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Game Guide: Things you need to know about 3on3 Freestyle October 16 , 2017 / 3:09 PM

Show off your unique basketball moves in the Street court, the most hip & cool place where true free

spirits of the urban style gather and play!

3on3 FreeStyle allows you to work with your teammates and will fill your heart with joy and energy.

Here is how to control with keyboard.

Joystick Controls

- Players receive certain amounts of FS Coin after a regular match as match rewards 

- Players can use the earned FS Coins to purchase items required for level up or prestige upgrades

- FS Coins can also be used to unlock new characters that are not owned by the player​

- FS Points are in-game currency that can be purchased through cash

- FS Points can be exchanged with the other in-game currency, FS Coins, or be used to purchase specific items, 

such as some of the costumes, that are only available through FS Points

When leveling your characters you have to know the following:

1.Each character in 3on3 Freestyle has a total of 5 (5 Star) Prestige ranks.

2.For each prestige rank you must level-up your character to level 10.

3.Once your character reaches Level 10, you can increase the prestige rank by 1 Star.

How to level up your character’s XP?

Open the Management Option.


1.Select the character you wish to level-up

2.Press the select button (Space) on the LEVEL UP option

You will need XP Drinks to increase the level of your character, only XP drinks can increase your characters level.

(Playing matches only increases your accounts XP and not your characters XP)

XP Drinks can be purchased from the Shop using Coins earned from playing matches. 

If you do not have XP Drinks you may also purchase it directly from the LEVEL UP menu.

-XP Drink (S) : Gain character exp points by 200 xp

-XP Drink​ (M): Gain character exp points by 500 xp

-XP Drink (L) : Gain character exp points by 1000 xp

When your character reaches level 10 next Prestige rank will unlock.

To level up a characters prestige you must have the following its which can be purchased from the Shop:

1. Character level 10, Growth Manual and Position Manual.

4 Types of Growth Manual:

Beginner Manual: Requirement to unlock Rank 2 and Rank 3 Prestige.

Intermediate Manual: Requirement to unlock Rank 3, Rank 4 and Rank 5 Prestige

Advanced Manual: Requirement to unlock Rank 4 and Rank 5 Prestige

Intensive Manual: Requirement to unlock Rank 5 Prestige. 

You can acquire this when you reached level 10, 20 and 30. (This item cannot be purchased from the Shop)

> Position Manual

Along with the Growth Trainer, Position Manual is required in leveling Prestige.

Required position manual depends on the Position of the character you are leveling up.

 Prestige Rank


 Rank 2 Prestige​

Beginner Manual * 6

Position Manual * 2​​

 Rank 3 Prestige

Beginner Manual * 7

Intermediate Manual * 2

Position Manual * 4

 Rank 4 Prestige

Intermediate Manual* 13

Advance Manual* 6

Position Manual * 8

 Rank 5 Prestige

Intermediate Manual​ * 13

Advance Manual * 6

Position Manual * 8

Intensive Manual * 1

One you complete all the necessary mentioned requirements above you can now unlock the next Prestige Rank.

A new skill will unlocked whenever your characters Prestige rank is increased.

Knowing this will take your game to the next level!