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Balance Patch July 25 , 2018 / 5:28 PM


3on3 FreeStyle players!

The balance patch we’ve all been waiting for has been released on July 26th.

Have your favorite characters been nerfed? 

No need to be disappointed because this isn’t the last balance patch. In fact, we are going to make this regular! 

What kind of changes have been made, allow me to explain now.

1.Pass distance increases with your upgrade in pass attribute. 

Before, users could barely feel the difference with upgrades 

Now, we’ve adjusted the game so you can make the most of your upgrade in pass attributes.

a. We’ve changed the logic related to the basic pass distance, allowing you to feel a difference in play depending 

on your pass attributes. 

b. This means the basic pass stats of some characters has been changed.


2. Stamina

We have made the following adjustments to enable various play style and rotation between characters.

a. Stamina consumption depending on time changes and some characters’ stamina stats will change as well.

As a result, C/PF characters will need to be actively swapped out like other positions. 

b. In the game, stats will drop by 2 stages according to how your stamina drops. 

1). Carter

For Carter, Due to his slow move speed and short quick step, it was difficult to defend the other side. 

With the new improvements, it’s possible to increase your face-up resistance skill 

and make your character’s personality stronger.

a. The stat value of face-up resistance has been raised slightly. 

b. The distance of the quick step has been lengthened.

c. Steal stat has been increased from 127 to 165.

2). Professor

- Professor is a character specialized in dribbling, but the effectiveness of the skill was 

rather low and the success rate of his special skill, the scoop shot, was low which made the 

professor hard to use with other characters. This has been improved to make play more enjoyable.

a. The animation speed for crazy step has been increased. 

b. Dribble master: the buff for the all shot success rate when a driving is successful has been improved. 

c. Scoop shot success rate has been slightly increased. 

3). Big Dog

Big Dog’s pass is his strength, but it was hard to make the most of this during play,

so we made adjustments accordingly.

a. The attribute ‘Always Hands Up!’ has been changed. 

Before the changes, When passing to teammate with no mark, pass speed has increased

Now, when passing after a block or rebound, the teammate who received the pass has a high success

rate for shots. Specifically, with 3 moves, pause, walk and speed after a block or rebound, 

a teammate who receives the pass will have a high shot success rate. 

(if moves other than these 3 are used, no buff is made).

Now, with 3 moves, pause, walk and speed after a block or rebound, a teammate who receives 

the pass will have a high shot success rate. (if moves other than these 3 are used, no buff is made).

b. Rebound stat has been increased from 191 to 204.


4). Joey

- As many players already know, Joey is a well-balanced character. 

Though it is fairly easy to make a wide open with him unless you lose the ball during the wind-up, 

his 2-point shot ability was still too high. So, we fixed like the following.

> Middle stats were decreased from 216 to 191.

5). Pedro

- Since Pedro is a character whose defense is too strong, he has been adjusted to mitigate the 

offense while still remaining well-balanced and maintaining the character's personality. 

However, Pedro's pass was too strong on the attack turn, so we made the following adjustments.

> Pass stats decreased from 204 to 114.

6). Kim

- Kim was the most popular character in main game play meta in North America and Europe, 

but many people said that the quick change and 3 point shot were too strong. Although she 

had some weaknesses like cut-in, quick moves, quick drive, etc. being difficult to time 

correctly with teammates or were too easy to be predicted, the quick change was enough to 

offset all those weaknesses as the very skill was too oppressive. 

We also made adjustments to allow for even more diverse play styles.

a. Stamina was decreased from 165 to 114.

b. Line bonus was decreased slightly.

c. 3-point stats were decreased from 229 to 204.

7). Rin

When using quick drive against an opponent and make a collision, she will fall on to the ground.

8). Lee

When using fade away, the unnatural looking animation issues have been fixed to look more natural 

during movement.