newly updated Bat buddy!

This Gold pet will make your character even stronger!

This time with 20% off for gold kennel bundle!

[Halloween Bat Pet]

4. Gold Kennel Promotion

Purchase gold kennels and get more than 1,000 points worthy rewards!

Get gold kennel bundle for 400 points to get all the rewards at once!

You can get a guaranteed platinum pet at step 6!

5. Dual Ability Card Promotion

Don’t miss out the exclusive chance to get dual ability card!

For this promotion, you can get a guaranteed dual platinum card at step 5!

6. O□☆ Random Shopping Bag

Open this strange looking shopping bag for exclusive items!

You can have a free chance to open this bag by completing all daily quests!

*Daily Quest clear reward will be replaced to shopping bag ticket

7. O□☆ Mission Event

Purchase O□☆ shopping bags and get Exclusive rewards!

Chance to collect your favorite number and outfit!

*Reward will be sent during 11/3 maintenance

8. Ranked Mode Challenge Event

Play Ranked Mode during the event period!

Finish 7 Ranked mode matches and get a useful rewards!

*Reward will be sent during 11/3 maintenance

9. P-Buff Gold/Silver Package

Change your P-buff for better performance!

Complete your signature moves and dominate the game!

Unique chance to get a bunch of p-buff tickets for limited period!


10. Platinum Card Title Collector

Equip 4/9 platinum-grade card on character’s default present to get special platinum card title!

Each character has 2 platinum card related titles!

Collect 2 platinum titles (equipping 4 / 9 cards) of any character during the event period and get extra rewards!

*Same grade title will be counted as one.

*Reward will be sent during 11/3 maintenance

11. Platinum Card Title Pkg

Chance to get useful platinum packages!

Bunch of platinum pack with 50% discount!

Don’t miss out this chance to get your platinum cards on hand!


12. Ball Ticket Event

Play 3on3 mode or ranked mode and exchange ball tickets with special monster tops and various items!

Event mechanics :

1. Log in to the game and Get 3 tickets daily!

2. Get 1 ticket for playing 3on3 mode or ranked mode 1 time (max. 10 tickets)

3. Exchange tickets with collection gift!

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 1.1.10 (October 20th) October 21 , 2021 / 2:37 AM

Greetings, FS City

The followings are the updates for the end of this month.


1. New Character Update; Noah

After experiencing the unfortunate accident of losing one leg overnight, this basketball prospect put on a robotic prosthesis and stood back on the court.

What caused the bright-faced boy to harbor deep hatred in his heart? What happened to Noah's past, who seemed lonely for some reason? Let's take a look at Noah, a versatile new shooting guard character with brilliant dribbling, accurate shots and unpredictable passes!

Between The Leg Crossover

After taking a between-the-leg motion for a certain period of time, Noah can quickly break through the opponent with a crossover dribble.

While Noah is using this skill, his ball cannot be stolen.

Feel the charm of Noah, who has excellent dribbling, shooting, and passing ability to perform triple threat attack after the between-the-leg motion!

Nut Meg

Noah can quickly move behind his opponent by putting the ball between his legs when he tries to block or steal.

Even the most demanding defenders are prone to Noah's psychological warfare.

Use Noah's Nutmeg skill to embarrass your opponent and complete a brilliant play!

Back Dribble

During the dribble, Noah can distance himself from the opponent by backing away in the opposite direction of the goal.

If the opponent tricked by the back dribble steps backwards, the opponent will get an ankle break.

Noah is able to back dribble even during between-the-leg motion. Confuse the opposing defenders and outrun them perfectly!


Noah doesn't lose the ball against single steal attempt, even when the opponent gets a perfect steal against Noah.

A stolen ball has a 100% chance to bounce on the floor and become a loose ball in the air, and mid-air competition is possible.

Maintain possession of the ball with Noah's unique trait of not allowing easy steals!

One More Chance

Even if Noah collides head-on with an opponent who is facing up while breaking through the dribble, he can step back for a while and resume his attack.

However, please note that it does not activate during back dribbling.

Enjoy Noah's powerful ball handling ability, which continues to attack even after colliding with the opponent with a certain probability.

2. Training Quest Improvement

Welcome to the FS academy! Here, you can learn your must-know information step by step!

The grand renewal of the training quest is updated! Here is the change!

1) Now you can see the whole list of training quest

2) Now you can progress multiple missions at the same time

3) You can move directly to the content to carry out the mission on the mission page.

