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[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.51 (March 7th) March 6 , 2019 / 2:22 PM

Greetings from 3on3 Freestyle.

The followings are the updates for this month.

[Patch Note Highlight]


1. Mega Pass Season 2 

Mega Pass is back! Race through 30 Mega levels and enjoy your epic upgrades. 

Along with free tier benefits, your premium rewards would never disappoint you. 

Collect all the rewards from necessities to rare in-game items now. Mega season 2 starts from 3/7 to 5/8.   

2. Weather option on/off

Put your weather on or off as you wish. This option is to provide players with better in-game experience. 

Simply go to Option > Game setting and find the new feature.  

3. Improvement : Message box 

Hard to find your reward? Stop rummaging through your Message box to check unclaimed rewards! 

You can now sort your Messages in your own convenient way. Choose to sort your messages by Time remaining, 

Unread and Time received. Make sure not a single messages slip away from your watch.    

[New Contents] 

1. New Accessories

2 Brand new back pack suited for casual strolling into the wild FS City!

Introducing Blue zip Backpack and Red zip Backpack for 27 Points each!  


2. New ‘Together’ Celebration

That move only the perfectly matched soul mates can handle! Show your teamwork with new celebration, Foot shake. 

3. New MVP Scenes

New MVP scenes for our big lovely beasts! Check out what these two can do! 


1. Ability Card pack package 

About time to shuffle your cards? Have them in a bunch for 270 Points.  

2. Extra Point Event

Your purchases come with more points! Don’t miss your chance to enjoy free Points. 


3. Log in Event 

Good thing happens when you come to FS city every day! Pack away tons of goodies with daily check in.  

[Bug Fixed]

- Minor bug is fixed.  

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.50 (January 31st) January 28 , 2019 / 6:58 PM

Greetings from 3on3 Freestyle.

The followings are the updates for this month.

[Patch Note Highlight]



1.     P-Buff (Position Buff)

Be an expert in your position!  Your characters can share buffs with the group in the same position. 

You can have as many as 8 buffs. Find out what it’s about and how you can best take advantage of this new feature!

 How does it work?

Navigate to P-buff on Management and assign a character to a slot. 

Add a buff on Position buff 1 and a random buff from the list on the right would come up.

Then move to the other SF position character to see if he got the buff. Like these screen shots, for example, 

you can see Amanda has William’s Position buff and so as your other SF characters.


1)     Are the buffs different by characters?

: Yes, they are. Browse through characters on P-Buff page and check the lists of buffs.

2)     How can I unlock the rest of the slots and Position Buff 2?

: Unlock the 3rd at lv.10 and 4th at lv.20. Position Buff 2 is available when the character you’ve assigned is P5.

3)     Can Buff 1 and Buff 2 have the same buff?

: Yes, the same buff can come up twice and give you a double effect! 

4)     Does the stat change by Prestige?

: Yes, when your character in the slot have higher Prestige, you get better buff.

5)     Can’t I choose buff from the list?

: I’m afraid you can’t, although, you can change your buff to another random from the list by using Buff Change Ticket. 

2.     Character Stat Boost Event

Here is an event that gives you rewards for any upgrades on characters you have. 

Complete missions and collect as many stars! 120 stars give you the most wanted item, Intensive Manual.

Each mission has 3 steps, higher the step is, harder it gets but rewards are guaranteed as you get more stars! 

Find out what these missions are about.


Mission 1: Level up 

Mission 2: Prestige up 

Unlock your Prestige by completing Mission 1 and open it with Manuals! 

Mission 3: Skill up 

Use skill Training ball and raise your skill level. 

Mission 4: Purchase Gold/Platinum card 

The count goes up for every individual card you purchase. Buy 10 card packs, your count goes up by 10. 

Remember it’s not about how many times you purchase, but about how many cards you purchase.

[New Contents]

1.     New Outfit

The best design for ‘2018 looking for 3on3FS Rookie designer’ has arrived! 

Check out this brilliant new design, Unicorn Galaxy, made by Nem**aroZZ!

Calling all costume lovers! FS City Sheriff is here in FS town!

2.     New Celebrations

Confidence goes a long way on FS court! Check out 2 new celebrations, Tumbling and Hello!

3.     Event: All characters 30% off

Time to gather up your squad! Make FS City crowded with new recruits! 

