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[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 1.0.39. (May 12th) May 12 , 2021 / 6:59 PM


1. Running Mate: Mentoring Event (Postponed)

Is it hard to you to start 3on3 FreeStyle alone? Don’t worry! Find your dear mentor and play game together! 

Your running mate, mentor & mentee system updates!

[How to participate in the Event?]

1. If your level is 10 or below, you will be assigned as “mentee”

2. If your level is 11 or above, you will be assigned as “mentor”

3. Go to Event page and get your role! Once you enter the event page, your role will be assigned!

4. Once you are paired with mentee or mentor, you can start the event together

5. Clear various missions and collect Running Points to receive exclusive reward! 

Mission detail is different between Mentor and Mentee.

6. If you delete your mentor or mentee, you can still receive your remaining rewards. 

But to receive further reward, you must find another mentor or mentee to resume the event

[All about Mentor]

1. You have to be level 11 or above to become a mentor

2. Post your Mentor Application post via Mentor Application Board to appeal your skills

3. You can type max 30 characters to introduce yourself

4. You can edit your post max 4 times a day. Once you update your post, your post will be at the top of the list

5. Mentor application board can show up to 200 posts and old post will be not be exposed in the application board 

if it is not updated when the 200 posts exceeds. 

When the post number becomes below 200, your post may be exposed again.

6. To start the event, you must be selected by mentee. Mentor can have max 3 mentees. You can delete mentee.

7. Once you delete your mentee, you need to upload new post to have another mentee.

8. Your post will be deleted if you have 3 mentees

[All about Mentee]

1. You have to be level 10 or below to become a mentee

2. Find your mentor through Mentor Application Board. You can refresh the board to see the most recent posts

3. Select the post and chose your mentor. Mentee can have one mentor and if you have mentor, you cannot select post

4. Mentee can delete a mentor. If you delete your mentor, you need 12 hours to be able to select another mentor

5. To start the event, you must select your mentor​

[Important Notice]

1. You cannot add your mentor or mentee to blacklist. You must delete the relationship before

2. Mentor or mentee is not counted as “friend” but you can still see in your friend list

3. Mentor and mentee have different reward. Please check out what you can get from this event.

2. Daily Package Improvement

Check out the daily deal more easily!

Look at all daily deals within one glance and find out your most wanted items!

[Daily Package Change]

- Now you can check the daily package detail from the shop

- Select the [Detail] button to check out the daily package components and price deal at one glance!

- Selectable FS Platinum pack is added to the daily package

- This item allows you to select a character to open a character exclusive FS platinum pack

*With update of FS Platinum pack, now all characters can acquire all FreeStyle regardless of one's position

- Selectable item will be sent to your message box upon your purchase​

- Daily package components have changed. Please check out the daily deal!

3. Social Page Improvement

Get our most recent news from the game!

New’ mark will be added to the social tab so you can know there is new 3on3 FreeStyle news!

Don’t miss out on the important notice!​

4. Deacon's Post Push Change

After reviewing Deacons Post Push carefully, we have concluded that Post Push works beyond our design 

intention and this phenomenon influences the game environment as opposed to our purpose. 

To cultivate a better game experience, we have adjusted Deacons Post Push as follows:

1) Post Push will push only ONE target

2) Post Push will end if there is no target to push

3) Post Push now has a cooldown for 1 second. 

Cooldown UI is added under the character, so you can check the cooldown.

[Bug Fix]

We have fixed following issues, please check the detail

1) Saru’s Double Clutch Dunk Mirroring angle adjustment

2) Deacon’s Shoulder Charge success range adjustment

3) 1+1 package platform present bug is fixed

4) Game crashed when you position filter issue is fixed​


1. Level Achievement Packs Update

The higher level you reach, the more cost-effective deals will be available!

Once you reach a certain level, an exclusive deal to achieve the level will be popped just for you!

Check out the grand​

2. Legendary Outfit Pack Update

No more regret for missing Legendary DLCs!

Unique Legendary Outfits for each legend are here for you!

Get the most valuable outfits designed for only selected heroes!​

Only available to find out once you upgrade your character from P4 to P5


1. Romantic Challenge Camp​

Full of love and red roses! Get 270 points right away after purchasing DLC and open the event to get exclusive Rose outfit!