4) There will be 3 levels of the mission: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Once you complete all missions of one level, you can proceed to the next level


1. Zombie Arcade Mode

Creepy Halloween zombies comes to conquer FS town for this year again!

Grab your ball and ring the rim to haunt all zombies!

[How To Haunt Zombie]

1) Escape from the zombie crowd! If you hit by zombie you will lose your heart!

2) Change the ball color and score it to burn off the zombie with same color!

3) If you haunt zombies, you will get combos. If you haunt more zombie at a time, you get more combs

4) Combo makes your score higher. The more score you have, the more reward you get!

5) If you lose your HP or making a combo, ‘Breaking a curse’ skill gauge will rise.

6) Once the gauge is full, you can knock out all zombies at once!

7) For boss phase, only skill can damage the boss. So burn off more zombies, collect skill gauge, and break the boss!

[Important Note]

1) You can receive the reward 3 times a day

2) Based on your score, box grade and amount will be different

3) Box gives out a random reward. You may get the Intensive manual!

[Bug Fix]

We have fixed the following issue for this update.

1) [Steam] Preset change when entering Free Mode with Preset change command

2) [PS4/Xbox] Position filter change after setting an AI on Free Mode triggers game freeze

3) [All] Occasionally, Rugby ball object stays after JFL outfit’s free action is rendered


1. Noah DLC On Sale

A versatile Shooting Guard with brilliant dribbling, accurate shots and unpredictable passes,

Noah, now joins 3on3 FreeStyle!

Check out 3 perfect deals for Noah!

Legendary DLC contains Noah’s exclusive outfit, accessory, and hair!

2. Noah Management Package

Chance to prepare all the necessities to manage Noah’s ability!

Check out 2 different deals!

3. Noah Platinum Card Sale

Noah release special!

Limited offer to get Noah’s platinum card!

4. Noah FreeStyle Platinum Card Sale

Noah release special!

Get Noah’s versatile moves!

5. P5 Noah Shopping Bag

Chance to get P5 skill maxed Noah straightaway!

Guaranteed P5 Noah within 150 purchases! Guaranteed pick is only available during the event period.

Don’t miss out to get P5 Noah if you aim to max him out!

6. Character Stat Boost Event

Boost your character and receive special rewards!

Unlock more missions with Noah and get additional rewards!

Raise Noah to P5 or pull P5 Noah from shopping bag for premium rewards!

7. Noah Trailer Share Event

Share the full trailer video of our new 3on3 FS character, Noah to your friends!

Total 20 players will win Free Noah!

What if you already own Noah? Don’t worry! You will get 50 points instead!

Go to official channel to participate : [Twitter:]/[Facebook:]

8. Hot Time Package

Essential items for ultimate growth!

Don’t miss the rare chance to immediately boost your characters!

Available only once per account for each package!

9. Skill Training Rush Week

Train your character and win free rewards!

Depending on the total number of skill training, you can get all rewards above!

*Reward will be sent during 10/27 maintenance

10. 3on3 Victory Rush Week

Chance to get valuable items depending on the number of game wins!

Play 3on3 normal mode and claim items worth more than 200% coin buff!

*Reward will be sent during 10/27 maintenance

11. Extra Points Event

Get extra points instantly with your point DLC purchased!

12. Halloween Weekend Buff Wave

Get Coin/EXP 100% buff on 3on3 mode!

Only during this weekend!

13. Zombie Mode Update (event only)

Clear the boss to get Halloween pumpkin candy backpack!

Be the top zombie hunter to get zombie box head!

- 3on3 Freestyle Team

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 1.1.00 (September 2nd) September 2 , 2021 / 11:34 AM

Greetings, FS City

The followings are the updates for the end of this month.​


1. Astro Buff Rank Mode [Postponed]

Show your talent throughout the whole universe!

The brand new fresh game in space, Astro Buff Rank Mode is coming!

Enjoy short, light gameplay with Astro Buff for 3 minutes per match!

(Otherwise, you might run out of oxygen!)

No more single setting and strategy! The special Astro Buff will boost your stats to encourage

diverse play and setting by season!

Do not miss your chance to win new gold & silver UFO pets, points, ability cards and nametags!

Check out the following details to become a top baller of this new mode and win fancy rewards!

1) Astro Buff Mode is a new rank mode with seasonal buff to certain stats

2) To maximize the advantage of Astro Buff, set your ability cards, freestyles, P-Buff and food buff

to boost the stats even more!

3) The stats related to Astro Buff will affect the MVP scoring system during the season. 

