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3on3 FreeStyle Best Streamer Event May 11 , 2022 / 8:06 PM

Post a video of your best play or scene in 3on3 Freestyle for a chance to promote it on the official channel!

Best streamer nametags and points can also be earned!

Posting period: May 1st - June 1st 16:00
Only views up to that date are applicable.

The best streamer will be announced on the 3on3 Freestyle official website.

This streamer reward will be issued during maintenance on June 1.

Compensation payment terms:
** 3on3 Freestyle must be registered as a tag or keyword in order to be accepted.
** A valid ID that can be identified, such as a user nickname or PSN ID, must be included in the video.
** This event is held monthly and is limited to YouTube uploads.
** Duplicate participation is not possible, and if you have uploaded more than one video, the video with the highest number of views will be recognized.
** It is possible to participate even if it is a recorded video clip and not a live stream video.

Reward and benefits for top streamers