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[UPDATE] Patch Note ver. (April. 11th) April 11 , 2017 / 7:10 PM

3on3 FreeStyle Patch Ver. is now live.

Please check the patch note below:

[New Features]

1.New Tutorial Scene added

- A Short tutorial scene will teach you the basic game mechanics when you start playing 3on3 Freestyle for the first time.

2. Players can now skip the opening animation when using a FS Album 

3. You can now purchase the items directly from the Management Menu.

-When you need to purchase a certain amount of the item, now you can simply press X button and select the amount of the item you would like to purchase.

4. Notice page has been updated

- Players can check out the latest promotions or updates by visiting the new notice page. 

[System Improvement]

1.Players can set the number of items they would like to purchase.

-Select the amount of the item you would like to purchase!

2. Players can now open multiple FS Albums at once.

- Player can open up to 5 FS Albums at once.

- Effect animations have been added when a player acquires a 5 Star ranked Training Card.

3. Thumbnail update for the FS Album

-FS Album that contains higher rank Training Cards will have a special thumbnail.

4. Matchmaking screen update

-Players can now check out the controls during matchmaking.

5. Login Event has been ended

> We will comeback with new login events later!

- 3on3 FreeStyle Team