All characters purchasable with Coins and Points are 30% off during 1/31 – 2/27 23:59(PST)

4.  5 Packages for all positions

Packages tailored for your upgrades! Have all your 5 positions upgraded at once. 

You can purchase each package up to 5 times! Packages on sale during 1/31 – 2/27 23:59(PST)

5.     Hot time Package

Hot time sale for packages from basic necessities to super rare items! 

Find out what each weekend is offering and make sure you dont miss it!  

6.     Extra Point Event

More Points to the amount youve purchased for a week! 

Event is for every week in Feb and extra points will be sent during the following maintenance. 

All Purchase made during

 2/4 - 2/10 23:59(PST)

2/11 - 2/17 23:59 (PST) 

2/18 - 2/24 23:59 (PST) 

Extra Points Sent on





- Christmas court is removed.


[Bug Fixed] 

- Minor bug is fixed.  

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.49 (January 4th) January 2 , 2019 / 5:29 PM

Greetings from 3on3 Freestyle.

The followings are the updates for this month.

[Patch Note Highlight]


1. Dual Ability Card System 

Get two giggles from one tickle! Introducing Dual Ability Card, which now allows you to have 

two skill boosts with one card. The system, which could give your characters big upgrade

as it is, comes with 2 extra slots only for your choice of Dual cards! 

Get them now from Gold or Platinum card packs! 


These are all you need to know about Dual Card System. Read this through and raise your winning chance!

- Dual Ability Cards are either Silver, Gold or Platinum grade. 

Hence, to get Dual Ability Cards, you are encouraged to open Gold or Platinum card packs!  

- Do you have only 1 pizza slot open? Raise your user level to 30 or above and unlock another slot!


- Sell one Dual Card and get double! Selling this Dual cards give you 2x coins. 

It only makes sense as the card has two stat boost. 

[New Contents]

1. New Outfit

Who wouldn’t want Golden Dragon for the new year? Get this legendary animal into your fashion. 

Check out yet another winged back pack as well! 

2. New Avatar Outfit 

Ever thought your avatar is way too cute? Give your avatar a fierce wrestler look for a chance

with newly added 6 tops, 6 bottoms and 6 head accessories. 

3. 2019 New Year Pkg 

Ready to welcome 2019? Here comes the package to celebrate 2019, year of Golden pig! 

We say pig brings you prosperity. Grab a pig now! 

Package only available during 1/4 – 1/16 23:59 (PST).


This package contains New year’s Buff ball 100%(15d) + 2019 Name tag + New year’s jersey patches. 

4. Card Promotion event 

5 Power deal is back only for a limited time, 1/4 – 1/16 23:59(PST)! 

Get a bunch this time with different deals! 

Find out how you can best take advantage of the event:

5. Gold Card Pack ticket Pkg

Get 20 Gold Card Pack Tickets 50% cheaper! 

6. Platinum Pack on sale

Limited time offer! Get your platinum Card Packs for 33 Points during 1/4 – 1/16 23:59(PST)


- You can get cards that boosts characters’ unique skills from combining cards.  

[Bug Fixed] 

- DLC issue happening in NA region will be fixed. Find the issue at;

- Minor Bug has been fixed. 

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.48 (November 29th) November 26 , 2018 / 4:48 PM

Greetings from 3on3 Freestyle.

The followings are the updates for this month.


1. New Christmas soundtrack

You know 3on3FS has a good range of soundtracks. 

Put your volume up and check our new exciting addition.   

2. Winter map update 

 Winter map is back but passion never gets cold! 

3. 2ND year anniversary loading page

It has been 2 years since we started our journey as a free to play casual street ball game! 

We thank to all our beloved players for unwavering support! 

4. Special Pick Event 

New event alert! Raise your chance to get wanted item! 

Only during 11/29 – 12/12 23:59(PST)

This is how it works! 

First, Pick a list. Browse the available list till you find a list that has the item you want. 

Second, Wait until item shuffles. Here’s a tricky part, all the item flip backwards.

This is the stage where you take a random pick. 

Third, if you are sure about your pick, flip it open by spending 17 Points. 

Afterwards, your pick goes straight to Message box as you flip it open.  

Wait, there are few things you should know before joining the event. 

Careful not to spam your refresh, you only have 2 tries to change your list then

it costs 10 Points for every refresh. Also a refresh whilst picking an item brings you 

back to the beginning where you choose a list. 



