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[UPDATE] Patch Note Ver. 0.2.36 (January 18th) January 18 , 2018 / 3:48 PM

Greetings from 3on3 Free Style,

Allow me to walk you through our January update.

[Patch Note Highlight]


1. Job System Renewal

From this patch onward, Job System will be up and running yet again. 

Job System has been modified and details are as follows. 

A. Less time consuming!




Job with less reward 

24 hrs 

 18 hrs

Job with more reward

36 hrs 

 24 hrs

B. Reward list update

You can now get an Ability Card Ticket by completing job.

C. Higher chance to get a good reward!

With this update, odds of getting better rewards has increased when you 

use ‘recommended’ characters for Job missions. 

2. Practice Mode Update

Don’t be afraid, our new basketball coach, Jefferson, won’t bite you!

Find him anytime when you need to practice something.

Jefferson is an NPC who can help you with skills that needs another player to practice 

like block, rebound, steal and so on.

3. New player tutorial Improvement

Newly added tutorial will help new players to understand how to play 3on3 FreeStyle more. 

*Only the player with under level 3 can play tutorial.

4. New characters in Offline mode

Perfect time to give it a try with new premium character, Rin and Carter. 

Now you can try them in the Lobby Court during the maintenance time.


1. New Celebration 

Find the new celebration, [Did you see me?].

Ready to enjoy? 

We have a big update coming up soon! 

Be ready for it!

-3on3 FreeStyle

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.34 (December 14th) December 14 , 2017 / 3:18 PM

Hello, this is 3on3 FreeStyle. 

Today Christmas events and new content have been updated.

[New Events]

1.Happy Christmas Candy Party (12/14~12/27)

- Happy Christmas Candy Party event will be held from today until December 27th.

- When you go on 3vs3 match, the Christmas event match will proceed with a 50% chance.

- After the event match, you can obtain the Christmas candy from the court, and the 

acquired candy can be exchanged with the Christmas gift box in the lobby court. 

[New Contents]

1. 2 new Celebration Actions 

- 2 new Celebration Actions [GG, Well played] and [The Salute] have been added.

- Please refer to the link for details:


1. Opening Platinum Card Pack Visual bug has been fixed.

- Fixed a bug that caused an error message pop up when pressing the X button when 

opening a Platinum card pack. 

We wish everyone a happy Christmas and hope that you will enjoy the Christmas events that we prepared!

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.33 (November. 30th) November 29 , 2017 / 7:27 PM

Hello, this is 3on3 freestyle! New content and events have been updated to celebrate the 1st anniversary of '3on3 Freestyle'.

Updated contents are introduced as below.

[New Features]

1. Quest System Update

- The Quest system has been updated to give players new and various goals every day.

- Now you can get 3 kinds of general quests and 1 kind of character-specific quest when you access the game every day. 

- The Quest system is available from the [Event & Quest] menu in the menu screen below.  

- You can check the details of quests and achievements on the quest page.

-If you clear the maximum quest in a week, which is 28, the quests will be reset and you will be able to perform the quests continuously.

-Also, if you have difficulty achieving a new quest, you can change the quest once a day; the quest of new condition will be given again. 

-We hope you enjoy playing with this newly updated Quest system in 3on3.

2.Bigdog character balance adjustment

- Even though it is a center position with strong power, Bigdog can make a pinpoint pass. 

We have upgraded the skill because we received feedback from the 3on3 FS Community that the skill

has slightly lower effect than other characters.

1)'Tap Pass' pass range and speed have been increased.

- 'Tap Pass Range' increased by 33% 

- 'Tap Pass Speed’ increased by 10% 

2) 'WHAT A PASS' increased shot attribute raised value 

- Now shoot more confidently when you get Bigdog's no mark pass! 

- 100% increase in shot success rate due to 'WHAT A PASS'

- Shoot success rate increased by 100% due to 'WHAT A PASS'

[New Contents]

1.Launched 3 new limited DLC

1)Limited edition of '1st Anniversary Pkg' DLC will be released (11/30/2017 ~ 1/11/2018) 

- To celebrate the 1st anniversary of '3on3 freestyle', this package is available only once for a limited time.

- If you purchase DLC, you can acquire rare items such as 'Platinum Card Pack' that cannot be acquired 

in-game including Intensive Manual.