(ex: If Astro Buff boosts Rebound stat, the number of Rebound will be highly valued when choosing MVP)

4) In Astro Buff Rank Mode, you can compete with ability cards, freestyles, P-Buff and food buff.

1) A team with more Points after 3 minutes (Short game) wins the match

2) 24 seconds shot-clock.

3) 1 minute overtime

4) Each team has 1 timeout. You can either change or keep play the same character

5) No Stamina recovery during timeout and overtime

Surprisingly, our new basketball arena is in outer space! Hope you enjoy the moon background

while playing the game.    

For this season, Astro Buff Rank mode runs for 2 weeks. Our first Astro Buff will boost 

characters’ stats regarding 

Steal ability! Therefore, the number of Steal will be valued three times higher (x3) when

choosing MVP during this season! 

Be the best Ball-Stealer and dominate the court!  

To show off your performance on the moon, make sure to check out the followings also!

How can I play Astro Buff Rank Mode?

Navigate to [Play] menu – [Astro Buff Rank Mode] menu

When first entering the mode, you can choose one region for your rank system.

Choose one region among ASIA / NA/ EU regions. You can change region later, 

but your Rank Score will be reset.

How can I check this season’s Astro Buff?

Navigate to [Event] menu and find the Astro Buff Rank Mode event page

Or, navigate to Rank Mode Squad page and find ‘Rules’ banner.

Check this season’s Astro Buff and make sure your characters are ready to utilize the Buffed stats!


What decides Rank and Tier?

Astro Buff Rank mode basically follows the existing 3x3 Rank system.

Your wins and loses give Rank score that would add up to your total Rank score.

Reaching a certain score mark would instantly put you on a Tier. Top Tier, on the other hand,

is a little more particular.

To reach Rank SSS, you must fulfill both score and top place.

Even though you have at least 1900 scores, you must in the Top rank in your region to be Rank SSS.

What should I avoid while playing Astro Buff Rank Mode?

Make sure you don’t leave in the middle of match! Penalty will be applied right after the game.

For those players with penalty cannot join or be invited to the Rank mode for 1 hour.


[Astro Buff Rank Mode Rewards]

Claim Rewards once the season is over! You can claim reward through event page, 

which will last for 1 week after the end of the season.

But don’t worry! Unclaimed items will be directly sent to your Message Box at the very end of the event.

Check out this season’s special reward! You may not miss adorable new UFO pets, name tags,

points and ability cards!

2. UI/UX Unification & Improvement

UI/UX for all platform has been unified and improved to provide the most adequate game experience.

Let’s check out the new UI design for 3on3 Freestyle!

1) Lobby

-Now you can access to main menu without entering Main Street

-Food Buff and Job moved to [ACTIVITY] menu

2) Game Mode

-Now you can select game mode directly from the lobby

-Game start button added at the right bottom corner to go line up quickly. 

This button let you enter the lineup page of your recently played mode

-Practice mode is added under [PLAY] menu

3) Characters/Management/Shop

-All sub menus are aligned at the left side

-You can navigate the sub menu easier than before!

4) Shop

-All sub menus are aligned at the left side and you can navigate the sub menu more easily

-All theme/jersey outfit items are offered as customized price

-Unified the price of following categories

l  Patch / Back Number (PS4/Xbox)

l  Manual Items (Xbox)

l  Silver FS Pack (Xbox)

5) Social

-You can access notice / social / message box / friend list with simple move of R-stick

With this update, you can experience congruent atmosphere regardless of platform!

3. Daily & Weekly Quest Improvement

Clear simple daily missions and get more rewards!

Single quest has been improved to Daily quest!

[How To Do Daily Quest]

-Everyday, you will assigned 8 different daily missions to clear

-When you clear the missions you get the assigned reward and 1 daily quest point

-Based on how many daily quest point you cumulated, you can received weekly extra bonus​

-Forgot what is your ongoing mission? You can always check your daily quest status at the lineup page

Check out what you can get from your daily quest!

4. AFK Penalty System

Thank you for your patient! As we announced from our previous note, we updated AFK penalty system!

Let’s see how it works!

1) If you do not participate the game for a certain time you are regarded as AFK user

2) If there is a AFK user, remaining teammate can vote to kick the AFK user

3) AFK user will not receive any reward from the match whether the user is expelled from the match or not

4) AFK user will get penalty points

5) If AFK user cumulates enough penalty points, he will receive the penalty to play game

6) Expelled AFK user will be replaced to A.I from the game

We will continuously revise this system and keep our best to provide fair game experience.


