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Ladder Event Winner and Reward January 13 , 2021 / 5:24 PM

The 3on3 Community has decided for the Character of their choice and Cindy got most of the votes!

With that being said, ALL users will get 1 random Platinum Ability Card!

Thank you to all users who have participated and stay tuned for our next Ladder Event!


- Users must log in during 1/13 ~ 1/19 23:59 (PST) to get the reward

The Winner of the FS best Fashionista! January 13 , 2021 / 2:58 PM

Here is the list of the winners of the FS Best Fashionista!

Congratulations to those got most votes!

You will be rewarded today during our 1/13 Maintenance.

For the winner of the FS Best Fashionista, Dragxny!

Your Character and dress code will be added to the loading page of 3on3 FreeStyle!

Congratulation again!

Also, Thank you for all of the users participating in the FS Best Fashionista! And casting votes!

Server instability issue January 1 , 2021 / 1:19 AM
Greetings Ballers,

We wish to inform everyone that currently servers are unstable  and our developers team is looking
into the issue to fix it as soon as possible.

Please accept our apologies and thank you for your patience and understanding regarding this matter. 

- 3on3 Freestyle

Weekly Server Maintenance Postponed December 30 , 2020 / 9:25 AM

Greetings Ballers,

We wish to inform that there will be no maintenance schedule for today. 

Moreover, we will announcing all the Fashionista winners and Winning round at 12/30 0:00 (PST)

- 3on3 Freestyle

Crossplay Function issue December 29 , 2020 / 3:33 PM

Greetings Ballers,

We have confirmed that there are multiple issues in-game that most of the users are experiencing as of the moment.

- Unable to select Cross Play option

- Unable to select Cross Play Server

- Unable to use the Invite function

Our relevant team is currently checking the aforementioned issues above and we'll make sure to do our best to fix it right away.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

- 3on3 Freestyle Team