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September Plus Pack Issue September 16 , 2019 / 10:15 AM

Greetings Ballers,

We have had reports that users cannot receive the September Bonus Package to their Message Box after pressing Download button. Please be informed that the team is aware of the issue with the DLC package and will have it fixed after this week's scheduled maintenance. The users will be able to claim it by reconnecting to the title. 

We deeply apologize for the delay and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

-3on3 Freestyle

New Downloadable Version Available September 10 , 2019 / 5:13 PM

Greetings FS City,

A new Downloadable Version is now available. This update contains the following:

1. Missing Yin-Yang Symbol on Nametag - Fixed

2. Free action Outfit Custom purchase applies to all character issue - Fixed

- 3on3 Freestyle

Mission:Possible Stage 1 Pass Issue September 7 , 2019 / 3:55 PM

Greetings FS City,

We have received reports that the counts for the Stage 1 Mission 3: Pass is not working properly. 

Our developer’s team is now looking into this matter and rest assured that this will be fixed as 

soonest time possible. Due to this, we are considering to extend the duration of the event

Further notice will be posted on our website.


Thank you for understanding and patience

-3on3 Freestyle

[FIXED] Free Action Outfit Custom purchase error September 6 , 2019 / 11:27 PM

Greetings Ballers,

We found out that when a user purchased any Special Action Outfit from the Theme Shop and select

it as a Custom purchase for a specific Character, the said Outfit will turn into a shared Outfit that can be

used with all of the Characters a user has. This issue will be fixed as soon as possible and we do apologize

for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your support and have a great weekend ahead!

**Please be noted that as of 9/11 maintenance, Free action outfits custum purchased will be stored only in wardrobe for the character of your choice. 

- 3on3 Freestyle

Ranked Mode Season 1 Rewards distribution Issue [Fixed] September 5 , 2019 / 11:23 PM

Greetings Ballers,

We have received multiple reports from users who haven't received the 1st End of Season

Ranking Rewards. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused. Our Developers

have been informed about this issue and we assure our users that we will fix this as soon as 

possible and necessary rewards will be sent accordingly.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

- 3on3 Freestyle Team