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[ASIA] Ballers' channel on Discord Open April 12 , 2019 / 5:25 PM

Greetings FS City!

After carefully reviewing the Pros and Cons of NA Server Discord beta channel, our team has concluded 

that it is a successful medium of communication for 3on3 NA Ballers. As a result we have opened 

Asia Server discord channel!

**The link is updated! Please follow the link below

> Link

We encourage ballers to use the Discord channel to find the crew or mates to play with and 

other multiple purposes regarding 3on3 Freestyle.

As welcome gift for Ballers in Asia Discord channel, we have prepared a promo code where you

can acquire 10,000 coins for free!

Please make sure to redeem the code before 5/3!

**Note: '10,000 coin only available to claim once per account'