This outfit has special petal effects and exclusive free action! Dressed up and show your love!

Clear every mission and get the additional items worthy of 500 FS points!

*Event period : 5/12 – 6/15 23:59 (PDT)

2. Passionate Rose Outfit Shopping Bag

Full of love and passion! Meet rose day special free-action outfit!

This outfit has special petal effects and exclusive free action! Dressed with this romantic outfit and express your passion!​

3. Rose Outfit Collection Event

Collect all passionate rose outfits from a passionate rose shopping bag to get Rose Day special Lovely Rose Nametag!

Who will be the most passionate romantic baller?

*You must collect [Passionate Rose Outfit] [Rose In Mouth(Eternity)] [Black Rose of Eternity] from the shopping bag

*Your reward will be sent to your message box on 5/26 maintenance

4. 1+1 Intensive Flex Package

Get one intensive manual with full of coins and gift the same package to your dear friend!

Grand deal for the most wanted items and pile of coins! Exchange the gift with your friend and show your swag!

Get 1997 Points worthy item with 65% discounted price!

*1+1 Intensive Flex package (699 points)

- Intensive Manual

- Off THE CAGE Money Coat (Resell price : 23,000 coins)

- Gold Card Ticket x15

- Gold FS Ticket x15

- Skill Training Item x20

- 70,000 coins

5. Daily Package Renewal Special Event

Purchase all daily deal packages and get 500 points worthy reward!!

Don’t forget to check out what’s new in daily deals!

*Reward will be sent to your message box on 5/26 maintenance​

6. Bonus Game Event

Your chance to collect Navy Blue Space Suit!

Play 3on3 mode and check out the mini game now!

1200 balls reward has a special free-action!

7. Coin Discount Event

Time to buy all necessities to manage your characters!

All coins are discounted up to 30%! Don’t miss this opportunity!

[New Item]

1. Amanda & Pedro's MVP Update

New MVP Scene updated for Amanda & Pedro!

Check out the new MVP scene and show off your glorious moment!

*Amanda : You can make the shot from here? (34,000 coins)

*Pedro : How about a game of basketball? (34,000 coins)

Pedro's New MVP Scene:

Amanda's New MVP Scene:

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. (Apr 14th) April 14 , 2021 / 7:20 PM

Greetings, FS City.

The following are the updates for this month.​


1. Rank 3x3 Mode Returns!

Event Period: 4/14~5/11 23:59 PDT (4weeks)

Time to prove your true skills!!

You can trust the characters’ own abilities and your skills only!

Rank 3x3 Mode returns, where you can compete with your own skills, not with Freestyle, ability cards, buffs(Food, Position, Pet, etc)!

In this new 2021 season, there will be a massive “moving speed buff’ on every character only for Rank 3X3 mode

Well, we all look forward to seeing speedy and dynamic matches than ever~

This is the very first Rank 3x3 Mode after cross-play applied to 3on3 FreeStyle as you and we all know, so we may identify the final winner between platforms and all over the world!

Guess who will be awarded a season-exclusive crown and Honorary Tunic in this rank 3x3 season~?

Grab all the info from below before heading out!

- 3x3 mode is 8 minutes long Single rounded match.

- A team with 18 Points wins.

- A coin flip shall determine which team gets the first possession. 

- Ball exchanges in the ‘No-charge zone’. The defensive team is not allowed to either possess or steal the ball in this area. 

The offensive team has 10 secs limit in getting the ball within the area, otherwise, the other team gets the possession.

- 12-second shot-clock

- Any Successful shot inside the Arc gives 1 Point and 2 Points for a shot outside the Arc.

- Stamina recovers during time out

- New basketball arena on beautiful beach park in the background.

- Witness Backboard breaking Dunk only on 3x3 mode along with bonus action from the rest!

​​This season’s 3x3 mode runs for 4 weeks and opens only for 12 hours every day. And without an exception, we brought Ranked system with it! Bring your best performance to 3x3 and claim the Top Tier Rewards!


Where can I find the current leaderboard?

Navigate to Event menu to check the most up-to-date Rank and your performance.


When does the mode open by region?

