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User Sanction June 29 , 2022 / 4:33 PM

Greetings Ballers!

We have reset the rank score of those who intentionally bypass the invitation limit system to get boost one's rank score.

***Me****I  (PS4)

3** (Steam)

***Ken****Xl (PS4)

Tox****ey*** (PS4)

Ne****bor*****fif (PS4)

etd*****boy (PS4)

Des*****ato*** (PS4)
H***anB***ky (PS4)

x***0** (PS4)

Li**Ra**** (PS4)

Fl***_A** (Steam)

JA***I4** (PS4)

W***US**6 (PS4)

mr-A****d-** (PS4)

Pr*** (PS4)

Our developers are currently preparing an improved invitation limitation system to avoid such abusive behavior.

Penalized users will get heavier punishment if the punished user continues such abusive behavior for the next rank seasons.

3on3 FreeStyle Team will continuously monitor the abnormal players to create a fair competition environment. Any action that will harm the gaming environment will not be tolerated.

- 3on3 FreeStyle Team

Recipe Acquired From Treasure Box Issue Fix June 29 , 2022 / 3:27 PM

Greetings Ballers!

We have noticed that deleted recipes were able to be acquired via treasure box reward.

We have fixed following issue and exchange your unusable reward as follow

*Delicious Hamburger Combo = x10 Soda Ingredients per 1 recipe

*Fine Gourmet = x10 Parsley Powder Ingredients per 1 recipe

*Beef Combo Fajita = x10 Taco Shell Ingredients per 1 recipe

Your exchanged item will be automatically added to your inventory.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you!

- 3on3 Freestyle Team

New Downloadable Patch Available: 06.16.2022 June 16 , 2022 / 5:04 PM

Hello, Ballers.

We have released a new Patch version to fix the following issues:

1) Liu's Voice Line issue

2) Unable to resell duplicate Celebration acquired from Special Pick

Please update your game application to the latest version in order to prevent the aforementioned issues from re-occurring.

New Version:

Thank you for your understanding.

- 3on3 FreeStyle Team​

New Downloadable Patch Available: 06.15.2022 June 15 , 2022 / 9:07 PM

Hello, Ballers.

We have released a new Patch to fix the issue regarding Battle Pass Celebration.

Kindly log out and update your game application to ensure it's running the latest Patch version.

New Version:

Thank you for your understanding.

- 3on3 FreeStyle Team

AFK System Changes June 14 , 2022 / 3:22 PM

Dear Ballers,

After 1.1.41 update, we have adjusted AFK penalty system as follow:

1) If you AFK at least once, you cannot own any ball after attack/defense position change.

2) This rule applies same to any game mode including Ranked mode contents

Please keep good behavior to create fair and exciting game environment.

Thank you

- 3on3 Freestyle Team​