1. New Pet Update

Cute cosmic buddies come to FS city! Meet the new space-theme pet and their cosmic powers!

These pets come out with new buff ability and larger buff effect!

Rabbit Alien UFO and Space Dog Laika pet can be acquired by chance by opening Gold or Platinum Kennel.

UFO pets are Astro Buff Rank S/SS/SSS Rank reward!


1. Astro Buff Rank Mode​ [Postponed]

Ball on the moon and experience the cosmic power!

Who will be the top baller among the universe?

Only opens 12 hours every day for 2 weeks!!​

2. Astro Challenge Event [Postponed]

Play Astro Buff Rank and finish 7 matches to win free rewards!

Reward : XP Drink(L) x5 / Silver FS Ticket x3 / Gold Card Ticket x2

*Reward will be sent to message box during 9/8 maintenance​

3. Rabbit Alien Shopping Bag w. Collect Event

Greet the rabbit alien living on the moon!

Open the shopping bag and collect all parts of the Rabbit Alien Costume!

Special celebration making your opponent as small as an ant will be given if you collect all outfits!

*Reward will be sent to your message box during 9/23 maintenance​

4. White Space Suit Promotion

Get dresses up with White Space Suit and go on a space trip to the moon!

Maybe… you can meet the mysterious creature…!?

*White Space Suit Promotion

Step 1 : Spaceship Backpack (54 points)

Step 2 : 20,000 Coins (75 points)

Step 3 : Random Platinum Pack x6 (80 points)

Step 4 : Astronaut Helmet (90 points)

Step 5 : White Space Suit Free-Action Outfit (129 points)​

5. White Space Suit Promotion Completion Bonus

Climb up the ladder of white space suit promotion and complete the promotion!

Special Martian nametag and Where did you take me? Celebration will be given!

*Reward will be sent during 9/15 maintenance

6. 600 Points of Login Bonus​

Grab 3x points for your payment!

Just log in for 13 days during event period and get 3x points total of your purchase!

Get 200 points for your payment immediately and get daily extra points!

You can get 400 extra points!

7. Platinum Kennel On Sale​

Meet the newly-updated space-theme buddy from platinum kennel!

This pet has stronger buff effect than ever!

Platinum kennels are available from the shop for a limited period!

Don’t miss this exclusive chance!

[Kennel Draw Rate]​

8. September’s Login Bonus

Login every day and get the login bonus!

Complete monthly login to receive this month’s exclusive nametag and Intensive manual!​

9. 3on3 FreeStyle Streamer Event

Be the Best Streamer of September!

Tag 3on3 FreeStyle and upload your video

Reach 2k view to becoming 3on3 Best Streamer

Upload your best play or any kind related to 3on3FreeStyle and get a chance to have your clip on our official Channel!

And for extra, get a specially made Streamer’s Nametag and some good amount of Points as well!

Posting Period:
9/1 ~ 9/30 23:59 PDT

Streamers will be announced on the 3on3FreeStyle Official Website.

Event Mechanics:

**Only those with the ‘3on3FreeStyle’ Keyword will count as a potential candidate.

**Please show your Steam Online ID (ID in your name tag)

**Only those on YouTube will be counted.

**If you post multiple, the posting with the most view count will be counted.

**The clip doesn’t need to be live streaming, it can be recorded clips. ​

**Streamer’s Event will continue next month as well!

Reward and benefits for top streamers:​

- 3on3 Freestyle Team

[Update] Patch Note ver. 1.0.49 (July 21st) July 21 , 2021 / 4:07 PM
Greetings, FS City

The followings are the updates for the end of this month. ​


1. Rank 3x3 2021 Summer Season

Test your true strength in 3x3 mode!

Only characters’ own abilities and your skills apply to this mode!

This time is ONLY 2 weeks! Be ready for the toughest fight!

Be the glorious winner of the all platforms!

1) Rank 3X3 Change

-Season is shortened to 2 weeks

-As the season is shortened, some rank rewards are changed

-Required rank score for each rank remains same​






2021 Summer




5,000 coins


No Change




XP Drink(L)


5,000 coins




XP Drink (L)


10,000 coins






3X3 A Rank Nametag


15,000 coins


Intensive Note






100 Points


70 Points


Intensive Note


No Change


3X3 S Rank Pkg






200 Points


150 Points


Intensive Note


No Change


3X3 SS Rank Pkg






500 Points


350 Points


Intensive Manual


No Change


3X3 SSS Rank Pkg


We are planning many other interesting events with bunch of reward! So stay tuned for our next plan!