- In addition, please don’t miss the chance to have this package as DLC which is sold at special discount price than normal price.

2)Limited edition of ‘Platinum Card Pkg.' DLC will be released (11/30/2017 ~ 1/11/2018) 

- This DLC package will be sold for a limited time only.

- This DLC includes rare items such as 'Platinum Card Pack' and 'Gold Card Pack Ticket' that cannot be obtained in the game. 

- For reference, 'Platinum Card Pack' is a card pack that can draw cards with at least Gold class. You can only purchase those items with DLC. 

[New Events]

1. 2 kinds of events for 1st anniversary event (11/30 ~ 12/20)

1)1st Anniversary 'XP Drink Festival' & Login Event

- In celebration of the 1st anniversary of 3on3, a special XP drink festival event and login web event will last for 3 weeks.  

- Particularly in this year's anniversary 'XP Drink Festival', special rewards such as 'Platinum Card Pack' including 1st Anniversary Patch can be obtained.

- The 1st anniversary log-in event is going on as follows, so please join it. 


In addition to the above, new characters and various other content updates are scheduled for the future.

Thank you once again for players who have loved 3on3 FreeStyle for a year and we hope many players like this 1st anniversary update.

Thank you. 

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.29 (October. 31th) October 30 , 2017 / 3:52 PM

Today we are introducing new update contents patched on 10/31. 

[New Features]


- The crew system has been updated with this patch. 

From now on, you can create a crew and expand your crew with crew members.

- The crew system is available through the following crew menu screen.

- Please refer to the details below about crew system.

1) Overview of Crew System 

- Crew is a kind of community club that can consist of at least 1 to up to 50 of your favorite friends.

- You can communicate with other crew members through the crew bulletin, and can also earn crew

exp by playing with crews. The acquired crew exp is used as a ranking score that can be compared to other crews.

2) Create a Crew 

- Crew is a community or group of unique baller in-game. You can only join or create a crew once per one account.

- You have to pay certain amount of coins in order to create a crew in the crew menu shown below: 

- The user who created the crew will automatically be the Captain and can make a notice about crew. 

In addition, Captain will have the authority to crew operations, such as inviting other users to crew or 

approving crew join requests. 

3) Join the Crew 

- The user can create a crew himself or join a crew created by another user.

- There are two types of crew that can be joined: public crew and private crew. A public crew will 

be approved once you sign up, and a private crew can only be joined when you receive the approval 

of captain after separate signing up. 

-To join a crew, you can look up the crew that has already been created with the following crew search, 

or you can find out more about the crew.

4) Leave the Crew 

- A crew member can leave the crew only in the following two cases:

- First, you are expelled from the Captain or SubCaptain. A crew member with a low level 

of game activity and a low crew contribution may be expelled from the captain

- Second, you can leave your crew voluntarily. However, after the expulsion mentioned above or 

after you leave the crew, crew creation and joining other crew will be restricted until after 24 hours.



5) Crew member game bonus reward


- A member of crew will receive an additional bonus with the coins acquired after the match. 

- In addition to the above content, future crew-related contents will be continuously updated. 

We hope you like the new look of the 3on3 crew system. 


- [Special Training Card] System will be newly improved as [Ability Card System] 

as previously announced notice of update.

- Please refer to the previous notice for details of the change. 

Eng Link :

JPN Link :

- With the addition of the Ability Card system, a new card Combination function is added.

Card Combination function is a feature that allows you to acquire a new ability card by assembling the

cards you have. 

- You can assemble up to five cards at a time, and the new ability cards you receive after assembling 

will be randomly acquired, but the higher level of card used as a assembling material, the more likely you

are to acquire a higher level card.

- You can also acquire the same ability card as the slot of the card used as the material if all the cards in the 

assembling material have the same slot.

- However, as previously announced, after the ability card update, FS album tickets that were obtained 

before the update is no longer available. After the update, you will be rewarded with a coin equivalent to

the resell price of the Silver Ability Card for each existing FS album ticket.

- Also, the player should be able to exchange the Special Training Card packs to new Ability Cards.

(This system will be open by this week.)

Please refer to this notice:

[New Contents]

1.Two new costumes have been added as follows :


<2018 WISA Man MOTOR M2 / 2018 WISA Woman MOTOR M2>



2. Added one new celebration

- New ceremony [Tear you apart] has been added.

