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[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. (March 22nd) March 22 , 2023 / 5:48 PM

Greetings, FS City

Here's the latest update for the month of March.


1. New Character Update; MC.CC

The best DJ in the FS city, MC.CC is now on air!

MC.CC will show off his dynamic DJ skills to allure you!

Check out MC.CC’s gift of gab now!

[Rolling Size Up]

MC.CC can use Rolling Size Up in multiple directions. Roll up and dribble up the ball to fake the opponent!

[Drive Pull-Up]

MC.CC quickly drives and connects to a Pull-Up Jumper. Drive away the opponent and do a Pull-Up Jumper in open chance!

[Limit Break]

After successful 3-point shot, long-distance layup/dunk distance will increase up to 3 times. The more MC.CC scores, he gets stronger inside attack ability!

[Tension Up]

After successful dunk, MC.CC’s drive speed will increase up to 3 times. As MC.CC scores more, he dodge you more easily!

[Intensive Skill]

MC.CC comes out as Intensive Prestige unlocked! Check out his 3 strong intensive skills!


[Shooting Touch]

[Kill Pass]

2. MC.CC’s Shooting Challenge!

Shoot your ball and win reward! Shoot 60 balls to get P6 MC.CC or his exclusive Bling Bling Gold outfit! Check out how to participate the event!

1) You can enter Shooting Challenge for free once per every day. After first entry of the day, you need to pay 20 points for each entry.

2) Pick one ball out of 4 colors and make a shoot!

3) You will get the reward the ball have and cumulate it until you drop out or finish 60 rounds to receive them.

-To drop out, first pause the challenge then press stop button.

4) One ball is a miss shot. If you pick the miss shot, you will lose the game and lose all of your collected rewards.

5) If you want to keep your reward and retry, you can pay extra points to continue the challenge. The price for retry will go rise up if you keep retrying the game.

6) Every 5th round is a Lucky Level! There is no miss shot! You can get valuable reward such as P6 MC.CC, exclusive MC.CC Bling Bling Gold outfit, MC.CC guaranteed platinum pack & black pack, and Shooting Challenge Grade box!

*What is Shooting Challenge Grade box?

- This box contains useful items such as point, intensive notes, gold card tickets, XP drink, and etc.

- The value of reward in box is higher for higher grade box.

[Shooting Challenge Box Reward List]

7) Already complete 60 rounds? No worry! Pay extra 20 points to restart the game or come tomorrow to join as free!

8) Once you decide to finish your challenge or hit the max round, all cumulated rewards will go to your inventory and mail box.


1. New Court Update : Nomed Tower

The grand match is now determined in the high on the air!

What would you think about this sea of clouds?

The highest basketball court you can imagine is ready to ring the grand round!

Meet the Nomed Tower court now! 

- 3on3 FreeStyle Team

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. (March 8th) March 8 , 2023 / 7:05 PM

Greetings, FS City

Please check the following updates for March!


1. Daily Login Board Improvement

Meet the new Daily Login Board with more reward and easier check-in!

Let’s check out the change!

- Monthly login board is now changed to Weekly login board.

- Monthly period limitation is removed. You will get your bonus once you cumulate enough login counts.

- Your daily reward (Day 1 ~ Day 7) resets on every Monday.

- Every 7 days of login, you will get extra login bonus. For 28 cumulative logins, Intensive Manual is your bonus!

- During weekend, you get 2 login marks. After day 7 login, 500 coins will be rewarded as daily login bonus.

2. New MVP Calculation

As promised, we bring the new MVP calculation system!

Now MVP is calculated based on your efficiency not volume!

Check out the improvement now!

- New MVP Calculation : Score + (0.4 * Successful Goal Throw) – (0.7 * Goal Throw) + (0.5 * Rebound) + Steal + (0.7 * Assist) + (0.7 * Block) + (0.5 * Loose Ball) – Turn Over

- Additional MVP bonus is added based on your win & lose.

- 1 minute and 30 seconds before the end of the match, you will see top 2 players who most likely get the MVP.

3. Shot Feedback & Vertical Shooting Gauge

Make your shot as a perfect one! Utilize our new system to be the perfect shooter!

1) Shot Feedback

- You will get shot feedback for every shot you tried.

- There are two meters in Shot Feedback: Timing & Coverage

- Timing : Your shot timing. If your character own Shooting Touch and you hit the perfect zone, your timing will be marked as perfect!

- Coverage : Shot defense affected by the defender. If you get N% Covered notification, this means n% of defense resist is applied for your shot.

- You can see Shot Feedback UI on the top left corner after the shot.

2) Vertical Shooting Gauge

- Vertical shooting gauge gives you vertically aligned shooting gauge.

- The function and color range is same as the horizontal shooting gauge.

- 3on3 FreeStyle Team

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. (February 22nd) February 22 , 2023 / 7:08 PM

Greetings, FS City

The followings are the updates for February.

1. Fair Play System

Manner makes a good player! Reward for good player and penalty for bad manner!

Fair Play System is now implement to enhance your sportsmanship!

Let’s check how it works!

1) Fair Play Grade

-Based on your Fair Play Score 4 different grade is applied.

-Grade 4 (Score 0~59) : Your Coin/EXP reward is 50% decreased. You cannot participate any Ranked Mode.

-Grade 3 (Score 60~79) : Your Coin/EXP reward is 25% decreased.

-Grade 2 (Score 80~89) : Basie level. Neither penalty nor reward is applied.

-Grade 1 (Score 90~100) : You can get extra reward after playing certain matches.

-Fair Play System is applied to following modes; 1vs1, 3vs3, Ranked Mode, 3x3, Astro Buff Rank, Joycity Cup

-You can acquire Fair Play Score by completing following activities:

*Complete your match without any bad behavior (DC, AFK, and Macro Spam)

*Get MVP for your match

-You will lose Fair Play Score if you doing following bad behaviors:

*Spamming macro chat

*Intentional quit/DC


*Get vote kick

-There is limit in getting Fair Play Score. Once you hit maximum amount for day, you cannot get extra Fair Play Score. The limit will reset at everyday 00:00 PST

-There is no limit in losing Fair Play Score. If you keep doing bad behavior, your Fair Play Score will go down without limitation.

-If you get multiple warnings for same category, you will lose double scores. For example, if you get 3 macro chat spamming alert, you will lose x3 Fair Play Score.

-You can see your Fair Play Score change on result page. If you would like to see the detail, press [Fair Play Log] button.

With the update of Fair Play System, current penalty system will be removed

2. New Intensive Character; Big Joe

Big Joe’s Intensive Prestige update is here!

Big Joe can choose 3 intensive skills to enhance his specialization.

Let’s check what kind of intensive skills he got!

[Screen Body Check]

Tilt your body to adjust the effective range of Screen. Tilt your body towards the defender and make a better shoot chance for your teammate!

[Power Rebound]

Powerful rebound that pushed opponents away and covers a wide distance. Do a powerful jump and get the ball in the air faster than others!

[Post Up F​ake]

Switch directions when performing a Post Up drive. Quickly change your drive direction and fake the opponent to aim the score chance!

- 3on3 Freestyle Team​

Steam Deck Compatibility February 8 , 2023 / 8:22 PM

Greetings Ballers,

We are happy to inform you that 3on3 Freestyle: Rebound is now officially verified on Steam Deck!

It’s time for you to challenge your skills on-the-go!