While flipping my items open, I accidentally press back and exit the event, 

would I be able to see my list again? 

- Of course you can. Your list stays unless you press refresh button.

How many items can I open and pick? 

- You can pick all the 20 items in the list if you’d like. 

New Reward 

Temporary character Ticket

This one immediately brings a character of your choice to Prestige 5, level 10 with all skills unlocked. 

This ticket has time limit so open it from Message box when you need it. Your ticket boost P5 character

goes back to your previous level when the time is over. 

Can I choose any characters to P5 with this ticket?

- Yes, even those you haven’t recruited. When the time is up, the character will be locked again.

 Get this brilliant benefit to try out Prestige 5 of your unlocked characters

If the character is P5 with level 10, can I grow this character further? 

- I’m afraid you can’t. the character will stay P5 lv.10 till you run out of time. 

I am using a ticket with Lulu and would like to extend the benefit by using another ticket I’ve got. 

- A character that’s been boosted by a ticket will not show in the list. 

Although it comes up again when your time is up with P5 Lulu. 

Temporary Ability Card Ticket  

Ever dreamt of having all your Ability Card Platinum? This ticket is the one you’ve been looking for. 

Upon opening this ticket from Message box, you can choose a character. As you choose a character, 

a total of 14 platinum cards goes straight into your storage, ready to be equipped. 

This incredible benefit has its time limit so make sure to use it wisely. 

Can I choose any card with an Ability I desire? 

- I’m afraid you can’t. Although, browse through the characters, 

a set of 14 customized Ability cards would come up and they won’t let you down. 

What happens if I select a locked character and its cards?

- This wouldn’t open the character although they could be equipped. 

Then what would be the usage? This could be used with a temporary character ticket and 

there you have a P5 character with Platinum ability cards! 

Can I sell or combine these temporary cards? 

- You cannot sell nor combine these tickets. These platinum tickets are for your use 

and for the limited time only. 

What happens when the time is up with these temporary cards? 

- They will automatically disappear from your slots. 

[New Contents]

1. New Outfit 

Man to Man Shirts are forever classic this time of the year. 


2. Seasonal Special Outfit Pkg

Tons of gifts are everyone’s fantasy for Christmas season. 

Mount the gifts like a sorcerer and share the joy with your team players! 

The package comes with Christmas jersey patches. Don’t miss your chance to grab all these, 

on sale only during 11/29 – 12/26 23:59 PST.

3. New Together Celebrations

There is a reason why this is a classic, check out Bro bump and get in there! 

[Bug Fixed] 

- Minor Bug has been fixed. 

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.47 (November 1st) October 29 , 2018 / 2:48 PM

Greetings from 3on3 Freestyle.

The followings are the updates for this month.

[Patch Note Highlight]


1.Crew Hangout update; Find the Golden treasure!  

Crew hangout’s own feature, Treasure hunt, gets more exciting with the better set of rewards for 2 weeks! 

With a variety of items that you could earn, the treasure has a new look as well. 

Find the Golden treasure and try your luck for these following items. 


**Check your count for Intensive Note in Brandon’s Token Shop and exchange 20 of them to 

1 complete Intensive Manual.  

**Brandon’s Token Shop will open for 2 weeks straight during the Golden treasure event and

 will be open only during the weekends afterwards. 

[New Contents]

1. New Outfit

If you’ve ever wondered how to look stylish with baggy jerseys, these are the good examples. 

Check out these 2 stylish NFL look with perfect matching pants and shoes. 

Also with the winter around the corner, here is your first sweater for your seasonal change.  

2. New Celebrations

A wild place like FS court can use some gentle and humble celebrations. 

Check these 2 New Celebrations; ‘You get yours next time’ and ‘I’ve got blessings’. 

Add these to your collection for 39 Points each.

3. MVP Scene

This month’s MVP Scene updates are Carter and Murdock. 

They could be a bit daunting to face but these two are just as tender inside. 

4. November Exclusive Package

Get these basic necessities 30% cheaper than their original price

4. Platinum pack on sale! 


1. No more spooky Lobby court! Lobby court will change back to vibrant day court. 

2. Halloween court map will not show on 3on3 match mode. 

[Bug Fix]

1. Minor bugs have been fixed.