NA: Everyday during 11:00 – 23:00 PDT

Asia: Everyday during 22:00 – 10:00 PDT

EU: Everyday during 4:00 – 16:00 PDT

What decides Rank and Tier?

Your wins and loses give Rank score that would add up to your total Rank score.

Reaching a certain score mark would instantly put you on a Tier. Top Tier, on the other hand, is a little more particular.

To reach Rank SSS, you must fulfill both score and top place. Even though you have at least 1900 scores, you must in the Top rank in your region to be Rank SSS.

What would make me demoted from current Tier?

- Any abusive Behavior (AFK, DC)

- 7 days of absents from the mode

- Continuous lose​


Medal is the new scoring system on 3X3 Mode. Medals are awarded to players in the winning team and decided on individual performance from one single match. 

Successful Shots, Rebound, Block, Assist and Steal will be counted and decide the color of your Medal. Excel in your team and Gold Medal is yours! Get more Ranked score with Gold Medal and get yourself an edge over your teammates


Claim your Rewards by entering the event page when the season is finished. The page is open for another 2 weeks and any unclaimed rewards will be sent to your Message box at the end. 

You won’t miss a single reward! For Rank 3X3, exclusive 3x3 Honorary Tunic outfit with Spring Crown are awarded to Rank SS and SSS! These are Rewards for your final Tier!


​1. Rank 3x3 Medal Buff 100%

Event Period: 4/14~4/20 23:59 PDT

More dynamical Rank 3x3 Mode!

You can get 100% more medals from 3x3 mode, only during the first-week ~!

Go to play rank 3x3 along with Medal Buff Event!!

** Total number of medals will be displayed on the result page after the match.

(Additional medal bonus will not be displayed separately)

2. 3x3 Challenge Event Week 1

Event Period: 4/14~4/20 23:59 PDT

You don’t have to disappoint if you couldn't win on rank 3x3 full of lots of skillful players!

3x3 challenge event will be held for 4weeks~

You can get various rewards if you play rank 3x3 7times a week!

* Event reward will be given on the maintenance after each event.

Ex) Reward for Week1: will be given on 4/21 maintenance after the Week1 Event

3. Extra Points Event

Event Period: 4/14~4/20 23:59 PDT

No need to wait for your extra points!

Check how much you have purchased right away in the event page.​

Event Mechanics:

1.) During the event period, you can find Extra Points Event page in the event tab

2.) You can receive your extra point in this page and your extra point will be automatically sent to your message box

3.) As soon as your purchased points DLC arrives to your Message box, the point will be accumulated

4.) To receive extra points, you MUST fulfill the required accumulated points

5.) You can see your current accumulated points on the event page​

550 Points DLC = your purchase record 500 Points

250 Points DLC = your purchase record 250 Points

155 Points DLC = your purchase record 150 Points​

4. Point Consumption Event

Event Period: 4/14~4/20 23:59 PDT

Only during a week, event period!

Additional rewards are waiting for you, depending on the point consumption~~

Go shopping and get rewards!

* Rewards will be given on 4/21 Maintenance.

5. Boxing Challenge Camp

Sale Period : 4/14~5/4 23:59 PDT

Event Period : 4/14~5/11 23:59 PDT

Be the boxer at the court!

Get 270 points immediately once purchasing Boxing Challenge Camp DLC, and get additional rewards depending on the number of 3on3 match plays!

The exclusive free-action outfit, hair, and celebration are available only from this boxing challenge camp!!

Meet these all at the shop now~

*Boxing Challenge Camp DLC ($24.99)


You will get the following rewards once you complete the missions.

Mission Complete Rewards:

- STEP 1: One-two Punch (Celebration)

- STEP 2: XP Drink (L) x2

- STEP 3: Christa Boxing Hair

- STEP 4: FS Silver Card Ticket x2

- STEP 5: Skill Training Item x1

- STEP 6: Murdock Boxing Gear

- STEP 7: Gold Card Ticket x1

- STEP 8: FS Gold Card Ticket x1

- STEP 9: Boxing Outfit (Free action and common)

Exclusive Boxing Outfit Free Action

* DLC will be available until 5/4 23:59 PDT.

