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New Version Available to Download June 14 , 2019 / 4:06 PM

Greetings FS City,

New patch is available to download today 6/14 at 00:00(PDT) to fix the following issue.

-   Ranked mode event page only reads several players’ record

Please download the new version to fix the issue.

-  3on3 FreeStyle 

Record Function Unavailable June 14 , 2019 / 4:04 PM

Greetings FS City,

We have found that the function is currently spiking the whole game’s network and had a hard decision

to block the function till we get viable solution. The unavailable functions are the following. 

- User stats blocked, data unavailable 

- Character Stats blocked, data unavailable

We will try our best to solve the issue as soon as possible. 

- 3on3 FreeStyle 

Known Issues after June 13th Patch June 14 , 2019 / 2:22 AM
Greetings FS City, 

After intensively reviewing the concerns we received in 3on3 Support Center and Discord Community, 
we have concluded that the following issues occurred after the June 13th Patch. 

1. Cannot access the game (Mainly in NA and EU region) 
- This will be fixed as soon as possible 

2. Cannot access Crew Menu  
- This will be fixed as soon as possible 

3. Abnormal Camera view in Ranked mode 
- This will be fixed with the new downloadable version soon 

4. Ranked mode event page only reads several players’ record 
- This will be fixed with the new downloadable version soon 

We would like to thank everyone for your patience and understanding. 

-3on3 FreeStyle
[NA/EU] Complete FS Beachguard Outfit set DLC Delay June 13 , 2019 / 7:42 PM

Greetings FS City,

We regret that we must inform everyone that the Complete FS Beachguard Outfit set DLC release will be delayed in

North America and Europe region. We assure everyone that this will be released as soon as possible. Please visit our

website regularly for we will give an update about the release date information.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

- 3on3 FreeStyle

[Beta] Ranked Mode Update June 13 , 2019 / 1:37 PM

This may change the horizon of what 3on3FreeStyle looks like. We bring you the perfect battleground to compete even 

when you are solo or non-crew. Start your climb all the way up to the top tier! Jump onto Beta(Free) Season and 

get ready for the real Season.​​

a.  Season based

Ranked mode runs by Seasons. Your season’s final tier decides your rewards. Test the water this time for 3 weeks in beta Season.


b.  Tier

Ranked mode has 7 tiers ranging from D to triple S being the top. Achieving Standard score for each tier raises you to the next tier. 

Although your continuous lose would give you a demotion to the lower tier.

c. Rewards for Beta

First Season comes with special rewards, summer special Yellow Duck nametags for Tier A to Tier SSS, Loads of Coins and XP Drinks. 

Here’s how and when to claim your rewards for Beta Season. For a week after the beta season ends (7/4 – 7/11 23:59 PDT), 

you can claim your rewards on Ranked mode event page. Press (X) when your focus is on your account and you can see your 

rewards, which then go to your Message Box. Please be noted, you can only claim rewards during 7/4 – 7/11 23:59 PDT. 

d. Match making 

Ranked mode has special match making system that allows players with the same tier or similar to compete. 

Unlike normal 3on3 mode, this mode focuses on making it fair and compatible by putting all contestants on the 

same line. If you are a skilled player, this would be your perfect ground to show off. 

d.1 Invite 

Play with your mates! Your invite list will only show mates with your tier or a tier lower or higher.

e. Score 

Apart from Coin and Exp, this mode gives you Ranked score. Here’s all you need to know about Ranked score. 

Placement Score: Get 2x scores from first few matches you play on ranked mode and get your first tier. 

Winning is a must at this stage as this would be your perfect chance to go way ahead than others. 

Win/Loss Score: This score is different based on your current tier. More scores from winning at lower rank,

less when higher tier. Likewise, you lose more scores from lower tier, less scores from higher. Plus, you get a

bonus when winning against stronger opponents, which also means less score against weak teams. This goes 

the same  with losing. You lose less score against strong teams, more against weak ones. Simply, your score 

is versatile depending on who you compete. 

MVP: MVP gives you a bonus, meaning more to your score. As your Tier goes up, so as your bonus for MVP.   


e. Penalties

Competition with this high tension comes with special penalties. Have this knowledge in mind and careful not to 

get disadvantages. 

AFKing : 3 times of 40 seconds AFKing would give you less 20% coin gain for 10 following matches.

With 5 times AFKing, you cannot enter Ranked mode for 24 hours.

Disconnection: With 2 times DC, you cannot enter Ranked mode for 24 hours.​