Announcement Event Devnote Patchnote
New Special Outfit Update June 27 , 2017 / 1:44 PM

​Take your ball game way above the next level and past the Exosphere!

Gear up in the latest 3on3 Fashion ‘Space Suites’ are now available the very first apparel that includes its very own free action.

FS Character Album Coin Sale June 27 , 2017 / 1:30 PM

3on3 Freestyle is celebrating its 200 Day anniversary with new updates and giveaways as well as this HUGE special sale!​

Now is the best time to grab your controller and jump in to the FS court, but don’t forget to grab a special album on the way because they are all at 50% OFF.

New Coin Buff Ball Sale June 27 , 2017 / 1:22 PM

​Buff your way up to the top with these all new buff balls!

Special Coin Buff Ball

​Rookie Coin Buff Ball

​Designed For Rookies or if you need a little something special with cool effects these buff balls are what every street baller needs.

New Celebrations Update June 27 , 2017 / 1:04 PM

Hey 3on3 Ballers,

3on3 Freestyle just got 2 new celebrations!

Scored an impressive hoop? Show off with these 2 new stylish dance moves.

Everyday Dance~


It’s all fun and games till someone break out dancing, then things get serious.​

200 Days Anniversary Collection Event June 27 , 2017 / 12:19 PM
Greetings 3on3 Ballers!

We be Ballin now for 200 Days! Yes you heard it right its been 200 days since 3on3 FS launched and now we are going to celebrate with a 200 Days Anniversary event.

​200 Days Anniversary Pkg. is also available on the 'Event' store.

​Price: 219 (P) Points

Package contains the following items:

-1 SAT Common Training Card

-1 SUN Common Training Card

-10 Skill Training Item

-The Bully (Front Patch)

-The Bully (Back Patch)

So let’s go keep on ballin the best is yet to come!