* DLC event will be available until 5/11 23:59 PDT.

Note: You must complete the Missions to acquire all the rewards before the end of the event!

6. New Daily Package Update

With more benefits and less price! We present you the new daily packages!

Each deal is at a discount price and includes bonus items and coins!

Meet the daily packages with different items and cheap prices!!

* Each deal is only available to purchase once a week. 

7. Manual Package On Sale

Sale Period: 4/14~4/20 23:59 PDT

All manuals you need are in One Package!

Go get it with 49 points by 50% discount effect!

Upgrade your character prestige using the manuals~


Manual Package includes

-  Beginner Manual *20

-  Intermediate Manual *10

-  Advanced Manual *5


* This Package can be purchased ONLY ONCE per account

8. Point Characters up to 50% Off!

Event Period: 4/14~4/20 23:59 PDT

Best chance to get your wanted character with discounts~!

Hot 5 point characters are up to 50% off!!

Hire your new player with special price!

Professor: 150 Points

Rin/Carter/Jason: 105 Points

Christa: 70 Points  

[Bug Fix]

- Jack Character able to shot without ball clearing is fixed.

- Deacon Shoulder Charge not engaged to Jimmy while in Postup is fixed.


There was no effect when Deacon uses Shoulder Charge to Jimmy who is using Power Postup skill.


If Deacon uses Shoulder Charge to Jimmy who is using Power Postup skill, Jimmy will not be attacked but Deacon would be pushed out

- Jack unable to block Rebeccas Pullup Jumper or Turn Around Fade away is fixed.

- Image error of web-cooperation events 2nd and 3rd reward is fixed

- 3on3 FreeStyle Team

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. (Mar 31st) March 31 , 2021 / 4:34 PM

Greetings, FS City.

The following are the updates for this month.:


1. April Fool’s Day Login Event


Event Period:


4/1~4/1 23:59 (PDT) (ONLY 1 DAY!) 

Yay, it’s April Fool’s Day! 

Every player who logged in-game on April Fool’s Day(4/1) can get a suspicious ball package! 

What kinds of balls are in this suspicious ball package?


** A ball from a suspicious ball package doesn’t have an additional buff effect.

** Any suspicious ball will be removed automatically if you don't receive it from the mailbox within 7days.

** A ball from a suspicious ball package can be used 5times of gameplay.

2. April Fool’s Day Play Event

Event Period

4/1~4/1 23:59 (PDT) (ONLY 1 DAY!)

Yes, it’s a fun April Fool’s Day.

Only login event for one day is not enough, right?

If you play 3vs3 matches during this one day, you can get suspicious outfit packages depending on the number of plays!

Wait! Suspicious ball and suspicious outfits? What’s inside?

We should have fun at 3on3 during April Fool’s Day!!​

** Given suspicious outfit package will be removed automatically if you don’t receive it from the mailbox within 7days.

** The suspicious outfit is a 7days-period item.​


Event Period:

3/31~4/6 23:59 (PDT)

We have one more celebration day, Easter in April! 

Coin and EXP 100% Buff Wave is back to celebrate Easter, for a week~ 

You can get 100% additional coins and EXPs if you play 3vs3 mode during the event period! 

4. Easter Bunny Gift Pack On Sale

Event Period

3/31~4/13 23:59 (PDT)

Cutie Easter bunny brought a package gift~ 

60% Discounted Price! 

Grab this exclusive chance to get various items for character growth at a cheap price!! 

Package has; 

XP Drink(L) x10 

Skill Training Ball x5 

Intermediate Manual x10 

Advanced Manual x5

Price: 100 Points 

** Easter Bunny Gift Package can be purchased once per account

5. Easter Egg Jersey Set Shopping Bag On Sale & Collect Event

Event Period: 

3/31~4/13 23:59 (PDT)

What is pop into you about Easter?

Egg? A chick? 

Meet a brand-new cutie! Easter Egg Jersey set, everything is in it!

If you collect every jersey set from this shopping bag, you can get Green Puppy Balloon Bag as a reward! 

Price: 11 points 

** Collect reward(Green Puppy Balloon Bag) will be given on 4/14 maintenance.  

6. Free action Outfit Shopping Bag On Sale

Event Period: 

3/31~4/13 23:59 (PDT)

How do you express your joy of scoring on the match play? 