3. Added November Premium Package 

- November premium package has been added, which is sold from 10/31 to 11/29 23:59:59. 

- Please check the link below for details.

[New Events]


1) Login Every Day Event is going on 10/31 ~ 11/15 23:59:59 (PDT)

- Please check the link below for details.

 We hope you will enjoy 3on3 play with the new Crew and Ability card system introduced through this update.

Thank you

- 3on3 FreeStyle   

[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. 0.2.27 (September. 28th) September 27 , 2017 / 7:52 PM

Today we are introducing new update contents patched on 9/26.

[New Features]

1.Skill Training Item purchase method and price change
- Skill Training Item's daily purchase limit and price which is essential for skill level upgrade are changed as follows through this patch.

- After 9/26 patch, the purchase limit has been removed (3 times a day) and changed to be available as many as you want.

- However, as the number of purchases of skill training items increases, the purchase price is increased. 
The initial purchase price on the first day was lowered to 900 Coins, which is much cheaper than the existing 1990 Coins. 

 Number of Daily Skill Training Purchases

 Basic Price













- To make skill upgrade is more affordable, we have decided to change the price of Skill training items. 

Furthermore, after this update, we have balanced the gap between new users and core users. 

- We hope that the skill level up of the characters will be more easily available through the newly changed 

skill training item price and purchasing method.

2. Added 3on3 offline mode

-New 3on3 offline game mode has been added. 

-Offline mode allows you to play the game in offline mode when the server is under maintenance or 

normal game connection is not possible due to network problem. 

-In offline mode, you cannot play with other players, but you can use challenge mode (rebound and block) and lobby court. 

-In addition, you can use 15 basic characters and Christa as well as Professor characters in offline mode.    


- However, there is no remaining ranking record in offline mode.

- You can also replay the game in online mode once the network problem has been resolved in offline mode or maintenance has been completed.

3. Added 3on3 membership system 

- In the meantime, [3on3 Membership] system has been added to provide more information about the game 

for users who are enthusiastically playing 3on3 and to provide continuous game play reward. 

- 3on3 Membership is available for all users enjoying 3on3.

- You can participate through 3on3 membership pop-up messages in the game, and your membership will be

determined based on your e-mail account. Therefore, you need your own e-mail authentication to join the membership.

- When you sign up for 3on3 membership, you will receive a point and buff ball item reward for the game along

with a 3on3 membership name tag as soon as you sign up.

- We will also continue to provide new 3on3 news and special membership benefits for our Members.

- We hope that many of you will participate. 

[New Contents]

1. New Character ' Rin ' released on September 28  

- The long-awaited 3on3 new character 'Rin' is finally released.

- The new character 'Rin' is a character that can be purchased only in the DLC package. 

You can purchase 'Rin' character package through PS Store and In-Game Shop. 


- The Rin character package includes the 'Rin' character as well as useful items for character upgrade.

- We hope you like the new character Rin and send us lots of love and support for Rin! 

2. New character ‘Rin's Uniform Pack’ limited edition 

- 'Rin's Uniform Pack' with exclusive costumes and useful items for new character 'Rin' 

will be available for two weeks from 9/28 to 10/11. 

- The Rin uniform package is a package that is available only to players who own Rin characters,

and offers a greater discount than purchasing individual items in a package.

- We would like the players to have a lot of interest and use of the Rin uniform pack.

3. Added Luther  & Lulu exclusive and special costumes 

- Luther and Lulu characters can only be worn, special costumes have been added.

- The hairstyle of the character changes with the costume, which can be purchased in the shop.

4) Added 1 new Celebration 

-A new ceremony [Do not Bother me] has been added. 

-Please check the image below for the newly added ceremony motion.

[New Events]

1) Mission Possible event in October (Sep 12th ~ Sep 25th 23:59 (PDT)

- New Mission Possible Event will be held from 9/26 to 10/16 23:59 (PDT).

- Complete various missions and stages during the event and acquire Kim's Special Costume and Halloween name tag for this event's special reward.

- Please check the link below for details. (Link to Mission Possible event page


We hope that you will enjoy 3on3 play with new system and new character 'Rin' introduced through this update.

Thank you. 

-3on3 FreeStyle