2. Camila Balance Patch

Thanks for your kind support and advice with full of heart, we have adjusted Camila’s Free Up Space.​

As the requirement of the skill is lowered, now you can activate her skill more frequently. Instead, we adjusted rebound attribute buff to keep balanced game environment.

3. Forfeit Lose Penalty

We have received multiple reports that some users intentionally forfeit at the beginning of the match to farm Coin and EXP.

To prevent such abusive behavior, we have adjusted Coin/EXP earned by forfeit lose for 3on3 mode.

*Previous : 270 EXP / 180 Coin for forfeit lose

*Now : 110 EXP / 70 Coin for forfeit lose​


1. Rank 3x3 2021 Summer Season

Event Period: 

​7/21 ~8/3 23:59 (PDT)​

Show your swift, powerful moves! Only character’s own abilities and skills are applied!!

Show your 3x3 sportsmanship!​

2. Rank 3X3 Medal 100% Buff Wave

Limited Period in 3x3 mode:

7/21 ~ 7/27 23:59 (PDT)


Get your medal 100% more from 3x3 mode!

One week only event to get your medals faster!

Do not miss out this exclusive chance to get as many medals as possible!

3. Rank 3X3 Challenge Event

Limited Period in 3x3 mode:

7/21 ~ 7/27 23:59 (PDT)


Get your medal 100% more from 3x3 mode!

One week only event to get your medals faster!

Do not miss out this exclusive chance to get as many medals as possible!

4. Chicken Challenge Camp DLC

Sale Period:

7/21 ~ 8/3 23:59 (PDT)

Ring Ring! Chicken must be delivered on time!

Get 270 points right away and open the event to get exclusive JOY Chicken Delivery outfit sets!

*Event Period : 7/21 – 8/10 23:59 (PDT)

Please note the you can purchase DLC until 8/3 23:59 (PDT)

5. Chicken Delivery Outfit Collect Master

Event Period:

7/21 ~ 8/10 23:59 (PDT)

Buy DLC and complete all missions to get Chicken Delivery outfit and get a chicken delivery nametag as a bonus!!

*Reward will be sent to your message box during 8/11 maintenance

6. Camila Patch Special Platinum Card with Sale

Event Period:

7/21 ~ 8/3 23:59 (PDT)

Camila’s balance patch special!

2 weeks extended to get Camila’s platinum card packs!

This time with 20% discount for x10 bundle pack!

7. Camila Patch Special FS Platinum Card with Sale

Event Period: 

​7/21 ~ 8/3 23:59 (PDT)

Camila’s balance patch special!

2 weeks extended to get Camila’s FS platinum card packs!

This time with 20% discount for x10 bundle pack!

8. Camila Patch Special P5 Camila Shopping Bag Sale

Event Period: 

​7/21 ~ 7/27 23:59 (PDT)

Camila’s balance patch special!

Get P5 Camila (Max. Skill) with 20% cheaper price!

9. Point Character up to 50% Sale

Event Period: 

​7/21 ~ 7/27 23:59 (PDT)

Hire your new player with special price!

Get up to 50% discount for point character!

10. Extra Points Event

Event Period:

7/21 ~ 7/27 23:59 (PDT)

​​No need to wait for your extra points!

Get extra points instantly with your point DLC purchase!

Check how much you have purchased right away in the event page.

Event Mechanics:

1.) During the event period, you can find Extra Points Event page in the event tab

2.) You can receive your extra point in this page and your extra point will be automatically sent to your message box

3.) As soon as you purchased points DLC arrives in your Message box, the point will be accumulated

4.) To receive extra points, you MUST fulfill the required accumulated points

5.) You can see your current accumulated points on the event page














​​550 Points DLC = your purchase record 500 Points 

250 Points DLC = your purchase record 250 Points 

155 Points DLC = your purchase record 150 Points

11. Intensive Manual Shopping Bag 25% Sale

Event Period: 

​7/21 ~ 8/3 23:59 (PDT)

An exclusive chance to get the most wanted item with special discounted price!

Get your intensive manual on hand and upgrade your mate!​


12. Summer Sparkling Bingo Event

Event Period: 

​7/21 ~ 8/3 23:59 (PDT)​

Get a bunch of cool rewards and complete BINGO to get blue tank top outfit sets!