Celebration? Chatting macro? 

Yes, there are many ways, but you can express by Free-action exclusive outfit as well! 

Free-action Outfit Shopping Bag which has only free-action outfits is updated!

This Free-action Outfit Shopping Bag is available only during the event period.

With a higher probability of gaining than usual shopping bags, go get your free-action outfit!  

Price: 18 points  

7. March's Best Celebration 20% Discount

Event Period: 

3/31~4/6 23:59 (PDT)

March’s Best Celebrations are having a discount of 20%, 

Let’s check it out now! 

Discounted items: Don’t bother me / Trick Slide / Daydreamer Relaxation / Hip Roll

Price: 40 points

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. (Mar 24th) March 25 , 2021 / 11:32 AM

Greetings, FS City.

The followings are the updates for this month.


1. New Character, Jack 

Pleasant and simple, but loyal, guess who?

Jack, who is well-known as a tattooist and working as a troubleshooter under the nickname “The Fixer” in the back alley of FS city.

There are many different stories about the buzzing “The Fixer”, but Jack is the man who moves as a solver only with his belief, “loyalty”!

So, shall we check out the fixer, Jack’s skills on the court?​

Jack’s Unique Skills:

Screen Spin Move 

While dribbling, Jack can do a spin move to the behind of teammate’s screen by deciding the direction he prefers!

Well, we all would expect his skillful play through teammate’s screen! 

Who will be Jack’s screen-backup to let him spread Screen Spin Move skill? A strong Jimmy? Big Joe? 

Pump Fake Spin Shot 

Jack can do the fake while pivoting, rotating to the direction he wants, and then jump shot with his back to the defense!  

His’ right side? Left? Right? 

I bet, no one will know which way Jack would rotate and use Pump Fake Spin Shot when he is pivoting! 

Unless someone might read his mind~! Look forward to seeing the interesting match!

Fingertip Block 

Jump shot~~~ Tip! 

Only with one fingertip! Jack can touch the ball which was from the opponent’s jump shot and let it be available for a Rebound! 

Furthermore, unlike normal blocks, he can follow and block again even after being faked by the opponent’s shot fake. 

You need to consider using this unique Fingertip Block skill at the right timing as it needs a wait time for recharging after use. 

Oh, I already can see the intense matches for a rebound after Jack’s Fingertip Block success~!!  

Change The Flow 

If Jack’s shoot success when behind more than 3 scores during the match, all teammates’ ‘Jump shot block ability’ 

will increase for a certain time.  

The Fixer, Jack came to Change The Flow! If Jack makes his goal when behind with more than 3 scores, all teammates’

jump shot block ability will be increased~ 

Go for marking and blocking opponents’ every jump shot! Literally, Change The Flow!!      

Butterfly Effect

After Jack's successful shot which leads to the reversal, every teammates’ ‘normal move speed’ will be increased 

highly for a certain period.  

His most attractive trait that everyone would love! 

If Jack, the fixer success in his shot which leads to the reversal, every teammates’ normal move speed will be highly

increased! Faster than anyone~~!! 

Yeah, maybe they will get way faster with the excitement of reversal!     


1. P5 Jack Luxury Shopping Bag

Event Period : 

3/24~4/20 23:59 PDT​

Here! Check out the Limited Chance to try Luxury Shopping Bag for Jack!  

You can get P5 Jack with full skill, Exclusive Free Action Techwear and Tiger Mask from this Luxury shopping bag! 

Meet Jack and his exclusive outfit more glitters in the dark!! Try Special Aerial Spin Kick as well~~ 

* Price: 20 points 

* 1st prize: P5 Jack + Exclusive Techwear + Tiger Mask

2. Jack Management Package 

Event Period :

3/24~4/20 23:59 PDT 

Rapid growth items for Jack are ready.

This package includes necessary items to make Jack stronger for his loyalty, and will be sold within a limited period! 

* Price : 99 Points 

* Note : This package can be purchased 5 times per account 

The Jack Management Package includes :

#Gold Card Pack Ticket * 5

#Skill Training Ball * 5

#SF Manuals * 5

#XP Drink (L) * 5

3. Jack Platinum Card Pack On Sale

Event Period : 

3/24~4/20 23:59 PDT 

Aggressive block ability and high jump shot ability using steps~! 

Limited offer to get Jack’s Platinum Card! 

* Price 

 1 Platinum card: 33 points

 10 Platinum cards: 330 points  

​4. Character Stat Boost Event ​

Event Period :

3/24~4/20 23:59 PDT 

Boost your character and receive special rewards! 

Unlock more missions with Jack and get additional rewards! 

** If you get P5 Jack from shopping bag, then you will get all rewards at once! 

5. The release of Jack DLC's ​

Event Period : 

3/24~4/20 23:59 PDT 

We have prepared three DLCs for new character, Jack! 

Each DLC (Character Pack, Efficient Pack, and Legendary Pack) has different exclusive items! 

Check what you can get once you purchase DLC.

Legendary DLC contains Jack’s Free Action Techwear, Tiger Mask, nametag and 500 points as well. 

Note : If you purchase one of the three, you cannot purchase the others.

Ex) one who purchases Jack Character Pack cannot purchase Jack Efficient Pack or Legendary Pack. 

6. The Third Week Ranked Mode Challenge Event 

Event Period : 

3/24~3/30 23:59 PDT

The last and third week Ranked Mode Challenge Event comes with more valuable rewards!

Play Ranked Mode during the event period and finish 7 Ranked Mode matches!

Grab a chance to get ability cards and skill training items!

Week 3 (3/24~3/30)

Skill Training Item x3

Gold Card Ticket x3

Platinum Card Pack x2

* Rewards will be sent on 3/31 maintenance.​

7. Extra Points Event ​

No need to wait for your extra points!

Check how much you have purchased right away in the event page.

Event Period: 

3/24~3/30 23:59 PDT 

Event Mechanics:

1.) During the event period, you can find Extra Points Event page in the event tab

2.) You can receive your extra point in this page and your extra point will be automatically sent to your message box

3.) As soon as your purchased points DLC arrives to your Message box, the point will be accumulated

4.) To receive extra points, you MUST fulfill the required accumulated points

5.) You can see your current accumulated points on the event page

550 Points DLC = your purchase record 500 Points 

250 Points DLC = your purchase record 250 Points 

155 Points DLC = your purchase record 150 Points

[ Improvement ] 

1. Matchmaking improvement for Ranked Mode.

There will be an improvement update on Ranked Mode matchmaking, for providing a better game environment

and gameplay balance. 

[Bug Fix] 

1. Preset bug fix of sudden change in cross matching game.

- The bug that sudden random change of preset during cross matching game has been checked, and will be fixed

during today’s maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience for game play.

2. Bugfix for abnormal score changes at Ranked Mode

The abnormal score changes at Ranked Mode will be fixed during today’s maintenance. 

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. 

- 3on3 Freestyle Team  

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. (March 17th) March 17 , 2021 / 6:05 PM

Greetings, FS City.

The following are the updates for this month.



1. Battle Pass 2021 Spring & Bundle Update

Spring breeze is blowing~~ and Battle Pass 2021 Spring Begins!

Clear various missions and get your luxurious outfits acquirable only from this Spring Battle Pass! 

Wait, do you want to clear Battle Pass Missions and get rewards faster than anyone? 

Meet Battle Pass 2021 Spring Bundle then!

2. Social Menu Added at in-game

Where only hip people from FS City gather together! 

Social menu which allows you to go social channels with many ballers and the latest news easily and fast will be added to in-game!  

To the official homepage, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter while at the in-game! 

Meet new game friends and check the latest news from 3on3 FreeStyle out! 

3. Platinum Pet Skill Package 

Here’s one of a kind to help your pets grow faster and stronger than ever!

Put Platinum Pet Skill Package in the shopping basket and back to your home in FS City.

Your pets will be excited with your return with a special gift for themselves.

* Price: 1000 -> 400 points (60% off)

Here’s how it works:

1) Try to adopt a new Platinum Pet.

2) If you successfully get a platinum pet, then you will see the message on the upper-right on the screen. It says that you are qualified to purchase a special deal.